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Sunday, March 27, 2011


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Can't wait to see your travel journal! Loved seeing all your pix!

Welcome back. Thank you so much for taking us along. I look forward to seeing your travel journal.

Glad you're home all happy and safe. Thank you for a mahvelous trip to Paris! Can hardly wait to see your journal!! Was the cat posse happy to see you or were there some silent stares shot in your direction?

Can't thank you enough for my first trip to Paris. I loved every step and you are so kind to share.

Thank you so much for sharing this trip. You have such a good sense of what is important to see and to share.

Recently in the Tucson airport, Joan Rivers got off the little jet I was waiting to board. I am 60 years old and from LA, so I know better than to point. But I live in Tacoma now, and we revel in blue-collar grit. I elbowed my traveling companion and stage-whispered, "Dude! Joan Rivers!" My outburst seemed to give others permission to stare, so I considered it a public service. (Because you know they wanted to.)

Thank you for bringing me along on your trip to Paris. I have loved reading your posts, watching your videos and imagining what the food tastes like. I am looking forward to seeing your travel journal! Welcome back!

Glad you are home safe and sound. I can NOT wait to see your journal!!! I will try and be patient, but I can't promise anything. haha

That really was one of the best vacations I have ever had. I can't believe I haven't got jet lag like I usually get. And my ears didn't hurt a bit. I still can't get over how fast and smooth it all went. I must travel this way more often, but only if it can be with you. Okay now I will buckle down here in snowy cold North Dakota until I rendezvous with you again.

Well, thank you for the grand tour, and glad that you had a safe flight home. You must be feeling a little jet-lagged, non? It doesn't appear so! The street art you chose to photograph is amazing! WOW! Much nicer than so much of what is in galleries now. It seems you made a wise decision to stay outside! More please...I know, I know, I will wait patiently. Thank you.

Mary Ann - not to be some internet stalker, but I am going to LA on business in late April or early May and I'm going to look you up. We have so much in common - in friendship, non-serial killer, heterosexual way. Don't be scared. I'm harmless and fun. Can't wait to see your travel journal.

Mary Ann - I just have to let you know how much fun I've been having this weekend creating my very first (and there will be more!!) Remains of the Day journal....it is a BLAST! Most fun I've had in a long time with my clothes on!! Well at least since New Years Eve when I got to sing karaoke with my best buds for 6+ hours. So far I have the outside part done. Right now I'm collecting my papers....so.much.fun!!! My family is convinced I've finally lost my mind (really, Mom, you want all those envelopes?)!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I love your videos....they are very well done - informative, entertaining, broken up into nice little chunks. I need to go see what other online classes you have!! Welcome back to the states!!

I thoroughly ejoyed this journey to Paris with you! I saw so many interesting and inspiring sights. The street art is simply incredible! I can't wait to read more about your trip! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for a wonderful trip to Paris, so enjoyed your posts and can't wait to see that stuffed travel journal!!

I am in love with the street art!!!! Wow, wow, wow! You are so kind to take us along with you.

thank you for capturing and sharing all that delicious street art. yum-o. i want a pair of glasses just like Roland's.

The street art is phenomenal! I can see it is more than worthy of its own journal. I just never figured Paris for such transient art. Interesting!

Welcome home.

You do need to publish that coffee table book of street art around the world!! Thanks for a marvy trip to Paris!!

What an artful French journey you've shared with all of us. Food for the eyes and mind :) Thanks for sharing.

It is such a joy to read your blog. thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris

It is such a joy to read your blog. thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris

Hello my friend! So glad you are back home in LA safe and sound! Thanx so much for sharing your vacation with us. It has been a trip! Yes, pun intended:) I so love the idea of you creating a street art graffiti type journal. Go to Amazon and look up a book called, Walls Notebook. It is a book that is photos of nothing but outside walls. Fabulous! There are a ton of different walls from brick to stucco to plaster with great textural beauty! I am now in Whittier for the week, and the weather says beautful!

Thank you for sharing your trip to Paris. I looked forward to every post like it was my birthday. Loved the videos. I enjoyed sitting alongside you in the parks people watching in the sun. I felt like I was right there with you the entire 2 weeks and they went by far too fast.

Thank you for sharing your pictures of Paris street art. I am also happy for Roland
(or anyone) who iS able to live his dream.

Welcome home Mary Ann! I sat every morning in my home with a cup of coffee, reading of Paris and her wonders...and felt I was beside you the whole trip! What a journey and such great photos! Thank you so much for sharing it all!

ohhhhhhh,truly the best for last-the amazing street art!!!! The first pic with the peeling paper is just exquisite. So high five right back at you!!!!! Thanks so very much for keeping us all safe in your pocket.We had a great time.
Kindest regards,Missy from the bayou

I love street art, but this beats anything I have ever seen. I particularly like the woman with Olive Oil and the stars!

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a great time. I'll have to share with you my book of photographs by Fabienne Grevy. Parisienne street art at its finest! The weather here in LA should be better this week. 80 degrees on Thursday...wheeee!

welcome home! i loved all your photos and video's, thanks so much for sharing with all of us who had to stay home! the street art is amazing (none of that in my small town though)and i like everyone else am so looking forward to seeing your journal!!! 80 degrees in LA wow oh wow, i think it's great if it gets to 50 here!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back our trip to Paris last year. My dear friend of forty years, lucky dog, was there for a month, I for just eight days. Ah, but such exquisite days! We stayed in an apartment at the foot of Butte aux Cailles (Did you come across the knitting and tea shop in the Butte?)and ventured forth each day to drink in the wonders of the city. The street art! The Metro! The tourist traps! The food! I spent some of the time on my own getting oh, so gloriously lost. This week in memory has the quality of a brief, intense love affair. Every memory bittersweet. Thanks again.

These photos are just AMAZING! You really captured the essence of street art in Paris. I had not realized this aspect of the city, but will now be much more aware. I am having the time of my life with "Remains of the Day" and think this will be quite the addiction for me now! It's wonderful to be lost in art and inspired by you.

amazing pics!! j'adore!!!!

Thanks for sharing your trip ... every photo was lovely, your words took me right there with you! Perfect!

Oh I DEFINATELY think that a Street Art Journal is in order!!! Seperate for your reguloar tarvel journal- if there is anything resembling a REgular travel journal from you Ms M!!! Where are you off to next??? Can't wait!!!!!

I am just catching up again. What a trip. I so enjoy your perspective. And, the crepe video. My mouth is watering.

Just love the wall art you captured, I didn't get to see any of this kind of thing, only some really ugly graffiti! But then again it was a hectic week we had!!

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