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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


beautiful.. I"d love to know how many rolls of washi tape you have.. your pages are beautiful! do u use just washi or deco tapes too??
I so wanna sign up for your ROTD class!

Oh, I love the little hanging planter at the top right. So nice to see a little spot of green when there's so much dead summer grass hanging around right now.

I don't want summer to end!!! even if I am sweltering in the heat...

Yes! Please press pause and make the summer last longer. And could you also make it a little cooler? Maybe a bit more gentle rain? And less wind and blowing dust in Phoenix? I'm sure you can!!

Oh, please, please, please....push that PAUSE button while I am at work....7:30 am - 4:00 pm CST!!!! The earlier in the day the better!! Thanks!!

Smiling away the day. Love this post, pages, thoughts, expression, it's like sipping a slightly tart, tall glass of lemonade and looking forward to fall in a BIG way...glad to be over the hump of summer's heat and humidity which won't be missed and so looking forward to opening the windows.

Hmmm...I am going looking for my pause button too. Maybe if enough of us pause I can stop thinking about setting up my classroom for another year. Although - I do plan on trying visual journals with my 7th graders to bring in some summer and the ability to pause to a younger generation.

Is Pillpats flickr where i can find the original of that beautiful floral photo in the second image? Im not on flickr but i'd like to add it to my Pinterest if possible x

Oh Pillpat's flickr! Such a great resource! Love these spreads.

your journals so inspire me. I so wanna take your REMAINS OF THE DAY CLASS. it's on my wish list... I've wanted to forever.. and seeing your pages really has me going.. one day I hope to hv the money to join you... I love your style and your color.. your pages are oh so lovely. One day I hope to get in your class REMAINS OF THE DAY.

The end of the middle is the beginning of the end! It's OK by me, since I love fall. But if I had your job I might think differently.

On a rainy Thursday morning in London, your post was just what I needed!! Truly wonderful pages. And to think, yesterday I was moaning about it being too hot!!!!!

When I read your title: 'i dreamed of a summer that stopped in the beginning' - well, I thought that's not a dream that's a nightmare! Then I read your proposal. I'm o.k. with that - but I did need that dreamy flower photo to recover. Thank you.

my favorite so far!!!! love them, the colors and the vintage postcard!

Ahhh, the end of the middle. Such a poignant place to perch. Not everyone gets there, and those who do don't always pause. Thanks for helping me pause Mary Ann.

Love these pages. So inviting. I did feel the world tilt a little, BTW.... :D

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