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Friday, August 12, 2011


My friend Alisa who is doing your workshops (upon my recommendation..) mentioned your sweet Buck and what happened. I am SO sad in my heart for you!! My daughter's kitty looks just like Buck and shares some of the same personality (maybe a black & white thing..)& she loves him just as much so it was shocking to see what happened to your baby. If I could get there, I would offer you a very big hug. My heart aches for you! Just had to say...

What a lovely post for your beloved Buck. I am so sorry, Mary Ann. Such a sweet kitty that you loved dearly. Sending healing vibes to you.

Now you've really made me cry.

you are the most beautiful writer and lover of buck moss xo

i thought of you so often this past weekend...every time one of my kitties would do well, anything...so that was a lot o having you on my mind! and every time i would send up a little prayer of peace for you. so loved seeing the tributes to him today. such a beauty! also glad to know i'm not the only with inordinate amounts of cat photos! :~) safe travels and looking forward to your blogs from the road! all the best in the world to you, mary ann moss.

big hugs!

Methinks Buck has just gone on another great adventure. His finest. Buck will never be far from you. The ones who touch our hearts never really are. Wanted to share a story with you. My cat had suffered from a long illness and ultimately she lost her battle. My heart was broken and I spent many sleepless nights, wondering, worrying, mourning. One night, while entirely awake, I felt her jump on to the bed, make her customary turns and settle in her customary place at the foot of the bed next to me. Strange but true. It never happened again, but brought my heart peace. Safe travels.

Mary Ann, more tears for dearest Buck! What a gorgeous boy he was and how beautiful are the photographs you took of him. Keep posting, we love them. BTW, your white cat with the black markings - Wyatt? - I had a cat who looked a lot like that. His name was Felix and he and his brother Oscar were wonderful boys.

I am so very sorry to hear the news. Hugs.

There really isn't anything as special as a cat that you love. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad you loved him so much when he was with you.

He certainly was a most special cat ... no, not a most special, THE most special. I'm so sorry for your loss, but he had the perfect cat life. He could go out and do all the cat things he loved, then come home to a loving home where he was cherished. You were both very fortunate. nancy

Mary Ann, so sorry to hear about Buck. They stay with us in our memories forever.

'I just couldn't help it' - that has touched me sp deeply. XXX

mary ann, i am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Buck. We have all grown to love him through your blogposts. i hope that you are comforted by the wonderful memories you have.

I was so sad for you when I read of what happened to Buck Moss. I was witness to beloved pets being killed by attacking dogs on a few occasions when I was a child and the memories still haunt me. Persisting in pulling out the good memories has been the thing that helped me the most.
You have given Buck a beautiful tribute here, and it easy to see that he was a cat with gumption, and cats with gumption are the best.

I love seeing the photos of your Buck Moss. You are helping us to heal, too, you know. When someone you care for is in deep pain, you hurt for them so much and we all care for you. We share, in a tiny way, the loss of Buck. He truly was a Cat among cats. Bear hugs to you. XO

Oh Mary Ann, I'm so very sorry! What a special boy he was.

Mary Ann, I'm glad you're healing. Thank you for the beautiful photos of Buck. I'm so sorry. I gave my Simba cat an extra hug for you.

I know how hard it is to lose a beloved kitty. I feel for you. Thoughts with you, xo Kelley

Oh my heart just goes out to you. Losing you pet you've had for years is just heart wrenching, but the way in which you did......I'm so sorry

Mary Ann, There is a quote I go to in times like this - I hope it helps you too. "Don't cry because it is over; smile because it happened." Thank you for sharing Buck and all your posse with us - darla

I love the stories and photos of Buck. It makes me teary because my girl Stella is 14, and while I know I MAY have her many more years, I may not. It's easy to let the days pass and not give her much attention; she's a pretty aloof little thing. But you help me to see that I need to give her a little extra love every day during these, her "advanced years." I hope you are finding comfort in this difficult time!

Thank you for Buck's history. When he was in the video's I saw the love between you, the respect. I have had a hard time with his loss since I lost my very special pet a few days before Christmas from a freak accident. I have not been the same since. I am praying for your heart to heal filled with the positive energy from all who knew Buck from the other side of the screen. I asked my Barney to welcome him too.

