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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



ridiculously expensive. i wouldnt even BEGIN to consider. check etsy. check ebays American listings. Even with shipping youll find something much much cheaper.

Oohhh, and just now I found another one for £196.45! And that's without shipping. Amazing!

I found an Ebay listing for a shocking £185 !! It had all the pictures still in it, but still... That's a lot of money!

Will a sewing machine be neccessary for the upcoming class?

i can sense a new addiction coming on...dare i head over to ebay now, at the risk of spending the rest of the weekend pouring over vintage photo album listings? yes, i take that dare! :) can't wait for the class...

Finally! Something to do with my Victorian albums I've been 'afraid' to mess up...

Ni haofrom Beijing! Can't wait for your journal class...sign me up!

Like everyone else I am really looking forward to the new class! Victorian albums at the ready!

I really enjoyed your Paris album - what a wonderful sense of place you have - I felt I was there with you. And what treasures you found at the flea market and in the street! And the wall images were fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing your delight at your finds - I feel as though I walk through life with my eyes closed, but you are opening them!


I'm doing the happy dance, ready to start. I've been collecting those albums for a few years so am ready to go. Can't wait until june. Peg

Please please can we see a video of your travel journal - like the one of your sister's in Istanbul? I am seriously addicted to looking at photos of it ans need a bigger fix!

I'm so excited so excited so excited! Can't wait for the new class!

I'm thrilled at having a new class! I must say that I haven't done anything from the other class yet but there's time to do that in June and I'm glad there's another course!


whichever size you prefer is okay, although it is somewhat easier working in a smaller format design wise. maybe youll want one of both...

Will your class show how to make the nice digitally "framed" photos in your first photo? I really need to learn how to do that! Thanks!

Sounds great! I can't wait to hunt down some albums. Should we be looking for the smaller or larger size?


I just found a beauty at a reasonable price on eBay and swooped in at the last second. I am sooooo looking forward to your next class! Thanks for the eBay tips!

btw my keen shoes came in and I have been wearing them constantly and getting MANY compliments on them :) I actually took the insoles out of my "Klogs" shoes and put them in and they are even more heavenly ;)

Oh I just can't wait! I know it will be fabulous! I loved your remains of the day class so much and had so much fun! What a wonderful summer project just for me!

So, so excited! I'm off to ebay as soon as I get home from work. Woo Hoo!!!

Well, you know I am out of my mind crazy waiting for this class. Thanks for showing a picture of the correct album we need. Way too cool, the albums I have purchased on ebay are exactly like this. And would you believe I picked up a celluoid photo album last year in great shape at an estate sale for $1.00 with cabinet cards in it. Have a great day and thanks for your great classes.

Does it count if I have my own "vintage" album from when I was a child...lol I was scrapbookin' before scrapbookin' was cool. My album has my first "autobiography" and every birthday card I received till I was 13 years old...along with fun memorabilia from our travels. Can't wait to see more on this class ;P

I am new to your blog here, but OH HOW I LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!
I would so love to take this class.
Is it still possible to sign up???

Okay, that did it! I'm in. I went crazy bidding on vintage albums about a dozen years ago and have 3 monsters just waiting for trouble. One has a wooden and metal cover and weighs 5 pounds. I never did figure out how to use any of them, nor the 4x5 inch babies, and now I'm glad they're available for the Moss treatment.
I guess we all know what we're doing this summer, don't we?

shawn excellent questions that ill address in an upcoming post when i show more of these albums, but for now...
YES, the albums have cut outs for the photos and that is 100% perfect!
If yours comes with pics inside great, if not, great. We may do something with a few photos, but they are totally not necessary. Some well leave inside, some well remove.
None of the CDV vintage photo albums like the kind pictured have sticky paper over the pics. Those type tend to be mid-century photo albums. Were looking for albums that are mostly over a hundred years old, many are of the Victorian era. They have the cool cut outs with flowery vines on the frames.

Seriously, I am so waiting for this class to begin!!!! Have a stash of these albums and am ready to start...NOW! Being a big Ebayer myself, your words of wisdom on how to bid/find the albums are excellent! Another great tool for the serious Ebayer is bidnapper.com. It does cost $ but it allows you to fill out a bid sheet and they bid for you during the final seconds of the auction. You get emails from them if the auction goes higher than your pending bid. They do offer a free trial session for anyone interested! Waiting patiently [not] for mid June. Xo, Sue

MAM - couple questions about the album to look for - should it have pics inside already or not? Also, some of the older ones I have seen have cut outs for photos - should we avoid those or keep them? Do we look for ones that have that sticky paper over the pics or exclude those types? Thanks so much! Looking forward to the class!!!

So excited about this class! On my way to Ebay for a shopping spree, Wheeeee!!

I am thrilled to bits about this class! I've had a couple of these albums for years, and I am excited to create someting with them! Can't wait for more details!

So Exciting I can't wait!

Thank you for giving a bit more info on this class... I can't wait! I've had my eye on one of these albums at a local antique store... now that I know it's the right type of album I'm going to have to get my rear in gear and go buy it!

I can not wait. I have been away from journal making for months now, and it is time to get back into a normal (well, normal for me!) life. Every once in a while we all need to think about ourselves! And this class is for ME!

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