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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Ah, Ms. Mary, squash blossoms to eat and luscious blossoms to see and smell, cat fur to stroke and the purring to hear - a Mother's Day Extravaganza! I have a plethora of old cabinet cards and photos. Going to make album covers from a big ole ledger. Please kiss the posse for me!

the colors in those roses is really gorgeous!!!
Have a happy week!

Slap your momma?! Why I'd never....!

Loved the roses! Ahhh I breathed in their fragrances from here. Am waiting patiently for the "June Class" to be announced officially!

I can smell your roses from here! Lovely, how many times a day do you stop to smell each one? I am so excited, I received my vintage photo album today from Ebay. It has the most gorgeous brass emblem on the front, and the cover is decandently decayed blue velvet -- I think I see some red wine stains on it. Some of the old pictures are so detailed and clear, you think the people would be about to speak...I wonder what they would say. Mine came with a memorial card for Mrs. Ida O. Figg, died 1900 at age 29, wonder if she died in childbirth. Looking forward to the big ass post on the class:)

Exquisite roses and beautiful photos Mary Ann. I always love your hibiscus varieties too. Thank you for the Mexicatessen link - my husband will be visiting LA very soon (wish it were me) so now I know where to send him to eat!

Your Eden is Rosealicious! It must be intoxicating with all the blooming fragrance surrounding you. You have enough petals to make potpourri for the entire world! Marvelous May to you...

A veritble floral fantasy! The Eden roses are SO beautiful. Before the horticulturists developed the Tea Rose, long stemmed but no perfume, these Eden type Roses almost became extinct until David Austin (?) I think his name is, made a mission out of saving them. They are the most fragrant of all roses and so heavily petaled...I adore them.

Roses are heavy feeders and love deep watering. Coffee grounds are great to add to the soil and promotes earthworms...Starbucks and most other coffee shops, I would think, would give you their grounds....I know for sure that Starbucks bags them up for give aways. If you don't see the bags, just ask for them.

I so love all the gorgeous flowers as I can't grow them here and miss my flower beds terribly.

Out where the West gets wild.

I loved the rose festival you showed! What are the pale pink ones, of buttercream deliciousness fame? stunning. I would love to know the details of your commenter who recommends alfalfa... is it alfalfa seed? grass? sprinkled on the ground? dug in? eaten from a bowl in their presence? interesting! I have had good luck digging in banana skins around the roots. They nourish as they decay. That is the extent of my Rose Knowledge.

I enjoy your blog and all the beauteous photos!

I also have Eden and adore them. Looking forward to your new class as I also have my Grandmother's 1898 photobook in which she kept her old beau's photos...
Hope to recreate that with you.

It was the best mother day ever. Spent the entire day with my mother, did loads of shopping and i even cooked special breakfast and dinner for her.

The roses are deliciously beautiful. A friend who has a massive rose garden swears by alfalfa and only applies once at the start of the season. Can't wait to see your humongous post on the "June" class!


For a second there, I actually had a whiff of roses...........

I LOVE my climbing roses! I have an Eden rose too! Can't wait for your class!!!!

We just bought a beautiful pink rosebush yesterday! Love all those gorgeous blooms! I am ready to purchaase that June class sight unseen! I'm so psyched about it cause I loved Remains of the Day! Call it what you will, I'll be there!

You got yourself a rose-a-palooza going on over there sister! Did Corky pick those bouquets for you for Mothers day? I bet she did. Did Wyatt and Buck bring you some 4 legged creatures as gifts?

The food looks yummy. The roses are gorgeous. But the best part of the post is that we will be finding out about the "June Class" soon. Hip Hip Hooray.......let the party begin. I love your Sister's blog.........she is a hoot too.

Your roses are just beautiful!

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