I am also very sorry about the loss of your kitty. He was a good cat, faithful and loving to you. You gave him an amazing life and I bet he had the best of living conditions at your house. You did good by him.

Oh my god. Oh my god, I haven't been reading my blogs and I just found out. I am SO SORRY. I'm just so sorry. What a terrible terrible tragedy. Sending you all the love from here in Upstate NY, where I have enjoyed references to Buck and the Cat Posse and gratuitous cat photos for years. I've loved their guest spots on your class videos. Big hugs to you Mary Ann. I lost my little Muffin Cat several years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I believe her little spirit has come back to me in the form of My Cat Boyfriend, "Boy Kitteh." http://twitpic.com/4hscwj He is sending you his furry love as well.

Such absolutely adorable photos of Buck! He was so much more than just your average cat! Such personality... and he was very lucky to have you as his mother. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry to hear about Buck. It was a mixed blessing that you were there to hold him during those last moments. Create as many posts, with as many photos and memories as your heavy heart desires and needs at this time of grief and healing.

Thank you so much for sharing photos of your Buck. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that the happy memories of your furry friend sustain you through this. I've lost 2 kitties and am still grateful they were part of my life.

Im saying prayers for both you. I love seeing pictures of Buck keep posting them!!

Mary Ann,

I'm so so sorry to hear about this... You keep posting all you want. When I would watch the videos for your classes and hear you talk to Buck intermittently, my husband would ask, "Who's she talking to?" and I'd say, "Buck, of course..." "Who's Buck?" as he'd flash across the screen... "He's the mischievious one..." I will so miss hearing his tales...

Oh Mary Ann, I'm so sorry! I haven't visited you in a few days, so I'm just now learning the sad news. I know how hard it is to lose them. Show all the pics you want. And know that there are people out here you don't even know crying with you. Buck was a great cat!!

You may (and please do!) post as many pics and comments of buck as you want to for eternity. He's a heartwarmer, just like his momma! Be good to you, and the rest of the Posse!

I hope you will continue to share classic Buck photos with us! He will forever be at Moss Cottage hovering in the ether, there in spirit and I think he might get angry if you don't post pictures of him from time to time...hehehehe. Healing thoughts from my heart to yours!

Just letting you know you are still in our thoughts Mary Ann.

Buck Moss may have left the building
but he his life is touching hearts and lives
all over the world!

I am so glad that people have been kind to you. The doctor's kindness really touched my heart. I have been concerned about you so was so glad to see your memorial even though I cried reading it. I lost my 19 year old Bart to kidney disease but I think what a talker he was and how he would tell us off when he was not pleased with some human behavior of ours. Sending blessings your way, Jessica



We love hearing more about your special relationship with Buck and seeing all these precious pictures thank you for sharing with us. And we're thankful your heart and thumb are on the mend too.

Dear MaryAnn, I'm so so sorry for your loss of your beloved Buck. He was a part of you, and always will be. I'm sorry you had to witness such a tragic death. I do believe that his soul left his body before the trauma began and he is waiting for you. Big Hugs and love. You are so giving, as a friend and as a teacher, both to us online and to your classroom students and just know that you are loved and you are in all our hearts. Darcy

how wonderful that Dr. Gregorian was able to comfort you... Thank you for sharing more of your truly extraordinary Buck Moss.

I am so very thankful that you are healing with help from others who understand. I love reading your stories and remembrances of Buck Moss, The King of Cats! Blessings to you dear...

I wept when I read of sweet Buck's passing. I lost my beloved Yuki years ago to an akita who would not have been on the lawn if his owner wasn't visiting my father. My heart breaks that you and Buck had to experience this. While I know that only time will ease your grief, I hope the knowlege that we loved knowing Buck through you brings some small comfort. Hugs to you, Mary Ann, and the entire posse.

dear girl, i send kindness to you.

Oh Sister..... my heart is breaking for you. I'm so so sorry to hear this news about Buck....I know just how much his Mommy loved him. You know, we just lost Ruby (Buck's mother) a few months back. After 17 years with us, she just went off to die. I remember when Buck was born, and how much you loved him from the start. Know that he's in kitty heaven, probably with Ruby....and that you gave him a great life!!

I'll call you, or come by soon!


