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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


MaryAnn...hustle over to your sister's blog and learn your new name. Read my message posted there. ..I got an email from her today...she loves it and will be calling you this from here on out. It's SO you! HA


JeriAnn...Ranunculas should grow in the east. They're gown from CORMS, not bulbs but a rhizohm...you plant these little curly, dried up looking things in the fall, just like you do bulbs, come spring you've got these marvelous flowers greeting you for spring...check with your nursery, they should be able to give you the planting times for your area. Hope this helps...no one should be deprived from having these beauties in their flower gardens.


Sister! next time some advanced warning so I can dust and pick up before the guests arrive. I will not complain though because everyone was extremely nice and not a one of them looked under the furniture. whew.

LOL... going to go click over now ;)

Checked in at your sis's new blog and said Hi. I don't live too far from the Hi Hat Coffee spot in her photos.
And I love ranunculus. :)

I've looked - and I liked!

Joan - I'm not Janet!, but Thank You for answering my question! Also for mentioning that they have many different colors. Oh! They must be so pretty in a garden. I've never seen them growing like that, here in the Northeast.

Looking forward to more Moss-y goodness from the Midwestern edition.

You are such a LIAR!

That's what sisters are for! hee hee! will go and take a look-see!

Such lovely flowers!

Love your flowers, and I loved your sister's blog. Such a creative family . . . always looking for more of your blogs. Thanks so much for being you!

I'm not Mary Ann, but those yellow flowers are Rununculas...(sp?) My grandmother had them in myriad colors in her flower planters every spring. They always reminded me of tissue paper. How I loved the colors, red, pink, yellow, white.


Awwwwwwww! That's so sweet of you! I will "go see" in a moment, but please tell me, what are those beautiful yellow flowers? I am unbelievably starved for something resembling Springtime. It does not want to visit the "Right Coast" this year.

Just visited your sisters blog. she lives in Lawrence--about 3 hours from where I live in Missouri. BTW--the roses are gorgeous--did you grow them in your garden??

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