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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


You are an incredible photographer--those flowers look like I could reach out and pick them!! I have lymphadema in my right arm, have lost feeling and strength in the right hand so I have trouble pushing the button to take a picture. I hope you don't mind if I change the subject but I just got my vintage photo album off Ebay and can't wait to hear more about the class!!

Simply amazing flowers, nature has gifted them with such a wonderful shades of colors

Oh how I miss my patio in So. CA...I now live in the high desert where there is no hope of having lovely flowers...well, the roses are good in early spring...we get howling winds, extreme heat and cold. UGH This makes me homesick. My grandmother had ranunculus in her flower beds...always reminded me of tissue paper flower...too bad they don't smell, eh? I love the peppery smell of geraniums, love to rub the fuzzy leaves between my fingers. Those I can grow here early spring, but the summer just fries them.

Your flowers are just dreamy. The colors so vibrant. I love them all and miss living in So Cal. Your outdoor room looks so inviting...reading, sipping, nibbling, journaling, dreaming...
Marvelous May to you Miss Mary Ann Moss.

Great pics! When, oh when, will it be summer in Wisconsin? In too many ways, it still feels like winter here!

Beautiful! Can I come and spend the weekend??? :)

We'll see those images in July. Thank you for reminding me that summer will be coming.

incredibly beautiful pics of your even more beautiful flowers. lucky you!

I can smell them, the pictures are so good!

Can I please pitch a tent in your backyard and hang out for about a week? You'll hardly know I'm there ... promise!

Lordy Moses! Everything looks bright and colorful. Hello summer indeed.

Oh those flowers!

Are you growing ranunculus? Ranunculii? California.... sigh....

it really does look beautiful - what are the blooms at the end? I love that plant it looks like it's just waiting for a kiss of sunshine to open up!

You have such an incredible back yard, and look at all those lovely blooms. Love the boken in the first and last picture

YOUR OUTDOOR ROOM LOOKS AMAZING!!!! We haven't had the same warmth for very long so we are way behind you in growth but we'll catch up I'm sure.
Love those pink roses & begonia; but what are the flowers in the first and last position? Don't seem to recognize them at all.
Anyway, best wishes for a Happy Mothers Day. (Was told many years ago that anyone who cares for or teaches children is certainly a Mother). So: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Your surroundings are so beautiful!

Yummy, I feasted on each and every petal. I have the same dusky lavender/pinkish rose, I think it is an heirloom, and it has the most beautiful aroma. But mine has black spot and canker sore and yellow pest mess and other diseases and bugs that have unspellable Latin names. I need to blast them with a 3-in-1 dose. Your patio is so lovely. Your umbrella looks a bit weathered, so did mine and I painted it with red outdoor latex paint and now it is blooming again. No need to buy another.

Beautiful, beautiful yard. Your makeover is an outstanding success.

I'm loving your beautiful 'summer' pictures! We've barely had spring here in Seattle! Still so cold & wet! Thank you for sharing!


The flowers in the vase are beautiful. I am pretending someone sent them to me for mother's day. Thanks for sharing and making my day!

Oh my goodness! Gorgeous pix! I'll definitely be planting some ranunculus this year. :D

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