We've shared a few emails back and forth, enough for me to imagine you as a friend-funny how this new cloud world works. I was very moved by your last two posts about Buckaroo and want to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved boycat. Our lives are forever changed by the animals that pass through, aren't they. Hang in there.

thank you for sharing, in healing yourself you are healing others.
am thinking of you and buck moss and your wonderful friendship.

its is so strange...Dinsmore looked so much like Buck....hope they are sparing around in heaven....anyway...'long live the King'....!!
missy from the bayou
ps-love the tribute to Buck!!

what sweet photos and stories...And how incredible about the missing/down the chimney situation!!crazy! he sure had an adventurous, well-loved cat life! wishing you continued healing...xoxo

Thank you for this post. I needed to know that you are healing both emotionally and mentally (I know we havent met but still!). I am also glad that Dr Gregorian was able to relieve you about Buck's last moments... I needed that too. I had to laugh when I saw that second picture of Buck Moss. That look reminded me of one my wild cats. Take good care of yourself. I am so glad that there are so many people to help you through this. Sending you a virtual hug....

Hi Maryann........thank you for posting all the pictures of Buck.......Knowing that helps you, helps all of us as well. A big thank you to your physician for giving you an explanation and some peace. You are surrounded by many who care deeply for you and many prayers are headed upward.....travel safe. Ruth.

This was a wonderful "eulogy" to Buck Moss. What a great life he had, entertaining you,
as well as us! Thank you for sharing him with us...I will miss all the stories about
Buck. You have all those fabulous memories and you can find peace in remembering. You
were the best cat mommy ever!

Hmmm...it looks like Buck had one heck of a cat life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories with us. Now, find a really good piece of paper and make a list called "100 Things About Buck". Then put it into a safe place (or your "Buck and Mary Ann Journal"). It's a great journaling "technique" from Kay Adams and it helps.

This is what "love" sounds like. We can "see" love if we keep our eyes focused for it, but your words to the rest of us are like hearing a sacred song being sung to the One Creator with gratitude. Amen to you MM

The tears trickle down as I read your loving tribute. He is very proud of you, sitting as he is in his exalted place where he can see all. Will you hold a ritual to celebrate your lives together? Just wondered. Your thumb will mend quickly, your heart ... a little longer. Take gentle care of yourself, Mary Ann. I know you will. sending love and light. Donna

My heart is breaking for you. Buck had a good life, and he knew it. Your memorial to him is deeply touching. I'm so sorry for your loss, and very much enjoyed your relationship with him via the videos. I feel your pain. "A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered" ~Lacie Petitto ~ May your memories bring you comfort.....

Sorry about Buck Moss. Poor you. Very traumatic. We love our cats too - LUCKY THINGS!

Thank you so so much for sharing the wonderful story of Buck. I enjoyed every word and can't wait to go back and re-read. Cats are the best! And you are one special cat Mum.

Once again I am in tears over your loss. You have written a beautiful tribute to your beloved friend. Thinking of you in (once again) rainy London!!

Dear Mary Ann,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.... I adored Buck--and I am not even a cat person! We all will miss him.

What a wonderful tribute for a dear companion. Huge hugs to you from a fellow feline lover.

Mary Ann, So sorry about Buck, he was so loved, so cherished, will be so missed and he knows it, his mama will heal well with so much love shining through from all corners of the world. xoxo

I love hearing the stories Mary Ann. I have a kitty named Buster that looks like he could be Buck's brother. It's always so hard to lose a loved one, I will be sending positive thoughts your way.

Thank you for the stories and pictures. Loved hearing about Buck seeing all his photos... but now I'm crying again..I can only imagine all the tears you are shedding. I'm gonna' go kiss on my fur boys.

Cats are such individuals - each with their very own personality. Buck was certainly a wonderful boy. My kitty posse send much love, huge purrrrrrs and some loving paw pats.
I send you love - it is the only kind of comfort I can think of.

Mar Ann, I am so sorry to have read your story.... It has been so long since I have been to your blog and coming across this just broke my heart, I had a very similar thing happen once but it was our pit bull rescue that had killed a new dog we had just got.... he too died in my arms and I will never never forget that loss... we loved them both and we lost them both in one day... I am so so sorry to hear your news it is so very tragic. Tamara

what a grand tribute.


