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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hmmmm, Moss Books!! Trish is a genius!! Oh the idea's that are in my brain right now for you, Miss Moss! You will be rich and can stop monkey rustling! Or maybe! Hee!

Lovely pages and lovely images. Who can resist the owl storm? Not even you! Hihi.

Smiley face. :) I wish summer was as actually as good as some of the journal pages out there. It's either raining, too hot or wasp-ridden here :(

Your Everyday Journal is a "smashing" success! I heard they are shutting down the 405 this weekend so luckily you will have something to keep you busy! Just make sure to stock up on Modge Podge, cat food, and the ingredients for your favorite martini!

Forget about SMASH books, we have MOSS books !!!
Thank you Mary Ann, you are a continual source of inspiration and encouragment.

Oh, do I feel that Souther California summer thru your pages. I am inspired and entertained at the same time. Thank you for the post.

Yum. YUM!!!!! Each little bit has been looked at, enjoyed, absorbed in their simplicity, lightly, shimmering bits of whimsey, throwing off all manner of good vibes in every direction. I think my favorite bit is the b/w photo, the shadow play on that is so fantastic...kids lost in play, yet someone unseen is watching....the owl, a cup, the colors.....YUM. I've had my visual feast for the day and thanks, thanks, THANKS for everything you've shared on FTB. It's a picnic I was grateful and love being a part of. I will be on that ride for a long, long time. There is the perfect Brian Andreas poem that I think sums up FTB pretty darn well and it is this 'feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly'

Oh, what fun! Thanks for all the inspiration...you're awesome.

...this is clearly the place to dump the Summertime Blues. Look at that color!...the simple things, the gentle things remind us that we're alive.....thanks again for the inspiration and visual joy...

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