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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Love that fence. How about Oleanders? They withstand just about anything and grow up to be pretty thick.

I saw The Elegance of the Hedgehog last year and I loved it! (I saw it in French on an airplane after I read the book in English). It broke my heart though. I've re-written the ending in my head :)

Love the fence, maybe you could paint it black and white -- that would look very interesting. Read the book so I'll have to see the movie. Whatever you do, don't plant passion flower vines, they are like kudzu. I could see large bushy bouganvillea plants along the fence - there are so many color choices now. You could also do some hardscape with seating and pots. Or raised beds with flowers, veggies, etc. So much easier to make a raised bed then to dig up and enrich the rocky soil. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I wish it was the owners of the pit-bull that attacked Buck that had to pay for the fences, that would make me feel better. But I am glad you are doing this. I love the privacy my fences give me and my animals have a clear outline of their territory. It's beautiful btw as far as fences go. And oh how I miss California and the bougainvillaea. Which we called whocankillya when we were little.

On my to watch list for sure! Looks like a gem of a movie... And now off to go find the book...

Although I grew up with dogs, I've owned cats for many years. I'm bothered by how our popular culture has turned dog-owning in something like "look at me - I have a dog"! I had a wonderful collie-mix for l6
years and it was never about keeping up with anybody or proving something.
It was love, baby!

The fence looks great. Mine has given me a sense of protection and privacy since I put one up 2 years ago even though it's only 30" high. Bouganvillea grows so well in sandy, arid conditions that we have it along the freeways in Phoenix. The thorns provide an extra bit of security too. I have a variety of agaves along my fence with wildflowers for texture and variety. Can't wait to see what you decide to plant. Buck would be proud!

Just say no to trumpet vine-will spread into the most unlikely places and is impossible to pull up the little suckers. Boogervilla will suit you better.

WELL DONE Mary Ann WELL DONE!!!!!! Buck Moss will continue to protect Moss Cottage just as he did in life.

A perfect addition to the Moss Cottage. No doubt you'll keep us posted as to planting progress. Bouganvilla is a wonderful plant for dry rocky soil/clay.
Any of the rock garden plants should work, like hens and chicks, succulents, some cacti, I'm sure you'll find just the right combo.

The movie/Book sounds great. Why have I heard nothing about either? Do you recommend reading the book first?

We've had a major cool down...loving it. Storm warnings were issued for this afternoon, some parts of the valley got hail, an inch of rain, thunder, lightning and wind gusts to 60 mph! In my corner of the valley we only got spitting rain, just enough to spot the windows of the car. UGH...we need rain and lots of it.


Blessings on the fence. We have had dogs attaked in their invisible fence yards by leachless dogs. To healing with love and peace and lovely memories of Buck.

We are getting a 7 foot privacy fence put in for many of the same reasons as you in two weeks. We have three pit bulls across the street and one rottweiler and its hard to relax and let my guard down while working in the garden with my furry buddies (1 baby siamese, 1 calico, and 1 Tigger.) Just as high on the list for the install are the tons of gardening ideas in my head, I can't wait to have the private perimeter around our yard. I look forward to seeing how you dress up your fence.

"Good fences make good neighbours" is a saying that's often true, and I hope you can get something good and thorny to grow along your back boundary as a bit of extra protection - prickly-pear cactus perhaps? My garden backs onto a large park, which is usually considered a burglary risk, but there are about 10ft of brambles behind the fence, which keep out both burglars and foxes (no coyotes in London!)

Yea to the fence Mary Ann! Yea! I love your positive outlook. Inspiring, funny...I just wish you lived in my hood! take care sweet girl!

Thanks for the recommendation of the book and movie. I just don't have adequate words to say that would ease your pain in losing Buck. The fence looks wonderful and a such a good thing to protect Corky and Wyatt for you as you heal from Buck's loss.

I think Buck would highly approve the fence; makes it more 'cottage' like anyway. Instead of digging through the hard dirt, how about humungous pots of whatever you want to plant? Be good to you . . .

oooh! cat nanny approved! Do you think we all get a little 'hedge-hoggy' as we get older? Can't wait to see this with my mom. I will bring the tissue.

Beautiful fence, what a thoughtful and functional momento.

The movie looks wonderful, I need to pickup my book and start reading it, I have heard so much about it from so many. Your fence will be a wonderful tribute to little Buckmeister, and will lend another layer of charm to Moss Cottage.

It's going to be a very attractive fence and a lovely way to remember Buck Moss.
The Elegance of the Hedgehog was my absolute favorite book. I just loved the characters. I can't wait to see the movie. Thanks for letting me know it was coming out. I think I need to read it again.
I just enjoy your blog so much Mary Ann.
Oh and, those are some sweet little faces you get to see everyday.

The fence and flowers are beautiful. Sad that it was a necessity, but a lovely addition to Moss Cottage. The movie looks wonderful too.

The fence looks grand Mary Ann. I watched a whole bunch of the videos from class over the weekend and smiled every time Buck made an appearence. Everyone was gone, I didn't feel like music and just wanted to hear another voice in the house. I am still saddened by what happened and I know it still must catch you off guard knowing he won't come prowling around a corner. I know you are going to make the very best of that fence and it will become a thing of beauty like everything else that surrounds the magic of Moss Cottage.

I just started reading that book, didn't realize there was a movie so I am excited to know it exists and that you enjoyed it. I too am sorry the fence is necessary but glad you are doing something to make you and the posse feel safer. Like the 9/11 memorial, it will be a poignant reminder of a tragic event but hopefully one that will bring you pleasure as your heart heals.

It's sad that you've been forced to this, but....it really is going to make your cottage even more charming than ever. Next summer, when you get home from the bi-annual European jaunt, just think of the beautiful trailing vines and the draping bursts of color that will be circling your home. Be careful with your back and all that planting though!

Love the fence idea......keep the Moss Posse safe and sound!!

Fantastic fence, looks to be about as good as they come! The movie looks like a winner -- I'll look for it on DVD next year.

beautiful flowers and that movie looks like something I would enjoy. I would probably be a 2 boxes of kleenex kind of girl. I cry about everything whether it is happy or sad.

Love the picket fence idea - a little protection from the marauding neighborhood dogs - I was saddened to hear about Buck and just recently caught up on your blog posts, so sorry to hear you lost him. Will check out the movie, have not read the Hedgehog book, but it's on my list. I absolutely loved The Lotus Eaters, so will move the Hedgehog to the top of the pile. I have loved, loved, loved reading about your Budapest adventures...really just enchanting. Lovely, lovely journal as well. xo fran

Ah sad, but current and future Moss Posse will be more protected. I used to do landscaping for about 10 years way back when. At our current home I took our yard from BARE... to jungle... Trumpet vines, and bouganvilla work great. Also wandering jew look nice and also boston ivy on a fence. If you wish I could come up and help you with selection. I can send you photos of my private garden covered in vines...

ooooohhh,I am smitten already....french and an unlikely pairing...bliss!
Like the fence so far.
missy from the bayou

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