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Friday, September 23, 2011


Saw this and thought of you. Enjoy, and be sure to sign up for the free set of postcards. The photos are amazing.

Thank you!

That poem is AWESOME. Thank you :)

The lucky flower, the beautiful poem, the many 'thank you's' here... You are a blessing, thank you for sharing the grandeur.

What a story! What a poem! I've jotted it down and am hatching plans to add it to a batch of handcrafted postcards to leave around town. The only thing better than finding this poem would be finding it onthe back of a piece of art left for me to find.

Oh my! I loved this poem! (and the stunning flower...and the magical cat!)

Mary Ann,

Copied that poem right down, I did... I love it... It helped to ease my guilt for the mornings when I sit out on my deck and do nothing but watch the clouds and the birds... It is important, isn't it? "Pleasure is a thing... that also needs accomplishing." I could never have said it that well!!!

Beautiful flower. Sensitive cat.
Driving back to work an hour ago
I thought ahh sunshine. Top five
no -- top two favorite things in the world.
Amazing poem. Why can't I write like that?
I'm glad someone can express it for me.
I am grateful for all your've shared, Mary Ann.

You always touch my heart Mary ann. Took my son to university yesterday. Have that empty nest feeling! Read the sweet poem and saw the beautiful photo of your cat. There is such a vulnerability about that photo, his sweet little expression in his eyes and his little furry neck.It made my heart ache for my beautiful Chloe who got knocked over in June.Who can live without a pussycat??

Thank you for the beautiful poem and photos. It's only 9 am and already todayI have learned of two new poets. This one from you and Charles Simic from a friend on FB. I think this will be a special kind of day.

Thank you for the beautiful poem and photos.

How serendipitous!


Beautiful poem, beautiful flower--how lucky you were to witness it's birth!! Your photography, as always, is spectacular!! Thank you for all the inspiration!! Oh, BTW, I haven't yet told you how much I love your new fence--a perfect addition to Moss Cottage. Good luck with your new batch of craft monkeys!! I know you will tame them and make them your own!!

Thanks so much for the poem, as I have been "shoulding" on myself today. Now I have a direction, a true sense of what I "need" to be doing.....heading to the deck with a book/journal in hand to enjoy this gorgeous day full of sunlight.

Your flower took my breath away! I'm sitting on the couch, drinking coffee listening to the bird chatter outside. It must have been some Sat. night because they are chirping away. Happy Sunday!

i cannot thank you enough for sharing the poem and the reminder of God's grander. you are a treasure a reading your blog is like receiving a gift!

A night-blooming flower...what an amazing spectacle to catch by chance. So glad you did.


violet cadburry bunny i personally enjoy WRITERS ALMANAC for poetry finds. i have a link for it on my sidebar. an icon of open book in the DIG section near the pic of garrison keillor. he does the daily reading of the poem.

such beauty, such lovely words and thoughts to begin my day. I can feel the warmth all the way to here. My heart is happy and I am ever thankful to share this world with you.

Beautiful! A wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty in nature. As hard as you try Mary Ann, you do not stop teaching simply by exiting your classroom. Thank you for sharing your natural talent!

Thank you for this gift. The king and queen still exist indeed. She lives in a far away land, where the sun always shine, and the flowers bloom at night.

A most wonderful post, a most wonderful poem. May I ask which of Mr. Hoagland's collected works this poem appears in so I can get my own copy.

And have a wonderful weekend, night and day, minute and hour.

Thanks for the poem. I'm keeping it. Hail to the PARTICULAR moment!

Thank you for the reminder to just listen and sit in the sun. I'll do that today. I will.

Beautiful poems and that flower - how lucky you were to just happen to notice it blooming! I'm loving your journal pages as well and need to get started in my own - just wish there were more time!

I think one of the things that makes you so special is the time and attention you give to living in your world. Flowers open, suns rise and set, the day starts and ends. And you make the time to notice them.
They are there for any of us but you give them import and value.

Then you share it.

Thanks, Mary Ann

Just lovely - I want to hear a flower open too! Love the poem - and I'm a person who usually, despite trying and trying to love it, finds it annoying like nails on a blackboard (don't hit me!).

Touched my heart! :o) Donna

I love your photos and it is always nice to find a new favorite poem.

that poem is so beautiful - and a reminder to always look for the sunlight in our day!

beautiful photos as always, and what a lovely poem! here in Ohio, in the early morning, it is foggy-dark-rainy...but I think there is a carl sandburg poem about fog going quietly 'on little cat feet.' I will try to think of it that way. I always enjoy your adventures, and envy your sunlight!

PERFECT in every detail. Lovely, lovely poem. Thank you.

Gorgeous poem and where did you find it? I love poetry but haven't settled on a magazine or digest or book that serves my desires. Where do you find the poetry that speaks to you? Love the pic of Wyatt, we all listen best when our pupils are contracted into mere slits when facing the sunshine:)

Thanks for sharing...........I love the story of the epiphylum and how great you were able to catch it. It sounds like your week days are pretty full......so rest and maybe cuddle with Wyatt. cheers!!!

OMG what a fabulous post! I love the story about the flower! The photo of Wyatt is gorgeous, and that poem - SO INSPIRING! Thanks for Sharing Mary Ann!

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