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Monday, July 04, 2011


The stitching is amazing! It adds such drama to your beautiful journals

It's the 6th today, so here's to your full recovery! Come to Mexico people! Fireworks down here are a daily occurrence ... something about opening the gates to heaven. My poor Habibi (dog) is permanently on a herbal cocktail called 'doggie calm' .. and I might try it myself. The journals are incredible Mary Ann ... thanks to your clever teaching I was able to assemble one myself. Loving your class sooooooooo much. My theory is, if you can teach grade two .. you can teach anyone. Your talent is showing! Donna

Oh my Gosh! I can soooo relate! I live in Gardena and there is only one public show left in a 10 mile radius! We are legal here so the war zone has gone on since thursday evening and still a little tonite! My poor doggies have to be drugged up and my cats are scared too!
As for the journals....you rock Maryann! Your students are doing a fabulous job! karen...

Gorgeous photos of everyone's FTB journals. Makes me want to sign right up! Glad you found something to calm your nerves:) Happy 5th!

So, did you tape any of your videos for week four on the 4th? Nah, you probably just salted the dog. Awesome journals. I haven't tried any of the chain stitching yet, it looks like something I will need to practice, at least in my dreams. Hope you are not too hot up in La La Land. It has been really nice here in Encinitas, except for the mozzies posse chasing me round the yard. Off to watch latest Harry Potter video for the 10th time, it is called quality time without talking.

My sympathies! We didn't see our cat all day because the neighborhood was whooping it up with the fireworks and the yelling. Ginger didn't surface until 2am, poor girl.

In other news, I <3 your class!

Oh my goodness, "the war zone that is LA" is right! What is it with this city? I swear, every year is worse and every year I just can't wait for it to all be over. I celebrate the 5th. And I celebrate your class. Having lots of fun...

Cat & Chrissy - you are going to groan with pleasure when you find out just how SUPER SIMPLE both of those bindings are. i promise!!!

I'm in agreement with what Chrissy said---my knees may be knockin' but I figure if I can make a journal that will just hold together, looks be damned, I'll be happier than a pig in you-know-what!!

This is going to sound silly and wrong but, looking at these gorgeous books I'm scared! But I will rise above that.

A Salty Dog would help - if I only knew what that was! Must look on web.

We have the Quatorze Juillet coming up. Fireworks in every garden BUT everyone walks together round the village carrying lit paper lanterns. You get the chance to have a good look in other people's houses and there are candles on every window sill.

I still can't get over how amazing these 2 stitches are. Combining them on one spine, that is brilliant. WOW. How'd I miss this one? Glad to know I am not the only one who barricades herself inside as 4th of July evening settles itself into chaos.....:)

We are definitely NOT a fan of fireworks over here either! Thank goodness we did get some rain on Sunday. Our neighbors big ole pine tree is dead and dry and we fear a spark will set it aglow! Catching up on FTB videos kept me calm while the man drank some Australian wine called 'Mak' - said it was lip sMAKin' good! xxoooo

Salty dog to the rescue! The journals look awesome. Mine are coming along but not nearly so pretty.

cheers! i hope that lovely looking salty dog did its job! the books are beautiful, and cool to hear that keith smith likes to share. his stitches rule!

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