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Sunday, July 24, 2011


so funny!I've never made real fried chicken. There, I admitted it.

Greetings Moss Cottage, Well around three hour plan flight this should get me there in time for dinner. Do you want me to bring the salsd fixin?:) Tell the boy to be ready to teach me some of hes yoga posses:) I need that recipe its so hot here and that fried chicken is good all temps hot cold what ever and a great midnight snack. Yumo:):):)
Have a wonderful day tell sis I send my best and to quit laughing at her sis this rack was brillant!
Always, Linda

Forget the rack...just look at the glorious chicken! Although, I must admit it was certainly a creative way to solve the problem of no rack. Now you've got me hungry for fried chicken...with corn on the cob...and canteloupe...and hot rolls...and...

I'm a huge fan of fried chicken, accompanied by mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and freshly-baked cornbread! Definitely a summertime picnic, family reunion, and county fair favorite here in Wisconsin!

YUM. I was just saying I must have fried chicken once this summer -- and some fabulous summer sliced tomatoes. Love the kitty yoga pose too. Will you share your recipe?

That is the CRAZIEST cat pose ever done! That tail!!! I think he's dreaming about running off a dock and into the lake! He could be airborne. What a guy, dreaming of summer and chicken.

What a fabulous idea!!! I love kitchen items that do double duty. Originally being from KY, this is the dish I beg my mother to make every time we're together! Good thing for my waistline... she lives in KY and I live in NY.
Thanks for sharing, Emie

the dish rack is very very clever! and Buck looks like he's in 'fried-chicken' nirvana.

Wasn't today the best, just the kind of day for fried chicken. I went to the Torrance Flea today. Got me lots of paper goodies!! I put pictures on my blog

I think you've coined a new phrase. Henceforth, it will be known as "fryin' up a rack of chicken". You are hilarious.

Love your red dish rack -- beautiful and it gets the job done. Being a Yankee, I have yet to try real fried chicken other than KFC. Looks delish!!!

My mamma used to make fried chicken like that, the finger lickin' good kind. I can smell the juicy succulent aroma all the way down here. lslsashkjlmmkl -- scuse me, had to wipe some drool of the keyboard. Reminds me of the scene in the Blues Bros where Belushi orders "five fried chickens" and Aretha almost goes postal on Matt "Guitar" Murphy cause he don't give her no R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and can't T.H.I.N.K -- just like a lot of men.

the rack is a perfect solution. In my wild flowerchild days(that would have been the mid 60's), I partied with a group of fellow grad students at UConn.......their pasta parties were notoriously good, and they used a tennis raquet to drain the pasta. Haven't thought of that for years. Whatever works, eh????

Seems perfectly logical to me. And ingenious, and clever, and imaginative, and inventive, and ... well you get my drift. Any may I ask what your sister would have done? A rack of lamb, perhaps? ha ha ha ha ha ha Donna

I love me some fried chicken hmmmmmhmmmm.... I'll be right over...

Haha... reminds me of when I used a colander as a flour sif for a cake. Great minds think alike! I love your idea... It worked didn't it. Look at that delicious golden brown chicken! Well done.

MMmmmm that looks so delicious - but hot to make! I live around L.A. too, and it's been dang hot the last few days. I don't know if you have time to visit new blogs by fans of yours, but I am a huge admirer, and recently posted a bit about Full Tilt Boogie - I'd be honored if you had a moment to stop by! http://www.acuriouskat.com Hope you're enjoying the summery days! ~~Kat

Ingenious is what I gotta say. Not to mention that red 'chicken' drainer looks like the one that sat on our kitchen side board forever in the home I grew up in, where fried chicken was a Sunday staple. I must say it looks delish. You gotta quit tempting us with all these fabulous food shots. I now get hungry every time I read your blog. BTW Buck has the yoga thing down. When will he start teaching lessons? I think I could even pull that pose off, wouldn't be pretty mind you and I wouldn't look as adorable.

Day-yam does that look delish! I may have to stop at a KFC on the way home from work. (Yes, I'm working, boss! Quit looking at me like that! I'll get back to the data entry in a few minutes - just had to see what Mary Ann was up to today.)

Buck appreciates the finer things in life, this is certain.

Yummo!!! I see a picnic in my future.

Ditto all the above! Yummy lookin' chicken!!
What? No cookie coolin' rack? lol
But I love the red dish rack -- might have to go find me one! Our kitchen is black, red, and white and most of our boring kitcheny things are white -- where did you find the red one?

The rack makes perfect sense to me! And the chicken looks finger lickin' delicious even though I'm a vegetarian.

So, I'm curious; did your chikin cooking create a fine mist of oil all over your kitchen surfaces? If you didn't, how did you manage that???

my first thought on seeing the rack was, "how clever"! & that is some damn fine looking chicken :)

Mary Ann,that is some good lookin' chicken. Fry me up some and mail it to me! You really are southern, aren't you?

FYI sister... that is a yoga pose that only cats are capable of. It's called a side lying backbend with mouth to paws pose. That tail position is some sort of a modification Buck must have thought up on his own.

Wonderful! I will have to remember "the rack" when it's time to fry chicken!

I think I recognize that pose...the " how to cool your body if you are a long haired cat asana". Funny boy that Buck, love the tail position. And your chicken looks delish. Happy Summer~

I am laughing along with your sister, but would of probably have done the exact same thing.

PS - I'm kind of surprised that Buck isn't up there helping you with the chicken! My cat would be right in the middle of it all :-)

The wire rack seems like a very creative use of what is available, to me -- a GREAT talent of yours, Mary Ann :-) -- and it LOOKS great too -- the red!!
I SO enjoy the way you see things, everyday things, and the FUN way you explain it all --

I hope you grabbed that fabulous golden chicken and tore it apart with your teeth, no cutlery, no napkins even, no tabel manners (I have a list of 38 rules I remember from my childhood so far - and adding!). Or did you lay a beautiful table, lemon wedges, tall glasses, whatever else goes with American chicken, under your patio parasol? Bon ap!

Yum! I haven't had any fried chicken for too long. Need to go on a picnic! :)

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