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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Stunning pieces of art! I would love to see the insides... ;) TFS

drooling!! had to wait until today/payday to sign up ... but can't wait to get in on the fun!!

now will I find the strength to transform that old huge ledger I've been hoarding for years??? ;)


So your next travel destination is Budapest. What a great choice! I just spent a week there and I can't even begin to tell you how much I fell in love with both Buda and Pest. By the way if you want some fine Hungarian wrapping papers you should visit Bomo Art Paper on one of the side streets near Vorosmarty Square...such a cute tiny store.

*snort* !!! I thought you called us Full Tilt Boogers. lol

Your Stargazers are incredible one of my favs along with Casa Blanca whites!!! Your journal class students have made some wonderful journals!! How did I miss the new class????? Must go and investigate!!!!

You are the very best at giving and teaching the most possible. These journals speak very highly of the artistic vibes in your class I am missing. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!as Lucy would say.
Happy Summer Weekend my dear...

I haven't been over here for a bit. Noticed the new class. Tempting! Love, love, love your blog. Makes me want to go dive into a pile of scrappy paper and never come out :)

Beautiful! I'm dying to try the baker's twine binding.

Wow! Those journals are gorgeous!! Everyone is way ahead of me in the class. I'm a slow poke!

I love SYTYCD!!!!! My sister and I watch it together... cheering on our favorite couples and laughing at Mary Murphy... love her!!!! FTB is ON the HOT TAMELE TRAIN!!!! Whoooo Whooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Ack! I am so far behind. Fabulous journals all! You grow such a lovely garden and I love you for sharing the photos as luscious blooms like that are hard to find in the desert....(sigh).

Oh why Thank you Dear Miss Mary Ann! It has been so much fun and last night I went through and worked on it adding bits here and there - It is a great place for me to put my pen and ink sketches as well. I am going to put a peek a bo video of it on my blog later ;) You so rock sister!

Wow, these journals are absolutely gorgeous, wonderful and I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe them. I have started but no where near the finishing line. Need to cut my signatures and onward we go. Thanks Mary Ann for such a great class. If you aren't signed up, you should be.

Great journals! Thanks for sharing the pix.

"Full Tilt Boogiers" ha ha I'm in kindergarten so I read it as Full Tilt Boogers!

I love miscues - I am easily entertained...

How do I sign up for your class?!

Beautiful journals! I love how everyone's looks so different! Thanks for sharing them!

i like how everyone had their on distinct look. I am partial to the Susan Eliot made , but I am a native Texan so my opinion may be a little biased, everyone did a great job!

My school break finally started after two weeks of training. Got tons to do. My art room still looks like school is in session. Not to mention my disaster of a studio that needs some major TLC. Yet, these journals look fabulous! Going to have to get off the fence and jump on the bandwagon!

I love the FTB pics so far . . . I can't wait to get started! Soon, I hope! You're the best, Mary Ann!

I totally agree with everything Sara said! Everyone in the class is so friendly and fun, and I am having a blast! I love your style of teaching and look forward to every lesson like a little kid before a birthday party! Thanks for featuring my journal and for mentioning my feline friend Johnny!

Wow, they're all incredible! And your life sounds just define...enjoy it to the max! I know you will! xo

Oh my gosh, they are all so beautiful! I've been having so much fun in Full Tilt Boogie and I can't wait to see what's next! If anyone is on the fence about taking one of your classes, they should know that they are the best thing going. I think that the inspiration from the community of fellow students is just amazing...everyone is so helpful and you make it so easy to communicate with one another. I have this image of you opening up the fire hydrant on your street and all of us playing in the water--without you none of it would be happening and because of you the creativity just flows. Thanks for that, Mary Ann. xo

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