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Sunday, April 17, 2011


OMG -- the cutest Keens ever. I have 4 pair of their MJs already, but I think that I have to have these too. They've just opened a whole Keens store here in Toronto -- so I might not even have to wait for shipping! WooHoo!

Ever since I spent a fortune on a pair of sandals in Germany never have I coveted such beauteous footwear! And oh my, that bloom and plant porn! Sister's comment had me rolling on the floor:)

Those shoes are too cute. I am off to the Keen website to poke around. Maybe they will sponsor your next trip if enough of your readers buy new shoes? Do they have a "where did you hear about our shoes?" spot to fill in like the Dentist? haha

Can't wait to figure out where you are off to next.

Happy Week!

Yep, those really are cool shoes!
And thanks for the tip on making the digital frame - I'm going to try that out!

Greetings Moss Cottage, The Shoes are the best will be on the look out for these beauties! Sis note dealing with Migrain and I even mustard up a big smile(Thanks sis I needed this) The flowers have to have one of these also, will they grow here in Pittsburgh?:) this place is still fighting winters going out it does not know what type of weather to have.
Thank you for this,

My husband says I already have two pairs of Keens, and I don't need a third, but I do, I do, I do!!! I want them! Thanks for instructions on how to do the frames; I love the idea but couldn't figure out how in the world you did it. Your yard and your wine look so lovely, I think you are going to have a hoard of blog followers at your door very soon wanting in! Happy day!

Cute shoes! You could totally be like Dan Price, who was sponsored by the shoe company, Simple, and sketched while traveling. Then they used his handsketches as their catalog backgrounds! (Dan was the inspiration for Danny Gregory...Everyday Matters guy)

Super cute shoes, Mary Ann!

I bought those very same shoes a month ago! They make me happy.

Your lace frame is very creative, the red wine looks divine, your flowers are gorgeous, the table very practical and a super deal at found price...HOWEVER...it is your shoes I covet! I am so in love with those fun mary janes that I am in lust for your shoes. I do not own any Keens but I can promise I am going to stalk them until I have a pair on my feet. Happy week to you Miss Mary Ann Moss...
P.S. You have my attention on where is your next trip.

i also love keens and red wine - i think we'd make great friends. :-)

Holey Smokies...Love the shoes, the flowers and the lace frame.

I just ordered the sAme shoes and can't wait to get them! Will have to try that wine :)

Happy faces all over the place:
Love the shoes. I never heard of Keens, but will look them up now. :)
OMG! Spec.Tac.U.Lar. Flower! :D
Envious of your patio. Ours is under renovation, so I hope for it to be photographable in the near future. :)
Cute lace frames. Will have to experiment with that technique in Photoshop CS. :)
Enjoyed the post. That is all. Peace out. :)

Did you make your shoes? was the first thing I thought when opening this post. Surely, Keen has been peeping your images and don't call me Shirley.

They look like a page from an ROD book.

Dude, that patio is a fabulous fabulous creation, outstanding investment!!

i dont know why you always have to bring up my gimp leg. you know how sensitive i am about it. go ahead and get the matching shoes, but im drawing the line at matching outfits. except for our swim costumes. those can be the same.

Your sister had me laughing so much I forgot what I was going to post! Anyway, love the really cute shoes and that is truly a good wine! Have a great week.

Sister do you think if I get the EXACT same pair of KEENS and we go on vacation together the KEENS people will sponsor "our" next trip? You are NOT going without me on 2 vacations in a row. Mom said you couldn't and you know she is still the boss of us.
P.S. Is your left leg getting shorter than your right leg or did you shrink one leg of your pants in the dryer in Paris?
P.P.S Even if the Keens people don't sponsor the trip I am getting those shoes too! They are insanely CUTE.
P.P.P.S. You do want me to go with you on your next trip don't you?

love the shoes and the flowers! unbelievable that you have spring while we are getting 2 inches of snow tonight! enjoy your wonderful weather!

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