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Sunday, August 21, 2011


looking breafly at the pictures i knew straight ahead this is hungarain food :) but from all the delicatés my most favorite is the cucumber salad - uborka saláta.. i'm drooling just from the picture.. my hungarain granny used to make it just for me, and i would finish a huge bowl and drink the viniger also (though they threatened me my stomach will hurt) - leaving nothing for the others :) for some reason, even though the recipe is quite simple, mine is just never the same as hers.. :(

That dish you thought could be pork definitely looks like duck to me. The French eat it all the time, cooked very fast so it stays red in the middle.

What fabulous meals you are finding - and complimenting with wonderful photographs.

Ok. I'm resisting saying it...."If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...." Lol! Yep. That was duck! Yum! It all looks divine!

I'd love to see a few posts of your travel journal! Keep having fun! :)

It is indeed duck. You cannot serve nor eat pork rare like that or you'd get sick. Duck is usually served rare like that. It's the right colour to be duck.

Looks like you are having a fabulous time! I know a smattering of Hungarian, enough to say "that's nice", "her", "grandma & grandpa", "Happy Birthday" and "thanks". Useful, eh?

Lovin' the money! It's colourful like ours! Party on!

The duck breast you thought was pork looks like duck breast -- it is very dark compared to other fowl we are used to. I had some in Iceland that was blood red, surprised me! At any rate it all looks so yummy!

I'm so loving your journey and all that food...and those beautiful drinks. How wonderful!

Re the duck/pork....I would say this is definitely duck my friend, perfectly pink with with a crispy skin. It looked superb!

Thanks for letting me share your wondeful experiences... I am loving it with you!
xxox Deb

Now this is living! thank you for sharing your pictures

Amazingly, they even have one low-calorie drink which is utterly delicious, particularly on a hot day - big glasses of iced cherry juice! Real cherries, nothing synthetic at all, nice and sharp on the tongue - bliss for me! Try it, I think you'll be hooked.

OMG..not only am I drooling but I think I put on pounds just looking at the wonderful pictures of that glorious food.

Yay! Fancy Schmancy Gerbaud was the cafe I remembered...in the Square? We ate Dobostorte and yes, the slightly fizzy spring water. Thank you so much for taking me back there with you!

Totally pretend you are a food critic or travel writer. No one will wonder why you have three beverages and breakfast for 4. I mean, technically, you ARE a travel writer and reviewing food, so nothing to worry about! :)

I am so loving this visual journey you are taking us on with you through Budapest. The food looks unbelievable.

and with all that delicious food, you're also eating the culture, the beauty and the otherness of the place. Not you the timid traveller who looks for the familiar abroad - what a true adventurer you are, and all the richer for it!

OMG--what a glorious post for a foodaholic!! While everything looked delicious, I am salivating over the Sacher!! I am always on the lookout for phenomenal chocolate cake. Thank you for all the food pics!!

Violet Cadbunny:

exchange rate = 189 HUngarian Forints = $1 USD

there are flea markets.
havent planned anything yet, but might.
today went to an AWESOME hungarian folk arts festival at buda castle here in the city. so so so so so cool


thanks for clearing up the duck pork mash up. it was good and i will DEF order again as soon as possible!

Ohhhh I am so hungry now ...
Looks sooo yummy!!
And what interesting money!! I see "FORINT" on a couple of them ...
thanks to you, Mary Ann, I now know one Hungarian word!!!

aaahhhh...all these food photos are just about forcing me to book a flight! so glad to see the grand adventure you are on! I look forward to your posts...please keep them coming! Keep enjoying...xox natalea

I am pretty sure that that "pork" is in fact duck. It looks very similar to a duck breast I had in France and I said to my husband, "This tastes like pork!" Duck, in France is served very very rare. No matter what it is, it looks delicious! This is such an eye-opener to life in Hungary. I'll go!!!!

Oh Mary Ann I love traveling with you! So for dinner, I'll order two Mimosa Csikos, one Sacher Torte, two of the fantastic hot Lattes and an absolutely beautiful Strawberry Ginger Soda with crushed fruit and citrus. I loved the multiple drink glitch - I'm taking that idea to a new level with dessert! And that fancy schmanzy coffeehouse - Gerbaud - N-I-C-E!!! I can hear the Classical piano and violins from here. Three cheers for Budapest. Boho Heaven. Now where's THE RIVER??? (Sorry, all that coffee and sugar - I'm just a bit jazzed.)

Cuurency is so much fun to look at! I love gassy mineral water but dh doesn't. Mine is mit gaz and his is con gaz. That seemed to work in a variety of countries. Plus, when you start eating the Hungarian diet you kind of need the mineral water. Those potato noodles...spaetzle? I could eat a plateful on my own. I was waiting for this post and you sure came through!!

Both my mouth and my eyes are drooling --- total immersion in vicarious dining doesn't get any better than this! And, those rakish dudes on the money, you're not in LA anymore:) What is the exchange rate? Do they have flea markets -- are you going to any? Always fun to travel with you -- thanks for helping me earn my Armchair Traveler badge.

Wowzer! Like Ruth, I think I just gained several pounds while looking at these food pix! Fabulous! :D

well, so much for my diet..............I think I am gaining weight just looking at the fabulous food pics.....and loving every minute. The food combinations are great!
Can't wait to see your travel journal......that money will be perfect backgrounds........or anything!!!! thanks again for sharing..

A feast for the eyes! Can't wait to see the $$ in your journal too.

I'm so enjoying your beautiful trip, wow. What a fantastic city and the buildings are so clean, artistic works of wonder. Thank you for sharing, yum for the food. Your the best, thanks

Oh MY! Everything looks sooo good. And who would have thought you would find Goulash! The Redneck in me says, YES! Thanx for another look at your world. Love the Cha-Ching! It will look so cool in your journnal.

How come everyone else's money is so much more interesting than ours??

I look forward to seeing these in your journal.

Wish I could stop by, this afternoon, and have goulash with you!

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