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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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What an AWESOME friend you have!!!
Jealous of all the wallpaper and magazines....LOL!

You hit the jackpot!! That is one incredible friend you have there.

Can you clone your friend?

This friend has nailed your 'wants' pretty close to the mark. Oh those great gab-fests. I miss them.

Does your awesome friend need another friend ?? Lol...you are one lucky gal ! And I LOVE the white storage unit in the first picture ... please tell me where you got it !

Simply put...I absolutely love where your arrows point!

I just had the same kind of dinner with some friends, sans paper and loot. Isn't it grand that we can all have time to right the world??

As my oldest DD would say you 'SCORED' Big time and spending 6 hours with a wonderful friend had to have been the best part of the day, as Morgan Freeman would say that's 'priceless'. You are going to have a blast going though it all. I am thinking that you are going to be filling up that new 'smash' journal of yours at lightening speed!!!!!

I want a cute friend like that!

whoa...looking at your new stash makes me start talking to myself...and I sound like Alvin ....I wish I had a friend like that...may I borrow your friend...............love the kitty kat yoga posture below too. I hope he got a chunk of chicken as appreciation............

OOH, how cool! Love it all, every single thing. Esp. partial to those rusty metal thingies on the patio though!

¡Qué suerte!

totally overwhelmed with 'treasure' envy!!!!!!
missy from the bayou

I stripped off the wallpaper in my bathroom and saved a few pieces to use in collages. Without your inspiration I wouldn't have thought of it. It's like now I've got wallpaper-awareness. Thanks.

You are one lucky woman.

awesome cool! you have a really great friend. loving the box of wallpapers. can't wait to see what you do with them.

Hi Mary Ann,
WOW!! Christmas in July!!! I love all the beautiful loot!!
I want to tell you that I just finished the VERY FIRST stitching part of a journal!! YaaaY me!! :-) I know that I must be the very slowest in the class ... but I'm still happy!!
It is kind of a "smash" journal, but I used the side stitching on the spine that you taught us in the ROD class.
Now ... I have a question ... where is it that you said we could buy more patience?? Was it ebay or etsy?!? hahahaha!! -
I kept hearing your voice in my head saying, now just go slow, take your time!! :-)
THANK YOU, Miss Moss ... you are the awesomEST teacher!!!

Sounds like you de stashed just in time to re stash! Often the way of it. Don't you just revel in this kind of serendipity? A 6 hour gab fest sounds like a little bit of heaven. Donna

Wow, what a great friend. The wallpaper is really great and all the magazines. Nice that you made up a box for your sister. My sis and I are the same way, we always share. It's so much fun.
Hugs, Jackie

Oh yes, I concur with Jackie. It's nice as pie that you are making up a box for me. In exchange I am going to take you for a very very special treat when you come to visit.

Friends are the flowers of our souls, just when we wilt, they bloom.

i bet i can guess who your friend is, are her initials PG?? lol that painting on the wall gave it away for me!! smile. lucky girls.

COVET that white cabinet!! Can you share where you got it?
Love the generosity of friends , especially when they come bearing gifts of Wallpaper (be still my heart) AND magazines!
And Love the light shining through those curtains AND rusty stuff And....
love, love, LOVE that chair. It looks like it would be good for at least 6 hours.
Glad that you had Fun.

shirl - its from the home decorators site online:
martha stewart craft space collection. its on sale right now. best investment i ever made! when you follow that link youll see it on the very first page up top!

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