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Friday, September 30, 2011


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My guess is Lisbon Portugal.

Whoops...I didn't read the elevation. I don't think this is Lisbon then.
I don't know where? Chile?


San Luis Valley Colorado

Santa Fe New Mexico? Wish I could have a winter vacation! Just saw the play Walter Cronkite is Dead. Loved it -- so fun to get out of the house and see a live performance as opposed to sitting in a movie theater with the smelly popcorn crowd munching away. Don't worry about the little ones, they are just adjusting to the seasonal change, I suggest burning incense and having a toke in the bathroom.

From the lush green mountains & the building that looks like a stucco church near the center of the pic to the brightly painted houses...my guess is that you're headed down to some extremely interesting adventure in South America...Brazil or Peru, perhaps?

I think it is #28 on your list of 48 things, but other than that I don't have a clue. It looks like they have great coffee there...

I'm glad you found Simac enjoyable. He was a happy discovery for me too.

well wherever it is it looks wonderful. so does your table of postcards. yummm

San Miguel de Allende? Know you have been there before, but it is so beautiful and at a high elevation...

My guess would be Mexico City (assuming you rounded up). Just also want to say that I really enjoy your posts. As I go through my google reader feed I always save yours for last so I can linger a little bit longer.


Mary Ann,

My guess is Machu Pichu, Peru...


I don't have a clue where you might be headed, dang pretty for sure and wish I was going, an adventure is to be had for sure. Facing down a room full of hissing and growling little monsters every day does take it's toll on one's armor. I am so glad you've have a contingency plan in place for such situations. And when all else fails, there is the every reliable martini or 2. That falls under the category of 'in case of emergency fill glass'.

Wow, those kids! Teaching has so many challenges that have nothing to do with the act of teaching. Hang in there, as they say.
Another wow for your next travel adventure. My guess is Guatemala, maybe Antiqua or Costa Rica. Both have wonderful coffee and lots of elevation. Life is good.

I think it could be Santa Fe. That looks like the Palace of the Governors right about in the middle of the photo.

Somewhere in Mexico. That's all I can guess.

Never brag on a class. It will always bite you in the bootie. LOL

I joining those guessing Cuzco, Peru.

I'm guessing somewhere in the state of Chiapas in Mexico. The church looks very familiar to me... maybe San Cristobal de las Casas?? I was there about 25 years ago... such a wonderous, mystical place (and great hats!)

I don't say your monkeys don't deserve you, Mary Ann, but I do say that one bright day they'll realise how fortunate they were. You may not be there when they say to someone, "Miss Moss was an inspirational teacher and I miss her. Wonder where in the world she's travelling now" - things like that - but those things WILL be said. Guaranteed.

Lovely poem again. Keep them coming.

I'd like to make an intelligent guess about your winter destination but I can't. I know it's not central France though!!

Good God woman, Sana, Yemen? (ha, ha, just googled 7500 feet and that came up)

my guess would be somewhere in new mexico??

As I have never traveled much, I have no clue where you are going--I only pray that you take us with you!!!

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