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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I just found your blog through a friend and was drooling over the class that you are offering but being unemployed I need to save my funds and now to see that I missed a chance to get a discount on the class makes me sad. Oh well maybe next time.

Mary Ann, you have the biggest heart ever!!! What an amazing woman you are :) Thanks for all you do for your adoring fans ;)

Your flowers make me so happy. Will you come to my house and grow some for me???

So beautiful pictures!!

I was so disappointed to discover the vintage albums must have already been purchased on Pam's Etsy site! I've been scouring the antique malls in my town to see if any of these collections of old pics are available; I am very lucky to have access to hundreds of vintage photos belonging to my ancestors, but somehow it seems so much more imaginative to dream up stories about people whose names and lives are lost to history. I will need to keep searching...

Diabolically Cool and Generous plan!
oh, and Trader Joe's even has peonies??!!!. Great. Rub it in.
I'm betting that yours burst forth from the Moss Cottage garden, but I'm a high desert dweller, what do I know??!!!

Did you get the peonies from Trader Joe's? I bought a bunch that have blown me away! (see my blog!)

Gah! I'm so bummed I missed one of the discounted spots! Darn life getting in the way of blog following...lol! I'm saving my pennies and hope to be able to swing it...my mama (Catherine) is soooooooo excited about it!

Thanks for donating to the Red Cross and giving classes at half price. And now to those people who have donated some classes for people. Wow..... God will bless all of you. I absolutely love your classes and know this one will be great too. Can't wait.

Do not worry about taking time to do your class and leaving us high and dry without blogposts. I can speak for many as I say...we want the class! This is why we love you! Work on, Mary Ann Moss. Work on.

Girl you Rock! In heart and soul!

WOW! Those flowers are so real that it's totally unreal! The fragrance is overwhelming. So very, very beautiful!

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