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Sunday, May 01, 2011



im in city of LA proper - Highland Park to be precise and yes, v. close to the foothills. im close to both Eaglerock AND Pasadena. Im here to tell you that if the reigning bon-bon queen of the super lazy (that would be me) can get my arse in gear there is hope for the rest of humanity, yourself included.

Are you up in the foothills? Silverlake and Echo Park are very old sections of town. You say those were your old stomping grounds...so where are you now? Eagle Rock? Somewhere in Pasadena?

I grew up in San Diego and up the coast in Carlsbad/Oceanside...I miss the hilly walks to the beach. I now live in the high desert, the Intermountain West....The valley is flat, the mountains are breathtakingly high, 7,000 to 8500 ft elevation! Needless to say, I don't walk there. I have to settle for the mean streets or the little park close by, but walking there is like walking on a treadmill, going round and round. Ugh. I've put back on 25 lbs since I stopped walking when it got so cold and windy I couldn't go out. Now I'm ready to hit the bricks again...you've given me the kick in the arse I needed...YES!

hi judy,

that particular font is one that I bought. i work really hard to find unique fonts to use on my blog and in my digital spreads. because of that i feel okay about not sharing all of my sources and keeping some things just for me. I encourage people to work at finding things that thrill them. the hunt and thrill of discovery is half the fun :-)

Well, I found the 18 pounds you lost, it is sitting around my middle! Since December I have gained 20 pounds and stopped walking....hmmmmm....guess exercise and weight do have some correlation. Keep going! You have inspired me to get off my duff and walk, but not until nighttime as it is blistering hot here in San Diego.

I love the font you are using, where can I get it?

Such beautiful vistas! They inspire me to take a look around me and find the beauty in my everyday environment!

what lovely beauty surrounds you! i never thought L.A. was so beautiful! thank you for letting us see it through your eyes. i am sooo jealous of the the flowers and green trees and warm weather! when i got up this morning it was 30 degrees here! no leaves on the trees yet but we do have green grass so i should be thankful for that! the weather man is promising 60's by tomorrow, i can only hope! oh, and i LOVE that you have named your home, i want to do that too! someone who lived in a big house came to visit mine and called it a cottage and said it was cozy so i was thinking cozy cottage maybe....

Happy May! :)

Dear Miss Supermodel(the 18 lb loss-super!)

I don't recommend planting that light in any water or you will be seeing the emergency room.

Tee hee...

Did you spot any Australian cowboys as you rounded the bend to the right just under the lightpost?


90% of my walks start from Moss Cottage. I have 3-4 different routes I take and they all have a name which I write on my calendar with a big W when I get home. Most take me 45 minutes, but I think a super fit person could do them in 30 minutes or less! Sometimes I stop at the bus stop bench and rest for a few minutes. ha ha ha A teacher from my school spotted me there the other day and asked if something was wrong. Just call me slowpoke, but Ive still lost 18 pounds since I started at the end of December.
Occasionally I go on a stairway walk in Silverlake or a hillside ramble in Echo Park (both places are my old stomping ground)

So the walks begin at Moss Cottage and go forth rather than drive to an area and stroll from there.. Do you do that sometimes as well?
I like the title: "I'm Still Walking".

I so love how you put the photos in the frames that make them look like old photos from our childhood!
I am enjoying your blog just as much now that you are back as I did when you were in Paris!

I always look forward to your musings Mary Ann! The feeling of this so echoes the German Romantic Writer & Philosopher Novalis, "Where are we really going? Always home." Beautiful. Now, I'm going for a walk. Thank you.

I just love your perspective on life!

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