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Saturday, September 03, 2011


I have never even thought about Budapest as somewhere I'd like to travel but after seeing these amazing photos, I'm soooo ready to go. I'm supposed to be working here on a Saturday morning but have been entranced with your posts. I found your blog through sherriejd.com. Best time I've had in a while just reading your posts and gazing at these gorgeous photos. I feel as if I've 'almost' been in these places. With your writing and your photos, it's been a virtual vacation and I thank you for it.

Theresa in MS

Gorgeous pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Where to next?

Yo Sister! There isn't one thing I don't love about that black and white picture. the reflection in the window, the nice contrast between the black and the white, the perspective of the shot. sheer perfection.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us...I loved tagging along! Can't wait for the next adventure. Sorry to hear about poor dear Buck. I loved the idea of a giant Buck following you around Budapest! I lost 2 cats over the past 10 months (one old, one of a bloodclot)... it was hard, but we adopted two kittens now who are emerging with their own endearing personalities.

Amzaing detail everywhere, even in the ATM notice. Here, someone would have just scrawled an Out of Order note -- there, someone took the time to print it and frame it. Or, is that some type of permanent sign you can buy in the local office supply store? Things are not always as they appear....Loved all your posts and can't wait to see some more of your visual journaling, wonder if you are going to be channeling rococo elements brushed in those vibrant drink colors.

I love all the picture. A real feast for the eyes! Love the summery clothing, the architecture and I especially love the last picture.;)

OH i love the last comment!! I agree with Laura!!! What fabulously beautiful pictures!!!

Ah ... I feel like I've been on a little vacation just wandering through your photos. Thank you!

Greetings Moss Cottage, So enjoyed this Journey to Budipest thank you so for all the wonderful stories and tram trips you have taken me on. Something I will never forget.these last pictures here are breathtakingly beautiful. You and your sis make wonderful host and there is much joy inside me for this journey.
Thank you both you both are the best,

beautiful pics!!!!

Dear Mary Ann,
I've just found your blog recently and absolutely love it! You went immediately onto my homepage. I was not about to lose you! I have so enjoyed traveling through you to Budipest. There are many countries in the world that I have dreamed of going to, many that I have seen. Budipest was never on that list, never even considered it, now it is a MUST SEE! Thank you for that! Love your style, photos, humor, and your journals are to die for! Thanks for everything...
From one Mary Ann to another ;)
Marianne :)

That outrageously gorgeous balcony, next to that outrageously orange drink, and the morning glories about to become glorious... and that clock that brings back old darkroom nostalgia...I'm loving this! Thank you. Again & Again.

Thanks for sharing your journeys all over the world. They just get better and better.

Wonderful images!

I've loved our visit to Budapest. Now I want to go!! I miss Buck, too. I'm such a cat freak anyway. Thank you for inviting us all into your life. Such fun. I love your style, creations, outlook and spirit. Moss Cottage ROCKS!

What marvelous images.. the sad faded wreath... the gorgeous patina and style of the manhole cover... the over-the-top-ornate pointy stonework balcony... the Europe-ness of the street scenes... the dizzying angle of the Breitling (!) street clock photo... the grammatically butchered but nonetheless quite clear ATM sign.
It's great that not only do you go cool places, you're an excellent and inventive photographers as well. Makes it all much more interesting.

Love, love, love your pictures of Budapest! What beauty and detail! What a great trip you took us on!
Thank you so much for sharing it!

Oh my... your photos make me wanna go there now... it's a place I never considered visiting till I've been reading your blog posts... such a rich place.. xo u are blessed to have gone. xo

oh mary ann, i have so loved our SECOND journey of the year. what a city of beautiful history. i won't ever be able to travel like that, so i am so happy that you can and that you share it with us. i love the architectural details. they have given me a couple (or more, LOL) ideas for new stamps to carve and doodles to draw. you are the best!!!!

Why do all the beverages you're drinking in Budapest look so amazingly delicious and far superior to those anywhere else?

The architectural elements are just so fabulous! And the photo you took of the drink with the orange slice on the rim-the detail on the orange!!

The Architecture. Always leaves me breathless. Longing for more. You have captured some of the magic. How blessed are we to be able to carry this beauty home in our pockets. Donna

I miss Buck, too. And I am terribly sad.
Budapest looks wonderful.
Life is so full of beauty and sadness at the same time.
Much love to you!

AWESOME!!!! thank you..........again. ruth

Do you know what the building w/the beautiful ceiling was? Both you and your sister posted pix of it. Gorgeous!

Great photos! Love the sign!

Oh MY! More eye candy to drool over. Every picture is better than the one before...AHHHHH. I can feel Budapest.

The sign in the last photo....priceless.

Who makes the decision on destinations? Do you alternate? Do you have a destination for next year? If so, where?

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Out of nothing!

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