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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Living in Sweden, trying to learn all about journaling, altered art(while as far away from an artistic haven as one can possibly be...)...Missing the States and all it meant to me, I laughed out loud long and hard at the last photo...I would paypal you $5 bucks just to see it on you tube... (wonders if Swedes will pay me for my version of shitty advice?)

oh yeah,,,I fogot to say I also want to move into that PINK and ORCHID beach home!!! I NEED that house!!!! Heck,,,I could live there happily ever after with the shitty advice dude as my consultant!!1

lol....now that guy who hands out the shitty advice..........I wanna meet the dude....I want to hear how much more shitty anything can get...
fabulous foto!!! love it!! It makes me laugh....could I post it on my blog...with due credit of course:)

Having grown up in San Diego county, these scenes of the beach make me homesick. Now I live in the opposite of coastal CA...the MoJave high desert! The last pix is priceless. I hope you bought some of her shitty advice. Too funny.

OK, where's this long lost brother been hiding? What about the not Carol sister? Is she lost too? Hanging out with long lost brother?

Out where the west gets wild. And hotter than blue blazes!

I love, love, love that last picture! The other comments about it really put the frosting on the cake that the picture is! Thank you for posting the pic, Mary Ann, and thank you to the rest of you for your wonderful comments! Oh, yeah, I'd like one of those beach houses, too! :-)

Charging for shitty advice--Wow! what a concept. And just to think I've been giving it away for free for years.HA!
This photo is just the BEST! Aren't we humans amazing though?
Enjoy your time with family .
Peace and be well,

ha ha! that last photo made my day. :)

ohhh, I want to live in that first beach picture....

How funny, I just got back from a LivingSocial nighmare vacation at a supposedly remodeled Comfort Inn in Oxnard. Ha. The first room we were given was where the Marlboro man lived his last ten years smoking his last 1,000,000 cigarettes, the overhead fan was on its last legs from second hand smoke. Marched back to the office and we were given the room next door. Didn't smell but it came with a tomcat who hissed everytime I tried to sit on the 4 by 4 foot patio. I love cats, but this one was satan-spawn. I even offered him some real organic yogurt but he just spit at me and then shot urine in the corner. The toilet overflowed, the TV had no pay for view movies, and I was trapped in one room with two 14 year old boys who like to watch something called Tosh. I was so stressed I even prayed for myself. Next morning, we decided to pack it in as two nights in this hell hole would have killed me. We drove south, and when we got to Venice Beach, we took Venice Blvd to the 405 and went south. I would have loved to see Venice, even Venice CA, but it was not to be. Missed those lovely houses.

your shitty advice photo made me break out in laughs.
and your pages and always intriguing...it's always inspiring to come by.

Dish! What advice did you get?

Nice journal pages...

This long lost brother has me concerned.... Was he...

in the witness protection program?
hiding from the mob?
in prison?
"living abroad?"
perhaps a fromer long lost sister????

See the mind wanders... and ponders such things...

Love the pic with the colourful houses - Malibu? looking towards Santa Monica? The succulent in the front makes the whole thing look so 3D - beautiful!
Erin in Moro Bay

Dee = light = ful!! and I love the last shot! BTW I started a new journal on Alice in WOnderland ( actually that photo would probably fit right it LOL - having so much fun - and posted a video of my other Boogie Journal almost filled ;) on my blog if you want to peek

Okay, so tell us, DID you get any 'shitty advice?' I too, would have happily given up a dollar to hear some!

I think I would have parted with $1 to hear some shitty advice!!!!
Love the journal.

This shitty advice dude made me chuckle!

Did that sign bring in any money for "shitty advice". If so, I've just found my new career path. :)

Love it. Remember Venice Beach from way before YOU were born, my dear!

Isn't America great? So many opportunities for entrepreneurs....
Thanks for the quickie tour of places I've never been!

The Pacific looks awesome........I miss it. Your pages look fabulous. Hope you have a great time with your long lost.

ROFLMAO! I would TOTALLY give that woman $1 just to hear what she had to say. Too funny!

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