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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Hey you! Just signed up!!! Can't wait! Lisa (Hoffman) and I and another friend and I are all in! I dug through my stash and found the perfect little vintage blue embossed book..."The Shadow of A Sin"...perfect...love all you are doing here!!! xoxoxo fran

Nope.I'm here,too! :)

Am I the only one stalking this blog incessantly, waiting for registration to appear? It's only 2 more days but man, it seems to be going awfully slowly!

Oh boy, that looks like fun! Love the music with your video too.

Simply adorable! Love any work containing adorable vintage photos of kids!

I am seriously tempted - your work is so so cool. Have shared on my latest blogpost too so hopefully some kiwis might join the party :-)

Your way of grabbing life by the gonads is quite lovely!

just won a beautiful celluloid album on ebay! can't wait to sign up for FTB!

If I ever grow up, I'd like to be just like you--kind, giving, generous, caring, sharing, talented, funny, artistic etc. I could go on and on. I mean it, Mary Ann, I'm not sure I could find a better role model!! Thank you for sharing yourself, your talents and your earnings with all of us!! And needless to say--CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 17TH!!!!!

Ohhh I seriously can't wait!!!! I'm gathering and piling and making a mess already. You're really generous Mary Ann.

It seems like a LOOOOOOOOOOOG time until the 8th... hehehe
but I will be there. And what a generous thing you are doing. I imagine you have loads of folks chomping at the bit already to sign up for the class.

You are a gift Mary Ann. So generous with your time, talent, and treasure. I can't wait for this class to start!

Seriously? I'm in awe...not only does the class look AWESOME (I loved ROD), but your generosity is truly truly a blessing. I can't wait.

You tease! Oh, I"m so doing this class! First I gotta get through Modern Measurement Theories and Advanced Learning and Technology, THEN, then, I'm gonna make book!
P.s.you are amazing and sweet and talented. What a kind thing to do, donating to the Red Cross. I love that about you.

Mary Ann, you are so wonderful. I know you have given away classes before and I thought that was pretty great but when I read about your planned donation to the Red Cross from the proceeds of this class, I almost cried, that is just so generous of you. I can't wait to sign up, I know it will be worth every penny!

uckfay eahyay! So excited!

Hooray! I am really so excited for this! I have to also applaud you for offering discounts to those in need and for being so generous with the donations to the Red Cross. You are fantastic, Mary Ann!

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