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Sunday, October 16, 2011


I love your photography. It is so unique with the angles that you chose. They are so cool..

I agree with Jenny--you would make an awesome travel guide--actually, you are an awesome travel guide! But I don't really see you making that vocational change--your adventures seem to me to be more about seeking new experiences, yes!, but also seeking peace, quiet, inspiration and refueling your soul. What else could a teacher of young craft monkeys do with her much deserved time off?

Looks like a soul-nourishing artist date.

Nice finds! Remember if you ever feel a hankering to explore here, let me know! No notice required!

I always say that I never would like to visit LA, but after seen your pics just now I might reconsider... Gorgeous shots!

I know you would miss your craft monkeys, but I think you should seriously consider a change of vocation...to travel guide. I'd be one of the first to sign up for your tours!

I'm taking notes.

I always enjoy your 'world' views from far away places to your own backyard and a few miles down the road; captured and placed here for our enjoyment. Divine.

Love the downtown mosaic!

Love going down there, and looking up, beautiful buildings.

Looove your pictures of the different walls around L.A. ... and the lettering of the title of the post is just perfect for the subject. Nice work!

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