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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh yes, I could move right into this journal. (My washi tapes are breeding too.)

No more tape, ha, use a larger draw!

love, Love, LOVE the washi tape! Also the philosophy about no more room = no more ... you have a lot of willpower!

You must have more tape...endless options available. Maybe stack these on a vertical dowel or lined up on a tension rod and free up that drawer. Make room for there is much more tape to be gotten. I just got some initialed and numbered packing tape at Michaels for only $1 per roll...SCORE! More tape...must have...replace the toilet paper with tape on those rolls and let the TP sit ready on top ready to use. :o) Oh the things we crafters do...

as an experienced tape hoarder, I think you could fit a few more rolls in there if you try... LOL

No more tape?...good luck with that.

Beautiful pages Mary Ann! Just gorgeous. I love tape too...some how I always make room for more!!!

I'm with everyone else -- LOTS of room in that tape drawer for more!! I love those tapes!
Been loving seeing your pages as I traveled. I started out planning on making a travel journal AND blogging my trip as you've seen, but at end of day ended up only having the energy to blog (and had to Skype home daily to keep the home front happy) so the travel journal didn't get made this trip. I think next time I will ditch the electronics and just keep to the travel journal!
I am so looking forward to your take on Budapest!
Thanks for the great inspiration!

Pretty, pretty tapes! And chairs! I have to go get myself some new magazines to glean pages from and some colourful tapes - love your pages!

As soon as I saw the tape drawer I said two things.... 1. Oh yes, there is room for more! and 2. now which drawer do I have that I can devote to my tapes.
Loved that chandelier from Alexandra Angle. Had to visit her site! Beautiful stuff!

Those chairs are just silly looking... not at all practical. I agree with you on that lovely sink... I think it would make washing dishes fun!

'kay so I see I am not alone in my TAPE obsession - one of the FTB ladies used butterfly tape in her gorgeous book so I had to seek that out and no, it wasn't enough to buy just the butterfly tape - I had to buy six rolls of the tape in different designs. Tim Holtz - it's muy coolio. And MA that farm sink is my dream sink - one day I shall have it! Love the inspiration pages!

I think I'm gonna have to make a house, too! Love your style.

You better lock up that tape drawer, never know when the FTB gremlins might visit. So dreamy all your pics. Do you just print them out on regluar copy paper? Don't you run through lots and lots of color ink? I loved the SNL skit with Ackroyd and Belushi, I think, who had a Tape Store in the strip mall -- not many customers back then. Now, it might actually be a successful business, especially if it had a coffee bar inside, maybe even a Drive By Tape Dispenser lane for those needing a quick fix....hmmmm, Tape Parties, Tape Discussions, Tape Groups.....

If I lived in LA I would volunteer to house sit that tape drawer...er...cat posse when next you traveled!!!

Oh how I love the white room with the blue door and blue table -- that is my dream house -- and that tape drawer is my dream drawer!!
I LOVE the pages that you are doing in your new inspiration journal!!
They are better than dessert!!
Ohhh the happiness that is found at Moss Cottage!! :-)

I am just charmed by this post! Your inspiration book makes me smile, and so does all that pretty tape!

I'm thinking about the pattern those chair seats would indent in the back of my legs...your hibiscus would look stunning sitting atop one though!

Ooh that tape, gimme that tape, I wants it, I needs it, I musts have it! And yes, there is room for more and I want that too! ;-) (If I come across as tape greedy, it is because I am!)

Of course there's more room for tape. I've just been reading and enjoying your comments on your pages, I'd never noticed (or looked at the big image) before.

I'll help Sister re-organize your tape drawer .... one for me, one for you ...... yeah, there's LOTS of room here for more ...............................

I agree wit the rest - you definitely have MORE ROOM for MORE TAPE :) We are such enablers - ha ha.

Ouch! Those chairs don't look very comfy....pretty though. And I love all the crisp white curtains and slipcovers.

I'm so envious of all those luscious tapes! I could just sit and look at that picture and drool!

Suuuuurely you could squeeze in a few more tapes! ;)

Oh my goodness.......I would say that I could get at least ten more rolls in that drawer but if you call it full, then it is full indeed. I love tape.

oh my gosh i am in love with all your tape! i only have 8 rolls (so far!) and i see you have that one that i have been lusting after on etsy with the blue lines and yellow and red!- lucky you! and i agree you can fit at least a few more rolls in there!

Oh, those chairs!! Even if they somehow managed not to collapse under my weight, they look terribly uncomfortable--but oh so pretty!!

you won't catch my arse on one of them! i just like the swirly tops. i'll stick to the comfy chairs for papa bears.

There is plenty of room for more tape in that drawer. Here let me re-organize it for you.
I am with you on the chairs. I can see the legs slowly spreading (like a dog on ice skates on a frozen pond) and the chair collapsing under my weight. Those must be the children's chairs.

So fun! Fabulous chairs in the second photo!

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