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Saturday, May 21, 2011


These flowers are GORGEOUS! I am so jealous of your spring flowers out west...here in Wisconsin the tulips are out, but it's been unseasonably cold and many of the flowers you'd normally see blooming by this time in May haven't popped up yet...


Hey how do you pronouce that anyway? Eeee - pip - hi - lums?
or is it eh - pif - uh - lums? I guess it doesn't matter since they are just plain pretty no matter how you say them.

Yes! I love how every year, with the change of each new season, everything is novel, like the first time. The change from dark at 4:30 to daylight until 9:00. One remembers the flower from last year, but this year it is just as exciting and full of wonder as the first time you saw it. I am always knocked out by the beauty and the sheer incredibleness of a daffodil each spring. And I am in my 57th year - the wonder never diminishes. Love looking at your haven!

Oh Oh Oh. So happy you showed me what the blooms look like! Must feel like Paradise at the Moss Cottage Patio! Yum.

Aahhhh. Thank you. I needed that.

Your photos of them are so breathtaking, I can barely stand it! They must be so so wonderful in person.

I envy your hibiscusssszzzz!

If I had those in my back yard I'd never get anything done 'cause I'd just sit and gaze at them. They're beyond beautiful!

we had them in Houston given to us by a friend from a hundred year old plant. We have no soil here so we gave them to a friend further down the hill who loves to garden. they have a lovely fragrance.


As if the petals aren't fabulous enough, Ma Nature adds extras - don't know what they're called but if they are stamens, they're like jewellery.

I'm glad you have those moments to appreciate your wonderful garden. Not long now until you'll have reached your goal.

pinkness - i like that

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