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Thursday, August 25, 2011



I am generally a vicarious traveler - I wander North America far and wide but leave most of the 'real' travel to others. But I think you've got my attention with this trip. The bridge and pool pictures are amazing and this magical place seems so very, very different and intriguing. Uh-oh..........

Seriously. You Two are the perfect travel guides. I love your captured moments: the baths, the pastries, the Hungarian Buck sighting. . . .

Sigh. . .
Enjoying your journey through your generous posts and your artist eyes.

Thank you.

Would love to see photos of your travel journal in progress. Pretty please?

My eyes are watering from the glories of your travels. Not tears, just...enjoyment. These posts are majorly stirring my wanderlust, then my toddler and the one due in November stamp it back out again (and make me want to travel MORE)! Loving the architecture, farmers markets, cream-filled desserts, rich coffees...and those shoes...Fabulous!

Love love love this post (and not just for the pastries)! I can almost smell the flowers in that garden. I never met Buck, of course (although my dad has a cat named Buster who looks almost exactly like him), but apparently he's been touching all of us who love you, Mary Ann, because I had a dream about him a couple nights ago! I looked down and he was standing between my feet, staring up at me, and I knew it was Buck and that he was okay. I was reaching down to give him a little chin rub when I woke up. It was nice.

Can't wait to see where your adventure takes you next!

Truly a treat to peek in and follow your adventures. The photos...oh my. Loving this city! So happy that you now get to share this piece of the trip with the sister! Double trouble for sure:) And all of our hearts get squeezed with just the mention of your beloved Buck. Xo

What a great tour. Thank you.

Delicious - thanks Mary Ann xx

I was glad to see your post today, I was having withdrawals from my travel adventures with you, and also a bit worried you being in foreign parts and all.

Your last photo squeezed my heart and brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips. Little sweetie Buck. And I'm so glad you are having a lovely time indulging in such wonderful pastries and wanderings.

I am with everyone else here in so much loving your posts!! And so happy your cat spirit found you (and your sister and her luggage of course!!)... Wonderful pix and such great observances of that lovely place! Love the art deco-ness of the park sign!
Keep having fun!!

Oh my goodness! Everything is beautiful...that first shot is breathtaking. Like a postcard. Oh, look! There's the BuckMan, I knew he wouldn't let you out of his sight. Gotta keep an eye on the Mom. The peek into the garden/courtyard was nice...so quaint. Then there's the iced coffee! Oh yeah!

If it makes you feel any better, it's 114 here today in the Intermountain west, the high desert...and it's humid! I'm hugging my A/C.

The sheer beauty of Eastern Europe. Still there, still present, still overwhelming. I know you are soaking it all in ... soak it in some more for me. Donna

Glad to see you back here and posting I was getting kind of worried about you and then remembered your sister was there with you. Love all the photos you are posting the place is amazing and since I have never traveled out of the US unless you count canoeing into Canada as a youngster so I have to take all these trips through you and others eyes.

Another cool drink, please. Could you fan me for a little while? I'll return the favor....Oh, how I WISH I were there with you. Keep exploring, MA, keep posting. So many of us are right there with you (and Buck). And your sister, too, of course!

LOVE the first shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the cake, its layers reflected in the fork............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be trailing along in your wake!

I can just smell the history and earth and time in that courtyard! love the pix. and ohboyohboy, cats in foreign countries just about do me in... I wanna take them all home with me..

Hey you too! Good ole' Buckmeister, living large in Budapest with his Mom! So glad you're having such a great time MA. xxoo

OooOOoooo love traveling along with you........and that pastry.....

Aren't open gates wonderful. They let us see a different world---just a peek! Enjoy every minute.

OK...I obviously stopped paying attention after I saw the pastries..I was mesmerized...I'll try not to zone out after your next pastry post!

I've been waiting for an update...thanks for ending the post with those pastries...Yum

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

you've got your sister right there and Sir Buck close by, nudging you along; not that you need any nudging Nah....bu ...just sayin' I think you have the worlds best traveling companions. Loving every post, every photo, every word and last night stumbled across a 'little nugget' of a poem in a book called 'traveling light' by Brian Andreas and thought of you so just had to share
'carries a lot of suitcases
but all of them are empty
because she's expecting
to completely fill them
with life by the end of this trip
and then she'll come home
and sort everything out
and do it all over again'

I am just saying that you may have met your Paris match in Budapest. Who knew? While I love my stays here at Moss Cottage I would adore being there with you and sister sipping on iced coffee! Bucky boy's ashes may be here with me but he knows. He knows where you are and will be with you always.

I'm so loving your vacation, the escape into the garden is my favorite. How beautiful, the garden, buildings etc. Buck is with you and is on your trip with you. Happy day have fun.

Words cannot express how much I'm enjoying your Budapest vacation; I feel guilty. Food- yumm! Secret Garden- wow! And the baths and the people- fascintating. Can't wait to take a peek at your journal. I see Buck sometimes, too.

I just knew Buck would find you in Budapest! After the kitties of Paris, I was hoping beyond hope that he'd make a smallish appearance. Sounds like you're getting your European legs under you now, and thank heavens you have AC for a siesta. Keep spying and carry on!

I just look.
Come back.
Look again.

It's nearly 100 here too, so I can pretend to be there with you, sans Baths.

*air-kiss to Buck, that brave and stalwart traveler....figures he'd send a Familiar to flash you in Budapest....

Oh, good, Buck is with you in spirit as we are on your Budapest trip! Love your pictures, Mary Ann! You have a great way of capturing the moments....Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Will it make you feel better to know that where I live in AZ, it was 115 yesterday!
Stay cool!

Wonderful pix!

Thanks so much for sharing this trip with us, I'm enjoying it immensely! Your apartment is beautiful, and I love what you choose to shoot and eat! :-) Looking forward to seeing your journal!

Buck is everywhere now. That is what happens to the soul of any one loved so well in this world.

So happy you are having fun and hope it cools off soon.

I am really enjoying your posts. You are brave to go out by yourself when there is a language barrier. I am glad your cat angel is watching over you still.

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