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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I just about died when he came over and sang to you! Hee Hee! And the winking! I felt like I was eleven again! I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you that I won't be flying back home with you. Yep, I have decided to take my sabbatical in Paris and study....the French Foot. Can I borrow your camera?

I HAVE to get one of those discreet little Flip cameras. Must find a way to justify that.

No one noticed you filming. I liked the guy who gave money. So often people look as though the busker is transparent and absolutely silent. Such hard work to do, ignoring another human being.

I liked those decorative white railings at the beginning. Pity about the high rise blocks though. Poor old Paris.

Are you having fun or what? I love it when odd happenstances cro up like that for no good reason--it makes the day much more memorable. Have a happy rest of your trip

I just love random happenstance like that. Therein lies the joy of life.

OMG - you actually found Tom Waits in Paris!!! This adventure just gets better and better. You have certainly carpe'd this diem!

I knew you'd experience some L'AMOUR!

Why i don't blame him! I'd big your big smiley headlight any day....no matter how far back you are.

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