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Saturday, April 30, 2011


You know that this has created a frenzy on ebay and etsy. Haha. I have marked a bunch of albums just to see how much they go for. I know, I know, I have no life. (and in a little whisper...I feel bad because I have a feeling I just outbid someone who is going to take your class, but in my defense, we are a Navy family so the album with an anchor on it just HAD to come to our home.) Now I am off to see what other trouble I can get into. :) Happy Week~

Im excited to do this class! Thank you so much for creating them for all of us. What is 'CDV' photo frames?

Yippeee! I already own a few of these! I'm looking forward to the class MaryAnn!

mary ann, i'm so excited for this class! i, like, claire missed the bidding wars by buying my albums on ebay while you were in paris. i bought two that came together and just like claire's, they cost more to have them shipped than to buy them! you can see the two albums here: http://jessicaloughrey.blogspot.com/2011/05/antique-photo-albums.html

I also can not wait. I "missed" some of the bidding wars going on now by buying mine on ebay while Mary Ann was in Paris. I ended up getting 3... one of which is so beat up on the outside... and it cost me more to have it shipped then to buy! The inside pages are perfect! I say, if it is cheap, go for it! I bet the group will end up doing a trade of inside pages in the future... since all three of my albums have different designs on the interior pages.

I found one I loved on ebay and got it for a great price too! I can't wait to see your class samples and for the class itself! I go antiquing as often as possible, and now these albums will be on my radar! I have bought a couple in the past and wanted to do something with them, so I'm very excited!


excellent choice its a beauty! great price too

Hey! The one I bought is on your list! HA! Good to know I did, in fact, buy the right thing!! (It's the green one for $31 - 9th one down.) I'm so excited for this class!!

You have started a rush on these, I found the perfect one on Ebay this morning only to be out-bid. Bet it was someone who wants to take your class. I'll keep looking. Loved your Paris journal. How are the patio plants going this spring, any new additions? Isn't this weather simply divine. I spent the afternoon perfecting gel medium transfers -- taking magazine photos and transferring the image to paper -- you can get some interesting effects for a visual journal page. Tripping off to the kitchen now to make Lisa's Pasta -- mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, red onion, red bell pepper, bacon and feta cheese -- so yummy! Can't wait to start your class:)

I am so very excited. I happen to have a couple of these. Old family albums that will do so very nicely. I had always wondered what to do with them. Now I'm quite sure they will be reinvented in a new life! Cannot WAIT for further instructions.


YES, registration will begin in JUNE. In the next 2 weeks Im hoping to have all of my prototypes completed to show exactly what well be making.

So....dying to see the class for June...is registration going to be in June?

I don't allow myself to go on to ebay very often at all. I was really depressed a few years ago and to cheer myself up I went on this spending spree. I was addicted to collecting WWII letters. So now I have a huge trunk of letters and a huge debt. Ha.

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