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Saturday, August 06, 2011


Momma Moss has such a twinkle in her eye!!!! Adore that wonderful sign, might have to make one to hang in the front hall!!!

Did you hit the Filling Station?! Another fan here that lives a few blocks from Martini Corner. Funny, so close...yet I never go there. And your other pictures...it's cool to see things in my own town that I've never seen before.

Love, love the pictures of Mama Moss. Priceless moments in time. I like the idea of taking pictures of family members performing everyday tasks such as your mom washing up at her sink and all her objects that make that task happen. Susan

your mama looks so nice...I like your photos...

Mary Ann, the old pencil sharpener on the wall (1st photo) brought back memories of school days eons ago. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Your clever eye for just the right shot says it all about your visit to Kansas. The custard tradition carries on!:)

Oh I just love it !!!

You deserve a medal or a straight jacket for visiting Kansas when you did! Even though the temps are lower now, the humidity is not, so you are much better off in LA!

Love the name Martini Corner!

You were a mere 4 blocks from my home when at Martini Corner. Had I known, I would have run out to the street, smiled and waved. Then told all the neighbors, "Look, there goes Mary Ann Moss."
warm fuzzies

MA.. I love your photos!!! I just signed up for REMAINS OF THE DAY.. it's something I wanted to do forever.. and now I am in.. I can't wait to get started and create some fun journals... I am so happy to be part of this.. I just love love your journals.... I'm looking forward to sharing more! hugs xo bonitarose in fargo nd

Dear Mary Ann,
I just discovered your blog and am really appreciating your energy. Funny, I just bought a sewing machine that I am waiting to bring home. I may sign up for remains of the day class. It sounds like fun!
Also, curious about your day job. Do you teach ESL? It seems that you find many ways to incorporate art into their projects.
I appreciate the Kansas photos. I commuted once a week to Pullman, WA which is an hour and a half away from where I live. I would go through a little town called Colfax and there were many visual treasures to be found while roaming the streets there.
mad madge


no thats not mama moss casa. we spotted it while driving around in kansas city which is FULL of cool old houses just like that one :-)

I'm loving the Kansas shots! I want that old typewriter in the top picture. And the fan. It's fun to see a our state through California eyes!

Is that home Mama Moss's? -- it's like a return to earlier, simpler times. Say, have you seen The House of Eliott? If you haven't, it was a 3-season Brit series from the 1990s that's about two sisters in London in the 1920s who start a fashion house. Quite wonderful. And the clothes and hats are simply to-die-for, worth the price of admission! You can rent it by the season.

Happy weekend in L.A. ~ my old stompin' grounds.

you are a dear soul with a wicked eye and a gold heart

(Maine talk...wicked >>> groovy,cool, intense....)

...I tried to get my son to stop at Kopps Custard in Milwaukee but he refused on the grounds that he had no interest in hearing my arteries slam shut.
Where have I gone wrong??!!!!!
Oh, and now I can show him that Mama Moss is strong and roaring along. Probably as a result of custard.

Rural America....don't you just love it. There is nothing like it. Loving the old stuff too....how about that old pencil sharpener.

the magic of small towns and your mama eating custard.

i want that sign on my wall.

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