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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I am-100%-in LOVE with the whole idea of this place and have put it on my list of "places to visit".

Looks like my kind of place :) I'd sure love to hang out and have a "river" going (^•^) And I'm still chuckling over the "steed". Tree lined streets are beautiful! We should have more of those. You would think it would be that way here in Hawaii but it sure isn't :(

OHHHHH, love the name of the repurposed gas station...the name is perfect. If I lived there I'd be using it as my second home, I'd plunk myself down for a river of coffee...when I order I always ask for the HiOctane stuff, none of that de-caf for me. Lovely shots of the neighborhood. Is this KC, KS or KC, MO?

There's a section of St. Louis that is now being refurbished as people are moving back to the city from the burbs...they like having things around that they can walk to, commercial mixed with residential. If they'd do this to the Cherokee District in St. Louis where my aunt used to live, I'd be tempted to get a place back there just for the sake of nostalgia...how I loved to visit her there.


Oh I like this place too......love the name of it, the signs, etc..........add coffee, sweet things and one of my new journals from your class. Way too cool. Just a tad bit too far to frequent though.

Greeting Moss Cottage, Im in on the aggrement of these kinds of places. Theres to many hills and valleys for me to get to any palce around here. So thanks for taking me on yours. I'd be a regular also, book ,journal my eyes looking at what is in my veiw:) Wonderful. I'd be having a tea, iced though.
Thank you I love going on journeys with you,

Ah, my hood! And you should be here this morning with your journal for that warm river of coffee...it's 7:30 am...69 degrees, really still and quiet...the crickets are the only sound, singly loudly and proudly. Actually, I think I'll hop over to the Filling Station in your honor this morning. :)

Are the muffins served warm? Looks like a cool place....so I guess you are going to budapest? I know, I am a little slow. I am kind of new to your blog. Should have figured from all the travel journals. Looking forward to the photos!

Me too, me too. What a great place! Too bad it is a bit of a jaunt to KC for me.

I love seeing photos like these, of towns time almost forgot (at least in parts). I think I need to take a trip into America's Heartland one of these days...

Note to self: get on over to the Filling Station for one of those muffins...NOW! :)

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