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Friday, July 29, 2011


I LOVE that poem - completely delightful. And, you read it so well. Thanks for that.

Oh, is that what that gray thing with the feather is - a windscreen. What's a windscreen?

Your post today is nothing short of FABULOUS. Good poem provoking lovely laughter, that dream of a park and view of Santa B with its cool hills - not to mention the pretty message on your windscreen (come fly with me perhaps?).

Good to hear the weather is mild with you.

I also first read this in Anne Lamott's book BIRD BY BIRD and loved it!

one of my favorite poems. first read it in an Ann Lamont book.

cool post today (as always. you never disappoint). just thought i'd share what i'm reading. if you haven't read it, i think you will love it. the rice mother by rani manicka. so good.

love the poem, love the pix.
i'll think of you next thursday :)

The poem is hilarious, the pictures gorgeous, and the book looks like a great read. Thanks! nancy

Your last two posts have left me yearning for a quick trip to LA, better get those temporary wings I keep for such trips warmed up and ready to go. Since I gotta travel light I will only bring my journal along for company. Your pics, as always give me a view I can only get sitting here, I look, I dream, I scroll ever so slowly for full visual impact. The poem left me somewhere between moved and equally amused. And since I am very often drawn to a book by it's cover, (and in doing so I almost always find books I can fall into) this one looks inviting,) wonder if my Borders that is closing (so sad about that) might still have a copy I can nab at discount prices...may have to run up there later....keep your eyes to the north, you'll soon see me flapping my way west....it's site gauranteed to make you smile!!!!!

oh LA never looked so good! the park sounds wonderful and wish i could of been in on the blanket and picnic party in the park (with palm trees!) WOW is all i can say, i too am stuck inside with the a/c on! :>(

Awwww - You read the poem to your kitty = Awww, so sweet. He's a lucky boy and so literate!

The views of LA and the near perfect weather are very encouraging to me! More later:)

Great poem, thanks for sharing. As well as the photos of ever-lovely Los Angeles!

SISTER! we both did NOT post the exact same poem on the exact same day on our blogs without talking about it. We did not. Although it certainly looks like we did. Do we need to coordinate our poem postings in the future since we clearly like the same stuff. dear me. are we really that much alike?

Oh that poem...................now that explains everything.....and I thought it was just me.

Near perfect weather here in New Mexico as well. Four days off coming up.....art..grand daughter...reading....wine....yep, I'm pretty darned happy too. Scary huh?

I just read that poem on your sister's blog. I love it. And yes, I would love a break from this awful heat too but I can't so I will stay inside with the A/C on thinking about good things. So glad you are where it is close to perfect.

I'd love a break from this Tx heat ... someplace where the weather is "pretty close to perfect" !

I have saved those words to contemplate. They are posted in my Get Over Yerself area.

Funny thing though, they are clever and witty to read when feeling sound. But otherwise . . . .

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