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Monday, April 04, 2011


Greetings Moss Cottage, Ahh Paris waking up is not the same can not go to the computer and hit the button to favortes and wait for what were doing today Dreams of setting in the sun and taking life in, the sights, hot choc peace everyday:) But I thank you so for taking me with you and giving the time to do this your book is wonderful can not wait for class. The merry go round horses is the picture that will be with me in my Paris dreams it symbles alot.

Keep dreaming and wandering with your swim fins on. Your journal is magical and holds intrigue beyond imagine. Traveling with you is Priceless!

so pretty! so fun. i can't wait to hear about your next class. count me in! :)

Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of Paris and your travel journal. After your post before you left for Paris, I haunted ebay looking for a Victorian photo album. I got one and it's pretty beat up and grimy. It will be great fun to take it apart and create something special with. It even came with a few old photos! I CANNOT WAIT until you start that class.

I love those coming-home-from-faraway-places hazy kind of dreams. I love your detail photos. I love that journal.

Oh why oh why can't june arrive sooner so this class can begin?!?

Oh so lovely!

I'm so very excited to think of yet another tutorial on your fabulous journals! It truly is difficult returning to this side of the pond. Hopefully you can take your time and still stay in the vapors of "Paree" a bit longer. Nicest of fogs really :)

So excited to see the growing journal - now I'm planning my summer holiday around the creation of something similar!

Love the growing journal! Each posting makes my day. Thanks!

Bonjour Mary Ann. Another charming dispatch. And this really sings with the colors of Paris & spring. And also something more. Something that is ethereal beyond it's solidity. Whatever that "out of focus feeling" is, that "dream it takes a while to awaken from", it is working for you!

YEAH, yeah, YEAH! What a great Tuesday morning blog read! I am so excited to finally see "The Journal" and more Paris pictures. Thank you!
and I hope your 'fog' lifts soon...of course, only if you want it to. :)

have a happy week.

Hi Mary Ann...I am enjoying your Paris photos and the journal sooooo much! Thanks for sharing! The new class sounds intriguing!

Oh my Gosh, I love all your pictures. I am thinking seriously about going to Paris. I've wanted to for years and finally have someone who will go with me and she has lived there. So hope I get to go.

Please please please announce your new class soon before I have a heart attack. Your classes are awesome and I have vintage journals waiting just for this class. Open Open Open!!!!!

Yummy photos! I love your eye for detail.

Sights like these are everywhere. You are the eyes that see them. You have shared the tiny views (smaller than vignettes - aha! French!) from your rambles in Turkey, Mérida, Lisbon, other, other, other, and all around Los Angeles. It really is not so much the loveliness of the place but of the eyes seeing that place. I am always grateful when you invite us to focus along with you.

I've been spotting the most wonderful Victorian photo albums at our flea market. Two of them are now in my craft stash just waiting for that class!

Can't wait for new class info! Have been along on your trip all the way, thank-you for sharing with us.

Traveling at 600 mph or whatever it is will get you feeling a little wonky! Can't wait for the new class. Thanx for sharing your beautiful journal, my friend.

Just gorgeous! I know what you mean about readjusting...I find myself torn at the moment, my heart is back in Paris and my head filled with birdsong, translucent light and a spring in my step, but the other half of me is home again...it feels odd! I miss it. Love your journal! I posted day one about my Paris trip on my blog if you want to have a look. I love the photos you took!

I LOVE your journals!!! I dream of being able to do a journal like that...maybe someday :) But they are truly an inspiration to me - and so are your photos!!

Plane trips do tend to leave part of you behind - the soul needs time to catch up. Keep dreaming...

Welcome home! And thanks for taking me along. I had a lovely time!

Love the colors and shapes of this post. That moon glow, that hand, and oh the enamel 43! It's all so dreamy!

Sign me's up for class pppppplease... I want to see more!!!!

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