This whole post made me cry more than yesterday!!
Gosh, the love we have for our animals. they are so much smarter than us and way better creatures.
Your love and admiration for Buck really shine through.
We can only be glad for the honor of being in the presence of our pets for the short time that we are allowed.

I am so sorry for your loss MaryAnn. He was such a beauty! Hugs!

So so sorry Mary Ann. A similar thing happened to one of my own posse more than 30 years ago. I can tell you that while the sadness is still there, the horror does fade with time. Much love sent your way.

Oh, Mary Ann, you made me cry. I have been camping with my sons and haven't been connected for several days, just got home. I am so, so, so, sorry about Buck. He was a fierce feline, and I bet he gave those disgusting dogs a few things to think about. I have my four cats, and I just don't believe that they would be happy trapped inside all the time. I get the demeaning looks from the shelter people, like they are saying, how could you let a cat climb a tree or chase a bird, what is wrong with you, it is quantity over quality! I tell them cats aren't born with hand to open doors or turn on the TV, but you would have them sit indoors and watch you? My oldest also has bitten me twice, it hurts like hell, but your finger will heal soon. Your heart will take a bit longer. I still miss my Wrigley, 17 years old, with seven toes on each of his front paws, who looked back at me as he strolled out the gate, never to return. I searched for three weeks everywhere, put up signs, but he had choosen to do it on his own terms. Perhaps Buck did the same thing. Kisses and hugs. Diane.

Loved the additional pix of Buck--beautiful cat. Sending more prayers your way.

Your post had me laughing and crying. It seems that Buck lived his life with the person who could love him the best. I have thought of you and Buck many times over the last few days, and I am so glad that through this tragedy you had some wonderful caring people to help support and care for you. As for loving him the most, there always is that one special cat or that one special dog in our lives. While we do love the others, there seems to be that one special "scarecrow" we love the best. Take good care.

MA, I can't tell you how relieved I am to see this post. I had an awful day yesterday - I could NOT stop obsessing over this trajedy and I was so worried about you - got nothing done at work. Today was not much better. I am so glad to know he didn't suffer too much. It must be that big B&W furry boys have the same personality - not only was Buck Mr. Beebe's twin in looks but in behavior too. "me, me, me, ME!!!" And I couldn't ever say no, ever. I love your tribute. My heart still aches for you both, but my relief is palpable. Hugs to Wyatt and Corky. xxoo

A salute to a wonderful,larger than life kitty. Thank you Mary Ann for sharing Buck with us. He could not have wanted for a better Sherriff to look after the posse. Hugs to you all from Australia

You have the most wonderful memories!

I agree, we love hearing these stories of Buck and seeing the photos but oh my, that baby Buck photo is the most adorable!!

A beautiful tribute to Mr. Buck. Continue celebrating his life and mending your heart. More hugs to you.

Thank you for sharing more about Buck with us. You have been on my mind since I first read the news. I wish you peace and healing.
Hugs from Barbara and border collie Fenway (who happens to be a lot like sweet Buck in coloring and personality)

You are lucky and you are loved by us out here in blogland. It is hard to type (again) thinking of what happened. I have spent so much time since I got home from work with my two cats that they think I have lost my mind. I know that Wyatt and Corky are missing their departed posse member as well.

You know we are all keeping you and yours in our hearts.

I am so glad to hear how kind the doctors were =)

And look at the art he could make! He really had a paper-rolling knack with those paws! I bet Buck has a cousin you'll meet in Buda or Pest

Mary Ann -- I agree with what everyone has written and I love hearing about Buck Moss and seeing the pictures. i know your heart must be so heavy. I cried yesterday and thought about you both half the night. And when I got up this morning, the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle blared - Pregnant Woman Killed By Pit Bull. Can you imagine this? How horrible. We -- your loyal blog readers - are happy to help share your loss and take a little pain away from you. xo

What a lovely and touching tribute to Buck...
As I was reading your words and looking at the photos I became aware on the wetness on my cheeks, the tears just came. You and Buck and touched my heart.
Hugs from across the miles...

Buck was very lucky to be loved so much. Mary Ann, you are a very good, loving, and generous lady. Thanks for sharing special stories of Buck.

