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Friday, July 08, 2011


janet - i got them on my travels in mexico, specifically san miguel de allende, 2006-2007 ish. i have 1 left to use on something!

Where do you find those sequined hearts? 2 or 3 years ago you used another one for something, and I loved it. And now another one pops up. Are they just in hobby or sewing stores, Etsy, or somewhere special in your travels? Thanx.

Love it! I just blogged one I made a few years ago on a home improvement theme. Dang. I feel a new inspiration book coming on... ;)

So super duper cool! I've simply GOT to start one of these too! It looks like so much fun! I love your handmade book!

Yeah I have a "look book" too....love being able to look back at the things I love all gathered in one place. I use the fashionista type girl cutouts as "models" for my sketching...here's a link to mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mybloominglife/sets/72157626402229812/

Loved the video and the journals. My morgues are in multiple file cabinets...emphasis on the *multiple*! I could easily star in one of the hoarder reality shows. It's a sickness. My daughter laughingly says she will NOT inherit all of my clippings and that I will get a lovely Viking funeral (set off across the water on a flaming barge piled high with colorful magazine pages and other snippets)...when the time comes. ;-)

I have made these since I was 15 and now I am double that and plus some (no time for complicated math- it is summer vacation afterall).

i always called them my "cut out books" or my "catalogues".

i happened upon a link to that video a few days ago and the first thought that came to mind was Pam's video on her journals and then your entire blog.

(me thinks the inspiration started here)

and it is so much more fun to make your own book to keep it looking natural without that pre-fabricated look--just as you have always reinforced here, Miss Moss.

what do i use? large 8 x 10 black hard cover sketch books with water color paper from the art store. they can take the glue, tape or marker for notes without seeping/bleeding through to your other "cut outs" on the next page.

and if you keep them for many years you will see some of the things you liked oh, say back in the 80's trending again. maybe.

and i'm not talking about shoulder pads.


Oh my god, you've just created a monster. I HAVE to get one of these. They're so cute! I should probably just make my own though, I *love* how yours turned out- the sequined heart is so sweet =)

Yup, old fashioned scrap books. Boy, am I dating myself. I kept one of the Royal Family and all it's goings on. As I aged my 'scap' evolved and I bagan to know who I was and what I really wanted by what I collected and kept. Cloths, houses, gardens, music, books, authors, notes, scribbles, concerts ... blah blah blah. Always kept travel inspiration books before the trip - so I didn't miss anything whilst traveling. YUP ... we are being marketed to by the big marketing machine yet again. beware, they could steel our souls. ;O). I say we make our own ... so much more personal, so much more fun, so much LESS commercial, so much more individual, just SO MUCH MORE. Carry on Mary Ann ... can't wait to see what you have to show us! Donna

these are more like old fashioned "scrap" books. love them. i remember making them in 5th grade using construction paper, 3-hole punching them and tieing them with ribbon. however, i DO like that combination glue/pen. your book cover is awesome!

This is so cool...I didn't know they had a "verb" for what I've been doing with my blank books and composition books now for years. Thanks for sharing ;)

I've just down-loaded the first 2 pdfs. They are so impressive, represent a huge amount of research and talent - and, as you would say - LOVE. I am full of admiration and enthusiasm - and keen to launch myself full tilt into the BOOGIE!

OK, you introduced me to pinterest, now smash. I've pretty much been doing my journals like this for years, but it's fun to look at what others are doing. Can't wait to be updated.

Smacking my forehead with my palm, I exclaim - "what a great idea, why didn't I think of that?!" Apparently, I'm halfway there - I already have all the stuff collected, now I know what to do with it = put it in a journal. Great idea! Love the look of yours, MA, the sequin heart is especially fab!!

I have been puzzling over how to add 2-sided magazine tear sheets to my inspiration books for the longest time! I've always used plastic page protectors in a binder, but the first comment on this post has solved my dilemma in one of those smack myself in the head moments: hinge them with masking tape! I can't believe I never thought of that! Thanks! Your inspiration book looks fab Mary Ann!

I have been keeping one of these type journals for years, I use Moleskines and it is a great idea. I never get sick of looking back through at the cuttings, ticket stubs, quotes etc that bring back such great memories. Do you really need to buy a SMASH book when you can make something much more unique, like you have done? Love checking up on you everyday, to see what you have been up to. You are such an inspiration to me. Many thanks.

oulala sweetie...you did a great one!!!!! loooooove it!!!! xxx from France

I'm thinking whomever they are they have been watching your videos!!

We called them morgues in college- we had to keep them for various classes, and we kept them for ourselves as well. I use those sewn binding graph paper lab books, moleskines, books I've made and the book in that flickr link- it's made by miquelrius. I love making them. The big graph paper lab books let me put in whole articles (hinged with masking tape) and the smaller books get snips/clips and stuff. They are like making your own magazine! I do have to say, it totally cracks me up that they have now commercialized them with this "Smash" stuff!

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