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Monday, August 08, 2011


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WOW!!! Those are amazing videos... so simple but yet so complex at the same time.
Thanks so much for sharing and I'm off to check out Lisa's blog... which looks amazing on first glance.
Thanks, Emie

Wonderful videos! and isn't he cute! Have a wonderful trip to Budapest!

Really great. Thanks for sharing. Oh! and my Martha furniture came yesterday but I'm to wimpy to get it to the basement. Help is coming tonight for fajitas and I'll make a trade: I'll feed you if you haul it down.

I was in BEAUTIFUL and very interesting Budapest last year and enjoyed every minute of it!
I can hardly wait to visit it again, through your eyes! How fortunate I am and thank you
so much with sharing your trips with us! Have a wonderful trip and chow down on some of
their great Hungarian Goulash!!!

love these.
thanks for the joy

somehow i found those... right on the new iTV hookup with Viemo... very cool large screen!

Have a fabulous trip.....

Thank you thank you thank you. His zest for life and experiences is contagious. Makes me want to travel and live more fully. Safe trip Miss Mary Ann Moss. I will be vicariously traveling with you as Budapest is one of my wish list destinations.

Wow... living to the fullest!!!
Have a fantastic trip, yourself!!

goosebumps! goosebumps!! Take me with you!! enjoy Budapest Mary Ann! xo

Love them! Off to check out Lisa....thanks and bye.....

Spectacular, inspiring and not bad eye candy...thanks

I love these short films! (And your blog.) Thanks, Mary Ann.

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