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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Adorable picture. Mama Moss done good.

I'd so like to know what you were thinking then. Already determined and already a dreamer.

Whoa....it's an Exploding Sun of adorableness...
That goes for the profile pic too.....

Which of you was rockin' the Chanel little bows-dress? Awesome! Do tell, how long did those white dresses stay clean?

okay, you guys are just so darned cute!

You're the one in the suit, right? ;)

Thanks! oh wait, you mean your "real" sisters! and mine is today...just in between. What a sweet picture and I love hearing about all your sister adventures. smooches all around!

awww. happy birthday sister!! aren't older sisters the best. i don't know what i'd do without mine. off to say happy birthday on her blog.

wonderful wonderful new photo of you - it says so much. great choice!

The bangs are just right. My mother used to do economy bang cutting; cut 'em reeeel short so you didn't have to do it again for six months or more.

What a gorgeous bunch of kids and no wonder Mama Moss is proud. The faces easily tell who's who!

Well the photographer obviously spent a lot of time fluffing your dress. Why didn't he tell me to close my mouth since my teeth were missing? Dottie must have been first in the bang trimming line up and after mom did hers she decided to go a little longer on us. whew! I made myself a big ol' lemon cake last night. Why don't you all come over for some? You too Brother.

There were four of us too but it was a two and two situation. Now don't you all you look cute. I looked at the picture before I read any comments and I picked you for the left side and Carol on the right side. Happy Birthday Sister.

First off--love your new avatar. So elegant and simple...

Secondly, I would say that you are the child on the extreme left and your traveling sister is the one on the extreme right and I've no clue
whose birthday is today but best wishes to them Both. Happy Birthday, Gals!!!
Hugs to you,

Your sister and I have the same birthday!! Happy birthday to us!!

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