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Monday, August 29, 2011


Thank you for sharing this beautiful, yummy photos with us. You give so much. Each day when work is a bit much I go to your website for beauty, color, and cheer.

I was in Budapest last Sept. I loved every minute although I saw very different things. I wish I had known about the flea market. But i ended up with a few linens from a flea market in Lindz, Austria. Budapest food is great, people great, I missed it so much looking at your pictures and hearing about your adventures.

Mary Ann, I apologize. I had to leave Budapest early and didn't have time to say goodbye. I had an unpleasant house guest waiting for me. Someone named Hurricane Irene. She blew into town and immediately shut off the power supply. I see I missed the flea market, tram ride, ski-lift and goodbyes. Wow! I would have loved that ski-lift event. Glad to hear you have arrived home, with more Budapest to share! Thank you, once again I had a wonderful time.

thank you everyone for the warm welcome home! made it safe and sound and had a deep long sleep. no flight delays thankfully. going to the classroom today to start setting up my classroom for next year which begins september 6th. more budapest blogging this evening. i so enjoyed your dear and joyful presence on this trip.

I had never even thought of travelling to Budapest but after reading about your trip and seeing your beautiful photos, it is now high on my list of must-see places. Thank you for sharing!

So soon 'tis over! Such a journey to bundle up in a beautiful Miss Moss journal. Safe and happy travels to your beautiful little Moss Cottage. Home. See you there. Donna

Thanks for letting me tag along on this wonderful journey...I'm thrilled to have been included. I had no idea Budapest was such a lovely city. Have a very safe journey home. You might find long delays at the eastern airports, the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. I'm sure the cat posse is waiting to see you and will welcome you home with open paws and lots of meows.

Godspeed and safe travels to you and your sister. "Our" visit to Budapest was too short, but I did have a lovely time. Let's all meet on your patio for the sharing of more photos and all the stories. Maybe Carol will mix us up something cool and Hungarian?

Thanks for sharing your travels. What a wonderful representation of Budapest! Can't wait for more post when you get home. Happy travels to you!

What a wonderful adventure! I'm so grateful you shared it with us, and wish you a safe trip back.

Thank you for sharing your trip to Hungary with us, I loved the beautiful details you selected to focus on. Like Emie, I LOVE your style of travel, and the way you extend the enjoyment with your gorgeous journals. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics! P.s. my passport arrived a week ago and my first trip overseas as an adult (I went once when I was about 4 years old) is in less than three weeks! eeeek! I'm excited and nervous! I'm taking my daughter and her friend to Bali.

Thanks. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Safe trip Mary Ann, with Bucky in your pocket. Look forward to lots more posts about Buddhapest! xxoo

Aw, shoot, I wasn't ready for your trip to end so soon.

packing up my ole' kit bag since Budapest wouldn't be quite the same without you...wishing you and Carol safe passage and a big welcome home. The Boogie Girlz await your return. :)

leaving so soon? even though the ride was scary, the aerial pics are beautiful. safe travels home; Buck will keep you well all the way home to Moss Cottage. what's next?

I am sad--I can't believe our Budapest vacation is over already. The time just flew by as it usually does on wonderful vacations. I look forward to anything else you have to share from your travels--especially your travel journal! May you both arrive home safely!!

You two are adorable! Welcome back to CA -- and tell us more tales when you are back.

Safe travels to both of you...I so enjoyed visiting Budapest with you!
Thanks for taking us along!

The two of you are wonderful ambassadors to the city of Budapest. Who would not want to go there fter all the colorful, elegant, happy glimpses of your journey. Thank you!

Safe journey, you lovely girls!

Write soon - and I hope you find the USA in good shape after its bashing.

Oh the days went by so quickly! May your flight be safe and your landing smooth. Give LA my love.

Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Budapest with me. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. My sister and I are very close and I think the two of us would enjoy ourselves just like you have. Thanks again for allowing us to travel along!

Safe journey home. Thank you for letting me travel to Budapest with you and your sis!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see your journal. I loved traveling through your eyes. Thanks for the wonderful journey.

sorry you have to come home, I'll miss Budapest, loved viewing it through your eyes. It will be hard to come home without Buck, my thoughts are with you.

It's over so soon! Safe trip.

Enjoyed sharing this trip with you and Carol. Will look forward to more details when you get home. :)

as i write this, I know you are in the air and on your way back home to Moss cottage. I know you will have a safe trip. Thanks for all the sharing........I do not care much for travel but, now I would love to go to Budapest! Who knew?
I am really looking forward to the rest of the posts and seeing your fabulous journal! Cheers and many thanks! ruth

well, if we must....toodles to Budapest... Have a safe adventure home and again thanks for taking us along with you.
missy from the bayou

safe journey home and thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Hoping to catch a glimpse of your junk journal and all the wonderful photos and bits and bobs you will add to it from this trip.

Travel Safe, my friend..

We enjoyed seeing Budapest through your eyes... I LOVE your style of travel... immerse yourself in the culture the best you can.

Can't believe it's time to head home already, seems like you (we) just got there! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures once you are back in Moss Cottage and of course, seeing the finished travel journal.

you 2 look so lovely and it seems you had a splendid time in Hungary. Can't wait to see your travel journal from that trip!

Wishing you safe travels, and perhaps a little misty eyes at your having to leave such a magical place. Bon voyage my friend.

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