When I read your post yesterday I felt literally sick...so much so that I could not type any words of care and concern. I am so sorry. My cat posse of three sends their heartfelt condolences. Losing a fury friend is so sad under the best circumstances...just so tragic. What a sweet kitty, he will be missed..hugs to you!

I'm so glad to hear from you today in your blog..to know that you may be tear stained and battle-scarred, but you are still standing. You and the posse. Talking about him is the most natural, most healing thing you can do right now. Keep talking, and keep sharing, and know that peace will come in its own time. (Thank you also for taking the time to write; I'm so, so touched and honored by you.) If there is anything, even from long distance (Florida) that I can do...it's yours. We our here in your extended family of blogfriends love you all so much!!!

i am so sorry for your loss.

Mary Ann, you may babble on as long as you want/need. We are all here, happy to be an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on. I know what it is like to morn a special cat. I lost my two old girls within a year of each other, both to illness. I still hurt but time eases the pain.

What a sweet tribute to your beautiful Buck. I wandered over from Alisa's Blog to send you some love and healing for your loss. I have 7 dogs and have been through the loss of two so I can relate to how you are feeling.

Much Love,
LuLu Kellogg

i'm glad to hear that this blog group has helped you come to terms with the loss of Buck. When those cats have a special place, not that we don't love them all...it's so hard to understand that they're no longer here with us. I lost my beloved Abby, KitterPie, last Dec., found him dead at my feet when I got out of bed. He died of HyperCardioMyopothy...up playing and romping over the covers, jumping on me one minute, dead the next. I'm still not over the loss of that cat.

Anyone who loves cats and/or dogs knows what you've been feeling because we've all been there ourselves. Only time mends the open wound. Celebrating Buck's life, and a long one it was, is the best medicine. I still can't say KitterPie out loud without crying. If you're having a bad day (and you will) please come here and let us cheer you up.

Sending big hugs to you and the posse,

Joan, out where the west gets wild.

THE most beautiful tribute...
Buck is rolling in ecstasy, purring, "I *knew* that I was her favorite!" :¬)
Such a love.
Such a gentleman.
I salute you both.

Love all these Buck memories. I lost both of my cats in the past year (one kidney failure, the other a stroke, they were old) and they were big love machines and attention demanders too, so I know how you feel. Good to remember all the good times. I'm without cats right now and your stories remind me why I miss having a cat around. I'm sure one will come my way again, or two, or three... ;-) The pain will subside, the memories will stay strong, promise.

Shedding a tear for you and your kitty. I am so sorry!

It was so great to read all about Buck. It helps to do that or at least it helped me when JeJe died in my arms. I still talk about him and I know Buck will always be there with you in your heart and soul every minute of the day. My heart has ached for you over the last couple days as I know what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and I hope you will let yourself enjoy your travels.

Hi Mary Ann ...
I am so happy to hear that your heart and your thumb are slowly mending ... good news!
I so glad the doctors were able to tell you such comforting things.
It is wonderful to see all these great pictures and hear the stories of Buck - King of the Cats ... thanks so much for sharing ... I LOVE stories!
You have given us a chance to know Buck in person, and see him as you do, through your heart, more than through your eyes.
It also sounds like he definately had not just A WONDERFUL life with you, but he took great advantage of the NINE lives that cats get to have -- with all his adventures!
I've been thinking that Buck must be the most blessed and fortunate
Leader of a Posse that ever lived and roamed in the great Wild West!
Hugs to you, Mary Ann.

Buck was one big demanding, I gotta have it now cat and sounds like you had a very nice love affair for many years. He will be missed and I want you to know that you are in all of our hearts. I have 3 cats that own me and I love them like my kids. Sending you hugs. Peggy

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A wonderful tribute to a very special friend. I can't help but feel better after reading of Buck's many "adventures". He had 29 lives in one.
Sending our love.

what a wonderful friend you had in buck. i'm so very sorry for your loss. i love all the photos and i hope they give you joy when you see what a good life the two of you shared.

take care, fawn

Loved reading about Buck and seeing all your photos. He was a very lucky kitty indeed to have you as his mama! Thinking of you and the posse. xoxo

Having thoughtful, caring people around you to help and to explain things is important. I'm glad you had all that during this ordeal. I have had you and Buck on my mind....just couldn't stop thinking about you. I don't think I could ever tire of seeing photos of Buck. He was a handsome dude!

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