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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Don't you just love it when Simon thinks he knows what is coming, and then he (and we) are blown away?! Fantastic.
Love your new curtains too.

I wish I was at the baths in Budapest right now sister! I feel like a soak in the hot pool with one of those spigots hitting my neck. And then we'll mosey on over to that beautiful tree lined square area and sit outside at our favorite restaurant (where we will have that great waiter) and order wine, cucumber salad, paprika chicken, noodle dumpling with sour cream and bacon, some of that soup you had there too.... then we'll stop by the special gelato place with the nice dad and his daughters. Oh and I am going to send you back your little notebook with the "Do:" lists in them. When I saw that photo it started this little delusion... ahhh friday night at the baths!

Ok, I'm so glad I'm not the only one crying over that video. I sat at the computer this morning in my pajamas and watched that clip three times, and cried. I think the thing is, we are all hapless, and we all harbour immense gifts. So when we see someone, someone so soft and normal looking, come out with this breathtaking gift, and be seen, and acknowledged and cheered on, well, it gives us hope. And the MOM. I totally related to that mom.

That was so good, I burned my barley. Really! You know, "...bring to a boil then turn to a simmer..." It just boiled and boiled and I ran in the kitchen after the video to find a pot of dry, crackling barley!

Oh well! The sweetest part was how excited his mom was...beautiful. Thanks for posting...now for barley part II.

Love the xfactor and Josh was just wonderful and cute. Columbus is only 30 miles from here, will have to figure out where he is slinging but bet he never goes back to that job. Kind of like a Susan Boyle, I love surprises and regular people who have hidden talents. Love the curtains. Glad those little craft monkeys are starting to take shape. Enjoy

...come over for a coffee to my abode- i find you inspiring and more than just a wee bit clever with words. i want a friend like you close. to learn from, experience art with, make art with
to appreciate words and affects they can have. visiting your blog is a joy

Hey Mary Ann, I feel the same way about the singers on those shows. Did you see the last girl last night? I was so worried for her, as she was horribly nervous...and then she belted out her song. Awesome. I like those types so much more than the conceited, I know I am good, people.
Also wanted to say, thank you for continuing to share your Budapest journal with us. I love looking at all the little details. (I hinted to your sister, that I sure would like to see hers too. :) ) Happy Weekend!

How funny you posted the singer/slinger - I almost never watch Xfactory, from UK or US, but I did see that last night, here in UK - ?sametime broadcast?? - and was so moved by his voice too. I wish that moment when he first makes a sound could happen more than once. Everything after that is something else. I just loved the surprise so much. Thank you for posting. xxx

And what a great Mum! More mothers like that, please.

Don't you think he looks like the baker Carol posted about?

I'm so glad you shared that, Mary Ann, as I missed it last night.

Loved Josh on the X factor! I think it's shaping up to be a pretty good show.

Is this the US x-factor? I'm watching our UK one which is proving interesting. I'm still waiting for some of last years most impressive signers to release music. I never like the winner but some of the runners up were incredible!

I didn't see that and I'm thrilled you shared it! His voice is AMAZING and I'm not a fan of any type of song remake. That just blew me away.

I'm loving every step of your journal and I can't wait to see more. Your curtains are wonderful!!!

Me too... watching hapless burrito slingers blow us away with their amazing talent!

Bliss to be sure!

yes! loved him! and the 14 yr girl's family made me cry! Her dad was so sweet!

Mary Ann, you are always full of sweet surprises. I am sitting here crying buckets at just how amazing Josh Krajcik is. Krajcik rhymes with Magic and this man has GOT IT!!! You know when you hear the REAL DEAL.

What a voice! I hope he doesn't change, just love him as he is! I don't have a TV so please keep us posted as to his fate. I just hope he doesn't end up all primped and primed and synced like that Groban guy -- this is an original -- reminded me of Joe Cocker but with more voice and less twitching. Love your new drapes too:)

Sweet, as always!

OMG that brought tears to my eyes! FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing that video!!!

oh how i love your journal pages Mary Ann... and ohhhh will hv to watch the video.. I missed it the other nite! hugs xo

I am watching the X Factor and think it will be a great program........love Simon and so glad to see Paula on his new show. Yes, I saw him sing and was so thrilled with his performance.........good for him. He might not ever have to "sling burritos" again. I sure hope so. I agree with you.....I love it when a common person knocks their socks off.

This is the only season I haven't been watching X Factor. WOW, I love it when the grungy, uncool ones knock their sox off. He is fantastic. The Mum was so funny. She is SO proud of him, even with his schlumpy jeans and greasy hair.He is a star !!

OMG! I missed the X Factor last night. Thank you SOOOOO much for posting the video. He's awesome!

oh I am so glad you posted that video, I didn't watch the x factor...now maybe I will, that was fantastic!

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