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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm definitely interested....June starts Wednesday, and I've got an album and bookcase full of books to use! Where do I sign up?

Do we need just one of the albums or more than one? And how much will the class cost? Excited to be joining.

Oh holy craft monkeys - I just bought a red velvet Victorian vintage journal - guess I'm taking the class! I am so jazzed for this :-) Can't wait for it to begin; yay Mary Ann's summer off from work so she can bring us these wonders :-)

This is something I would love to get into, but i have postponed and postponed. Maybe this will be what makes the difference between thought and action.

Just spent the weekend at Donna Downey's studio (heaven!) and remembered that I need to send you a photo of the albums I have for sale. I PROMISE to do that this week!!

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I was hungering for a fun and challenging art project and this it it!

thank you for tickling our fancies - so looking forward to your new class!

I¡m in love with your artworks!!!
thanks and happy Sunday,


I got me an antique album a few years back to make into an art journal. Loved it.

What can I say after all the words of praise and excitement from everyone else?!! That I agree with them?!! OH YEAH!!!! One thing that really excites me this time is getting in on the class from the beginning. As a teacher, your classes have always been unique, creative, fun, easy to understand and OMG, you are too, too funny. I expect this class to be the best yet--you sound so excited about it!! Well, I'm ready!! Got my album, my fabric, my old sewing machine and probably anything else I might need!! Lead on, that we may follow!!!

dancing on the table-tops....so excited for the new class!!!

I want to feel like an awesome genius! I can't wait to see more dear Mary Ann you are making me look forward to June!
Xoxo, Sara Berry the excited

Love the "Chimp Proof". Good grief, but you are a Full Tilt Boogie of Creativeness.
Sending love your way, e and teeny e the swimming wonder.


Greeting Miss Full tilt boggie:),1986 texas zz top concert can here this song as I write can not wait for class you have reslly gone to the moon and back with this one:)See you soon:)
Have a great day,

If it's anything like ROD, it will be amazing, fulfilling and inspiring. And no sewing pages!

Hope you're using at least one of the albums we found on the Ile de Chatou? (Remember how cold it was? We're having a mini heatwave now).

can't wait to get started and play, create, play, play, play!!!

Finally, a few more details to whet our appetites. I've got 3 vintage albums and tons of old B&W photos, can't wait to get started! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary Ann for getting this class ready for us, I know it will be AWESOME!!

I can't wait to get started!!


to say I am sooo anxious is a complete understatement . . . I've always loved to boogie!

Oooooooooooooo......I can't wait!!!!

The joy!!! Haven't found my album yet but I can just feel the right one lurks somewhere and I'll find it...oh yes I will! SO looking forward to this class...thanks MAM!

OMG!!! I cannot wait to begin! Thank you again for being such an inspiring teacher and for sharing your skills with us!

now we're all gonna go full tilt frenzy trying to snag all the best vintage albums out there. hilarious. i'm in. tell me where to sign up!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!! CanNOT wait for this one!!

Thank you again Mary Ann Moss for sharing your rich and beautiful talent with us! Really looking forward to spending time with you in this class :)

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Yes, that was out loud too :) Can't wait!!!

oooh finally a use for that old photo album I picked up. I KNEW there HAD to be a reason :) excited for more deets..

i can't wait!!! and i love love the blue velvet album! wish i'd found that one, it's a little bit more my color palette than the ones that i did find. oh well. can't wait can't wait!

Hey Mary Ann
You just totally rocked my world this morning. The new class looks 'superfantasticalawesomelywonderfulish' don't try and say that full speed unless you've had several cups of expresso or a good stiff martini VBG!!!!!! Seriously, this looks like a class not to be missed. You are the 'king kong' of the craft chimp jungle!!!!! Excitement explosion!!!!!

You are an amazing woman. Not three days ago, I was in a new Antique/flea marketish shop, and lo and behold there were two vintage photo albums and I thought, "Hmmm. I should buy one of these. Or both. But what would I do with them?" I also passed up an ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF FREE UPHOLSTERY samples. *I KNOW!* I'm going back today. I promise.

Wow! As an antique photo enthusiast, this project looks intriguing! Someday I hope to be able to participate in one of your classes!

Oh my oh my I can hardly wait! and I will be on summer break so can play and play!! thnx so much looking forward to this!! now to snag an album or 2 while the others aren't looking as well!!! hehehe! thnx!! xo

SO EXCITED!! CAN'T WAIT!!! I feel like when I was a kid, waiting for Christmas!! Thanks, Mary Ann!!

can't wait to do something FUN like this!

Oh Mary Ann...i have been a missing yer posts! Glad to see your mind at work. I thought about you yesterday as I was sitting in Starbucks and got invited to go to Istanbul. You make my life richer in many ways. Thank you.

Oh, oh, oh....Wondering if I can manage this. Perhaps I should just jump in and play.

btw, great new avatar. Someone's been doing her walking!

THANK YOU everyone for these kind & enthusiastic responses. so happy that you like!

Boo Yah! So you have ROD, STE, STS and now FTB! Lady, you are a magician! I am sure The Cat Posse have assisted and put in their 2 cents when ever they could. Boo Yah!

Thank you for showing we can do this with old books instead of the albums. I'm on a mission to use up what I've got and just couldn't justify buying anything right now. I've got PLENTY of old books! Looking forward to more details! I hope I am able to sign up!

this class looks awesome! i don't have a vintage photo album. i will continue to look in the local thrift shops.

Excellent! I'm excited and can't wait to get on board!


This sounds like something I need to do. I think I have too, no one can stop me. Yay your wonderful ideas Mary Ann!

When, where, how much? Spill it baby!

Love the name of this class! I am ready to boogie!

oooh, i can't wait! this looks like a fun fun fun class. i am always pleased with your classes. they bring out that experimental artist in me!

I'm working on my first Remains of the Day journal, and enjoying it immensely. Will be keeping an eye forth beginning of the new workshop. Few years ago I got crazy about old photo albums and bought a bunch of them, so I'm all good to go.

Ready Freddy!

FTB..fuckin the best...can't wait. Now you have me looking at vintage on ebay and I purchased 100 old postcards from France, really lovely, for only ten dolla. So....whatcha think I can do with them?

AAAAAAAAAAAHHH! I can NOT wait, and I love the name! Full Tilt Boogie baby, that's me!

Adults need to play; MaryAnn's place is where we need to go. Giggle, guffaw, hoot. Now we're talking. Oh, yeah, we get to make something cool whilst doing the above.

Oh my goodness - what a feast of delight!! Can't wait to join you in the boogie extravaganza :-)

Full Tilt Boogie made me smile. Chimp-proof made me laugh out loud! I bough a repro vintage album last week so apparently I am taking your class. Looking forward to it Mary Ann. Thanks for something fun to look forward to.

I've got my albums - I'm ready to do a full tilt boogie monkey dance!

YaY!!!! Full Tilt Boogie bay-be!


Full Tilt Boogie: The process by which something/someone acts in an extremely focused and aggressive manner in the pursuit of a goal.

Oh Yea, Bring it on!

Full tilt boogy here too! Can't wait! Super excited!

Oohhhlaalaa, doing the full tilt boogie here, can't wait!

"..........." me standing in front of my computer doing a happy dance! JW

Oh, goodie!

When do we start?????

Ohhh boy..I'm so excited!! I've got two old albums and another on the way from ebay. This will be a FUN summer! Thanks for working so hard for your students out here. Cannot wait!!!

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