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Saturday, October 01, 2011


I am blaming you...I was not watching X-factor or even remotely interested and then I saw these little snippets here. Last night I spent the evening crying tears of happiness and sadness over this show. So inspirational...where do all these people come from? Anyhow now in addition to not throwing away security envelopes or paper...I am watching the X-factor.

Wow! That was amazing-both videos. I love music, but I don't like to watch TV. This was the exact snippet of the X FACTOR that I needed to see.
Thank you so much for sharing these amazing videos!

WOWZA....these people are talented - thanks for sharing Mary Ann!

Chris Rene is from my hometown :) So nice to see how he has turned his life around. Thanks for posting these links, I'm cutting down on my TV time - I would have missed these jewels :) Beth

L a z y B a b i e s. Beautiful autumn.

Loved both of them. I was surprised at how much I like xfactor - it really is a can't miss show. I love Simon and think they have the best of the best people trying out. Love seeing the average person belt out a song and surprise an audience.

I absolutely love this show and can't wait for next week.

Yah for x factor - can't wait to see this in NZ! Thanks Mary Ann xx

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