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Friday, August 26, 2011


Your posts make me feel like I'm on vacation, too! LOVE the pics, Mary Ann! LOVE them!


ill be putting apartment links for budapest including this apartment as soon as i get home. start over at VRBO.COM and click on the continent/country you want. i also have vacation rental links ive used before in the sidebar.

looking is so much fun!!!

I showed my husband your posts and I am almost convinced that I could go to Budapest. We LOVE the pictures, especially the food ones. Should I start my research for apts. to rent by just typing that into google for the countries that I want to visit? Really have enjoyed your bravery and writing. Sincerely, Jessica in Ohio

I love it! Really want to visit these baths. I went to the ones in Baden Baden, Germany last year, very similar in appearance with their almost baroque looking swirls and and over the top style. I found them to be such an amazing part of the trip. There is something about water that is just good for the human soul, and must be done - bravo!

More eye candy...Yea! The baths must be intoxicating and look so refreshing. The US just doesn't have anything to compare with these grand old cities of Europe. (My type seems very small...don't know why. Hope you can read this without straining your eyes.) The flea market sounds like a real treat...thanks for the pix of all the goodies you hauled back.

I'm really enjoying your pictorial travel log...keep posting.

OH I've waited for that pristine table to get the 'proper' look. Love, love, love it. Sending you Hurricane Happiness!

flea market? Now I'm fully jealous. Love the productivity of your dining room table! That's how it should be.

I think that I could walk boldly through the Baths in Budapest....why? Because if I don't speak the language I could convince myself that I was invisible. This kind of thinking has gotten me into DEEP trouble before.

Your journeying is inspirational. Now if I only had a sister to travel with.

Hi Mary Ann
If youre in for a treat, go to the Gellert bath (its a public bath) at the Gellert Hotel. The splendor of that place is amazingly Such a "grandeur". You should see it.


It all looks so blissful! Especially that cluttered table full of journals and all your artsy bits and pieces! Enjoy every minute of your trip!

I am having such a wonderful and relaxed trip with you. Off to the flea market? Oh goodie goodie...

Just gotta love that 'lived in' look. I'd swap my nice clean table here in Mn for that happy clutter in Budapest even just for a day. The baths look soooooo tempting, being one who loves water I'd have no trouble finding a corner to settle myself in and I am not sure you'd be able to get me to leave, unless of course you had a tray of all those treats you've been tempting us with in your hands. That just might do it. Totally appreciate your sharing these moments with us. Have an awesome time at the flea market.

I've just caught up on your recent travel posts...thank you for taking us again with you! What an incredible place. You are brave and bold to go where you don't speak the language and partly by yourself. What a grand adventure!!

Oh dear me a flea market.........be still my heart.........that would be the first place I would go. Hope you find tons of cool things to put in your journals. I can just imagine all that cool ephemera. Oh, I got sidetracked.........I so enjoy all the pictures and adventures that you are having. Thanks for sharing. So happy for you.

First the lady that made the fashion statement in her hot pink high heels and now the fellow with yellow fisherman's hat and support stockings no less! At first I thought it was my sweet momma. She would love that - and so would I! Wyatt, Corky and I send our love.

oh my-oh my-oh my! what a beautiful place you have choosen for your summer adventure :-)

your pics are soooooooo fantastic I feel as if I am there with you....thank you so much Mary Ann for sharing all this with us....

have fun at the flea today----I will be riding out the BIG hurricane but playing with my journals.............

SuZ in south jersey..........

Can't wait to hear about the flea market.. one of my favorite things to do while traveling. Your picture of your work space looks very inviting to me... can I come by and journal for a bit??? :)
Thanks for sharing your adventures, Emie

Thanks for posting more photos of that beautiful yellow building, it calls out to me for some reason. A flea market today, you say? Hope I won't feel too heavy riding along in your pocket, but I wouldn't want to miss that! Can't wait to see what treasures you discover there!!

I'm lovin' your 'messy headquarters'. Proof of just about everything .. including you definitely have your priorities correct. :o) Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you. Donna

Can't tell you how much I've been enjoying this trip through your eyes and expression. The photos are just amazing. Thank you, oh and would I love to have that little silver apple sitting on your table :-)

I am so jealous! After an earthquake early this week and a hurricane coming up the coast today, I would love to be relaxing with you and your sister! Have some fun for me too!

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