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Monday, September 05, 2011


Ok, please do a post sometime on sealing bottles like that with the sealing wax.

cee vee

i put the water in a plastic water bottle, put it in a ziplock and throw it in my checked bags. same w/ the dirt.

oh mary anne, your words and stories are all so vivid. love how you wax the lids shut, storing memories in little bottles. a little memory bottle for buck... slide in a picture, some of his furryness, his collar, and whatever else that brings memories of him. hugs xoxxx

Someone already asked my question about your water gathering! We'd love to know how you get that water safely home in your air travels! I love to read about your trips. I will never get to go, so I depend on you to show me. When I do get to go somewhere, all I collect are small rocks. Have a great school term.

After reading all your fattening blogs with dessert pics from Budapest I had to bite the bullet and sign up for Weight Watchers on line. So I have used up all my points for the day and don't dare take a sneak peak at those lucious carbs calling my name on your past blogs! If anybody else is on it, give me a shout at bonddi007, perhaps we can make journaling an activity -- that would be awesome. Good luck on your first day back - you surely will make the day of those shy awkward students -- they will be yelling around the playground "Yeah...we got Miss Moss, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!!"

Have adored Ree for years, have adored you for years, and now I'm pretty sure I adore Budapest too :-) From afar and perhaps unrequited, but adoration nonetheless.........welcome home.

Where Women Create magazine wanted feedback on their FB page today on "most creative" today and I gave you a vote. I am fascinated by your ROD class and hope to participate soon; until then I happily lurk.

I see you're a dab hand at the sealing wax!

Remember how you 'threatened' to send me to the borders of the Seine that time? I would have too.

My guess is that you are the teacher many of your students will never forget. In elementary school it was my 2nd grade teacher I will never forget. I loved her. Adored her. Of course, I'll never forget my 3rd grade teacher either but that was because she didn't like me. She. Was. Mean. ok...so I sang one of my sister's dirty sorority songs in front of the class but honestly, I didn't know what it meant.

Happy schooling!

loving my little experience in Giant Buck's mouth being plucked out of the Danube!!

hope school is as fun as you are.

Mary Ann, I just wanted to tell you that I adore you. Reading your blog is like having coffee with you-it's delightful, entertaining and inspiring. I come away wanting to MAKE THINGS. You make my world a better place and I just wanted you to know. xo

Looking forward to a glimpse of the Budapest travel album. Your pages are so lovely and inspiring. Happy first day of school!

ummm, sounds like my walk from the apartment to the center of town every day.....

I'm eagerly looking forward to your new travel journal. Vicarious travel is such fun too.


When I was in Paris this year I got 6 or 8 vintage bottles which all came with either cork stoppers or metal twist on lids. After they are sealed I dip in the sealing wax. super simple!

I can't wait to see your pages too! and omg.. I had no idea the pioneer woman was getting her own show.. good for her.... wow! hugs xo

I can just picture you trying to get the water from the River Danube. How could you possibly fail with the Buckster looking out for you.

Are you looking forward to school opening day? All the little newbies all dressed up for the first day?

Can't wait to see the travel journal.

Out where the west gets wild

Well, I am just thrilled that you didn't go for a dunk in the Danube whilst gathering water. So glad Master Buck was keeping and eye on you. :) I ADORE your bottled pleasures of places from afar and pleased I am not alone in saving such remnants. I am guessing that quite a few young monkeys will soon be clamoring for your undivided attention. In just a few hours my own will head out the door to catch the bus at 6am (glad they are old enough to get themselves out of bed) and the elementary school yard just out the back door will be soon be filled with the screams and shouts of the kids, the robust voice of the playground monitor reminding them to not climb the trees, nor stray beyond the invisible line in the sky that separates the school property from the rest of the world, no fences out here in the burbs. I will hear the school bell chime once at 8:45am when all kids should be tucked into chairs and ready to learn and then again at 3:45pm when all those same kids run head first into what is left of the day before they have to do it all over again the next day. And when I hear that bell ring I will think of you surrounded by those crafty, clever monkeys knowing a new batch of kidlets is getting pointed in the right direction.

Sometime can you share your secrets for capturing these magical waters? Do your vintage bottles all come with stoppers, or do you have a source for retrofitting? And how do you get them to seal so well that you can dip them in your sealing wax? Oh, it's MAM magic, for sure! Lucky kids getting to meet you tomorrow - wish I was in second grade again.

Danube water. It sounds magical...

Looking forward to your travel journal, and the next vacation! Have fun with the little punks, my oldest little punk just started 2nd grade, sniffle (I homeschooled before that). Thankfully her teacher is almost half as awesome as you!

School Ma'am. Seven year olds. Lucky Little Ducks. Donna

well, finally I get to be the first to post!! I love your story about getting the water and with Buck and your sister watching out for you...........good job everybody. I have been off work for medical leave and also return this week.........hummmm. Could stay home and FTB a whole lot more. Good luck and I am looking forward to your journal!!

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