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Monday, May 30, 2011


Hi Mary Ann

Thanks for the video and also details of the class - like everyone else, I just can't wait! I've been in hospital recently for major surgery and this class is my treat to myself - or as I like to call it - compulsory convalencence!

I so enjoyed the ROD class, I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this one!

Best wishes


I meant: hope IT goes fabulously well.

This looks neato! I hope is goes fabulously well!
Nice audio.

The suspense is killing me ... it is June 1st .. is it not???????????? :o)))))

Mary Ann,who is singing in the background of you wonderful video?

Thanks, Mary Ann!! I shall think of you while riding the trams in Cascais and of course I shall be taking tons of photos and gathering all sorts of journal fodder while I am in Portugal. Surely June 17, 2011 will be a red letter day in my artful life, given that two such amazing adventures with 3 such fabulous teachers will be beginning at the same time. :))))

You are such a tease :-)

I can't view videos from my government computer at work--I like to spend my lunch hour blog hopping. I always check you out first!!! So after dinner and a nap checked out your video and it is TANTALIZING!! (Just went brain dead so I may not have spelled that right) This class is just what I need to engage my inner "craft monkey"--I have been dormant for FAR too long!! Thank you for doing what you do, exactly how you do it.

Fabulous! Can't wait, Mary Ann!!!! Thanks for the summer invitation.

Oh!!!!! It's getting closer Can't wait!!

...so there I was, cleaning up my wreck-of-an-office when BEHOLD! Three vintage scrapbooks literally fell into my hands from a tall shelf. I had totally forgotten that they existed. There was a great little shop next to my store and NOW I remember scoring them, then thinking: "....Great. NOW what??!!!"
Okay, now we know NOW what.

I will be wishing June away until the opening day of class!!!! Thank you so much for this exciting artistic adventure. CAN'T WAIT to get started!

I'll join the chorus of "can't wait"!

As fate would have it - and without even knowing you had a new class in the works - I just made another ROD journal last week. If you want to take a look, it's at http://somenotesfromafar.blogspot.com/2011/05/havent-done-this-in-while.html

The pages aren't recycled in this one, but I love the way it came out! You're the best!

Cynthia, portugal w/ teesha & tracy??? WHAT FUN! you will love Cascais. I did! Ride the trams for me at night with your noggin hung out the window. promise?
FTB will be open forever and ever. no expiration date. when you get back from exploring with T&T we'll be here waiting for you :-))

My mouth is hanging open ans I'm left speechless.....

A gorgeous little film! Inspiring art!. What a super class!

Wow! Thanks for posting this video! Such a lovely production...and what beautiful journals!

I'm hoping your answer to Cynthia's question is . . . the videos will be available longer than the 4 weeks beginning June 17 . . . I REALLY want to do this but prior commitments won't allow me to keep up. Your video teaser did the trick . . . I'm in! Can't I send my money NOW? LOL!

Hey Maryann! I thought you might like this website with downloadable printable planner pages. Apparently the owner has taken your ROD class. She made a CUTE pencil carrier. Scroll down the blog to see how she has used ROD methods to make a planner! CUTE CUTE #rightupyouralley
p.s. Summer term is in session and I"m prodding myself to do lots of good homework so that I can reward myself with a Full Tilt Boogie class! Me=rabbit; You=carrot. :)

I have felt way over here the busy patterings going on over at Moss Cottage. The unfurling of the blossoms (esp. the Epi's), the pattering of fur feet as they ramble about bringing you gifts for recognition, the swell of a jazzy tune from your stereo, and the whirring of hummingbirds and video tape. A happiness place.

This really is like waiting for Christmas. I'm blog stalking you daily :)

Oh my...just when I think that I can't take it anymore...you come up with more...lol Quit twisting my arm...ouch!

Can hardly wait. My two victorian albums are waiting! And my "supplies" are lying in wait!
18 more days......................

I am totally in, can't wait, have 4 vintage albums ready and waiting to go but dismayed to see June 17th is the start date, as I head off to Portugal with Teesha & Tracy Moore that day for 9 days of journalling there (sounds awful, doesn't it? NOT!). So I am hoping that one can catch up if they were to start a week later and/or that the videos etc will be available for a long time after that initial 4 weeks???

Just what I need to bring me out of a creative funk! Can't wait!


Girl you rock! Love the video and can't wait. Your videos have such personality and verve.

spent a joyful wad at ebay on the lovely albums... can't wait to tear them up!!
then realized I had a stash which I rescued from the Library's dumpster after they annual sale....
not albums but very groovy books.

Oh my! This looks like the perfect summer project! Can't wait till school's out!! :)

Oh my goodness...what deliciousness! I have missed your posts but give you full permission to write less and create more. Will be doing this class!

sharon w. good question! i will not be demoing with a hardcover book....hadnt planned to anyway. Whatever you see me do with an album can indeed be done with a hardcover book - the exact same thing. You can make 2 of the 3 journals using the old books. More info on this on June 1st...1 day away :-)

And the sneak peek is a great appetizer!

M.A.M., Sounds like a fun and artsy summer for me!
Can hardly wait for it to begin!!!

Ditto everything! It's like waiting for Christmas!!:)

Bring it!! Woot!

Are all the lessons designed to utilize those hard cover "cabinet photo" albums, or do you show how to adapt other types???


Oh I can't waaaaaaaaaaaait! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!!!

Ooooh! Looks really good!

You've just brought a sparkle of LA sunshine to a gloomy northern English morning. Look forward to joining the class for the summer!

Vibrating with anticipation!!!!

oh, and BEAUTIFUL video, btw!! love the music and the dreamy sunlight and closeups and colors and papers (and kitties!)

so excited!!! :) i am so there. i'm already scoping out ebay for an old victorian album. and i'm excited to be surrounded by paper and scraps and paint and fabric. i know you have a lot of crafty artsy goodness waiting for us. love it! it's just the push i need to get into the studio and have fun with all my art stuff.

Oh my gosh, I CANNOT WAIT! I am looking forward to this like you wouldn't even believe. Hooray!!!

Looks like FUNNNNN!!!!! Can't wait!!!

AHHHHHH! I can NOT wait! It all looks divine. *double sigh*

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