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Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm soooo jealous! The thing I miss most about living on the border is the Mexican food. I miss it soooo bad! (But I've never seen pickles on a taco--pickle relish on spicy raspas, yes, but not tacos. Must be an LA thing ;-) We can't get good Mexican food here in Colorado, they don't even speak the language. So I've had to perfect the art of making my own tacos de bistec with lots of lime, cilantro, grilled onions, and queso anejo. I even make my own corn tortillas! Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try flour. Everyone here is content with grocery store tortillas. They've never heard of anything else. But on the border, even the 50 cent breakfast burritos at circle K had homemade tortillas. Oh, how I miss it! I'm really enjoying your hand lettering by the way!

That looks so incredibly good. I wonder if they have something like that on 6th Avenue where there are tons of great Mexican food restaurants. And those Margaritas.......which is one of my favorite drinks of all times.......no wonder.......they make a mean Margarita here too.

I will be assuming that you plan on spending the weekend in your laboratory recreating that hibiscus margarita.....I would expect no less from you, will wait right here for the forthcoming recipe.............fingers drumming now.....

i am so there
if i wasn't here.

I could eat and drink my monitor...what a cruel thing to do at 10:45 with nowhere to get a taco with pickles...the Marguerita I could swing if I cared to go into a bar, which I don't...but my mouth is SO watering right now. I probably won't be able to sleep again tonight because I'm so dang hungry...I could eat Mexican food every day of the week, 3 meals a day...love the stuff. Now I'm thinking of Corona lite beer with lime squeezed and dropped into the bottle, salsa fresca, chips, nachos, enchiladas, topped off with sopapillas! Oye!


lovely pics and lettering. you're reminding me last time i was there it was 2010 easter afternoon smack in the middle of an earthquake!

OMG, it all looks so good...especially the margarita!

My mouth is watering!!

Oh, my. Yum. I dream of outside; yet is still mid-40's (as a high) here. Send more pics of sun.

No Fair, Mary Ann! Now I'm really hungry. I will pour a glass of house white wine and contemplate why, about an hour ago, a chicken salad sandwich sounded fine for dinner. You know the best places to eat everywhere!

Pickles on tacos...looks good. But...um...did you ask for an extra piece of that paper the taco was wrapped in? muy cool!

Oh my!! My mouth is watering...that Margarita looks soooo good...will be cruisin' to the Carib soon and plan to try their Marg's....Julierose

chili lime and salt rim???? that is muy muy muy MALO in a very very very good sort of way.
Oh I am salivating. I want freshly fried crisp taco shell. NOW. Pick me up at the airport. Should be there by 7:05pm. Don't be late... and call for the reservation now - I want to sit outside.

About 60 years ago growing up in LA we always put pickle relish on our tacos.......Yummy! I am going to make a trip and check out Malo
thanks for the tip.

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