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Monday, August 01, 2011


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Beautiful, Mary Ann! These photos and colors ARE summer. I've been enjoying all the flavors of summer. Summer tastes wonderful! I hope they keep it on the menu for a long, long time.

love bourganvillia (SP). It all looks so glorious. And i would never refuse so exotic sounding a drink.

My husband used to make elderberry wine when we lived in Missouri, thirty-some years ago, now. Mixed half-and-half with soda and lots of ice it made a wonderfully refreshing summer cooler on those 98 degree/98 % humidity days. He used to get old oak whiskey barrels from the McCormick distillery to make the wine in; they always left just a little whiskey in the bottom which added both taste and potency to the wine.
Loved the bouganvillea petals on the wall--wish I could grow it here.
Have a happy week.

There is a bottle of St. Germain just 4 miles away. I will have to visit it later today and maybe purchase. You make summmer look sweet.

Thanks for another lovely post and for sending me the link to your blog! I read the poem again and laughed just as much as the first time. I'd love to share one of those wonderful summer drinks with you .... too bad the Mitten is so far away from LA! nancy

Reading a wonderful book, Tracy Chevalier's, REMARKABLE CREATURES. There a passage where the women making elderflower cordial.

Oh my gosh, got to taste me some of that. And the bottle is gorgeous too. And the colors, and, and, oh everything. I love those succulents.

I think I just have to go get me a bottle of ST Germain! can i drink some even if it isn't hot here inSF?

My son just gave me a bottle of that-I've been stirring a splash of it into chilled white wine-so yummy delicious it's hard not to guzzle. Or hard not to have another after I have not been able to keep myself from guzzling.

Thanks to your link, I have found out that my neighborhood liquor store carries St Germain, at 0 miles from home, how can I not pick up a bottle and help support those cute little men picking elderflower blossoms to provide us with a taste of sweet summer!

Wonderfully refreshing post in this heat- and loved the link to the story of the drink! Many thanks!

Sounds delicious and the bottle looks so cool...

You, ma'am, have far too much influence over me. No, that's not a complaint because I now have another delicious summer cocktail. Did your bottle come with the cool little booklet which is immediately going into a journal?? :)

hmmm. I will have do track down a non-alcoholic version of that. I used to have an elderberry hedge behind my house, y e a r s ago in England. I did fry up the flowers as in squash blossom fritters but it did not go down well with my family and too fiddly for me.

Well lookee here...who knew. Ikea is my source http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/ingredients-pantry/the-ikea-pantry-elderberry-flower-syrup-051599 My only worry is that the bottle of syrup may end up costing me around $300+. I know how a trip to Ikea ends us!

Hey Mary Ann, on behalf of your Canadian craft monkeys, thanks for drinking "our" club soda. :)

I couldn't email you or see your email from your site. I would like to know if your class is really up? I noticed you had Aug 1st as the deadline. I just found your site and would like to do the class but it's the 3rd. Can I still purchase it?

Oh yes - that's a thirst quencher! Love the pretty bougainvillea/succulent photos too.

St. Germaine is great! I havent had it for about three years as ive been having babies but next year im treating myself to some. You can get some non-alcoholic cordials but theyre not as pretty looking. The bottle is also quite fun to sketch as the glass is so beautiful.

I can personally vouch for the Vieux Mot made with St. Germaine!

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