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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Your ability to enjoy your life moment by moment, day by day, and keep your eyes and heart wide open is a continuing inspiration to me! It's so much fun to see what you see when you make your journeys to foreign places, and even when you are home in LA. I wish I could go back to second grade and be one of your craft monkeys! Mary Ann, you are a really fun part of my day!

OMG! It is like we're relatives that have never met! Teachers... poetry lovers... Billy Collins fans... and now PARIS!!! Went last fall for the first time. Like everyone else, I fell in love!
Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of your readers. I love seeing pictures of such a beautiful city in the spring!
You're the best!

I saw it. I touched it. All will covet it. I can only imagine how you will fill it out. Just like your Istanbul journal which is totally amazing. Don't know how you will top that, but I know you will.

Oh the visual delight upon visiting your blog, and to be invited to tag along right from my armchair on your trip to the city of lights? A dream. :) Saisir le jour and then, Saisir le Journal! Can't wait to see more...can't wait for June class announcement...can't wait can't wait!

beautiful bag for it and beautiful journal...I am so excited to be following your Parisian adventure knowing mine is just around the corner!!

I'm thrilled about being an armchair travel companion on your trip to Paris! And I am beyond excited about your new class in June! I have tons of great stuff in my stash, but of course I will have to seek out just a few new treaures as well. Enjoy Paris with all your heart!

smoke signal received, enjoy your Paris trip and oh yeah sign me up for the June class. I am sitting on not 1 but 8 old photo albums like you used. I bought them on Ebay, flea markets years ago. they are all beat up and barley together so I got them for good prices. I was going to do something with them but never came up with "the something". Oh boy, am I ready. Enjoy your trip

Safe travels to the wild Moss women! Hey Mary Ann that handmade journal looks too freakin' cool! Sign me up for that next class of yours! I have a sewing machine... who needs lessions???

Can't wait to see Paris through your looking glass!

have an amazing trip. look forward to your posts about Paris.

so glad to be traveling along with you! can't wait see inside your awesome journal!!!

I can't wait to see more of your Paris and your journal! And, oh, you enabler you - giving me permission to go buy more stuff!! I will rush right out and do just that!

Never been to Paris and this is going to be a great trip. Thanx for having me along. Just so you know, my heart almost stopped when I saw the journal! My one secret wish..?..Drive down to LA and spend a week with a most wonderful journal maker and soak up every once of creative knowledge that she could pack into this brain! Ahhh, what a week THAT would be! Safe Travel's. See ya when you get there!

Have safe travels and fun times at those little corner cafes!
Oh La La, it will be a wonderful trip for you and for us!!!
Thanks Mary Ann!

Enjoy your trip! What a wonderful journal. :]

Since you´re going to Paris - maybe this could be a fun book to read;
Enjoy your trip - Paris is wonderful!!!

Bon voyage, mon amie! (p.s. I HAVE all of those things, so yeah, let's get going on that new class ;)

Yipeee! I am so crazed with work and look forward to your posts from Paris. As for that class. SCORE! I have several old ledgers and photo albums I snatched from my Mom (with her blessings) and from garage sales. I snatched them several years ago. I must have known Ms. Moss was in my future! Be safe and have fun!

enjoy,enjoy,enjoy......I will just be quietly resting in your pocket until whenever....!!!!
bon chance
missy from the bayou

Have a wonderful time Mary Ann, I'm so looking forward to seeing your Paris posts - the album looks truly amazing and I can't wait for the class - off upstairs now to look for a vintage album I hope is still lurking somewhere up there...

have a wonderful trip! that bag of scrappy goodness and the journal just look yummy! i'm looking forward to your next class. smoke signals received!

Greetings Moss Cottage,Happy that your taking off to this magical place Ill sure will be there in spirit for sure did you pack your camera? Film ect:) just checking!!! So excited cant hardly waitand now you throw in the journal class my gramms not here so canot check that one as far as yard sales way to cold yet infact were having a bad weather watch as I write Im backing up for tomorrows trip to the store with my snow shoes:):) Have a wonderful time my dear!!

Enjoy your trip! And look for my daughter and her choir group while you are there. They left Dallas at 5:30 p.m. If you need something to do, they are singing at Notre Dame on Monday at 11:30.

Bon Chance, Mon Ami! Enjoy and savor every moment!

That damp little bump in your left pocket? e.w. is once again stowing away with you.
I know you'll have a marvelous time.

Have a great time in Paris. I will be on the lookout for things for class but I probably already have them right here. I can't wait until you announce it. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for all you do for all of us. Just love love love your classes.

Trés chic, or something. Trés!

i'm stowing away
as a twinkle
in your eye

Have fun--can hardly wait to hear all about your trip and your new class!

safe trip and enjoy working in that yummy yummy looking journal!!!

That was very considerate of you to schedule a new class in honor of my birthday. I have always found you to be one of the MOST considerate gals. Have a fab time in Paris, don't go too crazy, you know what they say about those ladies in France. :)

Bon voyage! I can't wait to see the next class...I think I already own all those things so perhaps I can actually use them. I am so missing chocolate croissants or gellato shaped like a flower. I miss Paris!

Safe travels!

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