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Friday, March 11, 2011


love the apartment . . . you must share (please!)how we can obtain more info on it and how to book it. Your 'finds' are wonderfully delicious!

Loved your post - now looking forward to the next one. I was in Paris in Sept for a month. We had a wee apartment in the 18th - Montmartre. Where are you? Also went to the marche aux puce at Port des Vanves ... ah, what memories. And the street art - heaven! ENJOY.

So excited to be going to Paris with you. I love your travel posts.

je souhaite que vous avez un bon vacances. et j'espere que je puis aller aussi un jour!
i really hope you have an awesome time, and i hope to go there too one day. when i do i'll contact you and ask where you're staying cause i love that sweet i'apartment and balcony view. magnifique.

Ohhhh, ma chere!!!! Am sooo excited for you!! I ALMOST feel like I'm actually there with you!! CanNOT wait to see inside that fabulous big FAT journal!!! Bonjour!!!

Paris Moss cottage, Greetings:) so happy you arrived safe. Sweet dreams.

ah! paris. visited once. will miss forever.
i shall enjoy living vicariously through you.

My goodness! What a wonderful journey! Have you ever thought of "leading" a journaling trip! I so envy your tavel journaling blogs and would love to tag along. Those I travel with don't journal, and I wonder what it would be like to travel with people who do. If you ever decide to, I'll be the first to sign up! :)
Have a wonderful trip. Your pictures are gorgeous.

Oh how wonderful! Roland just screams PARISIAN! I love it! (So does the apartment. The last time I was in Paris I slept on the floor of a friend's friend's apartment. Sadly, it did not resemble this one.) SOOOOOOOOOOOOO envious, but thrilled to be along for the ride! What arrondissment are you in? That bath looks mighty inviting, especially with such swank bubble bath!!!
I won't tell you to have a blast because I know you will!!!

Yaaaaay, Paris! I can't wait to follow your next few posts! And that street shot?! Still wiping the drool off my chin ...

glad you arrived safely. the apartment looks absolutely perfect. the street sublime. and ahhhh the light in Paris.
and then there is your JOURNAL...can't wait to see what you fill it up with. anxiously awaiting. haha
Have a wonderful time.

Gosh your apartment is getting crowded with all of us oggling Roland and hanging over the balcony. I luv luv luv that you take us on your trips! Italy has my heart, but bien sur I must get back to Paris and take this dh of mine.

I'm with you...this is going to be another exciting trip!

another great apartment find! Roland looks delightful! am looking forward to the journal entries!! and your daily adventures in Paris.

Such glorious shots!!!!! Love the views from the balcony!!! Are you in a private apartment or hotel???? So fabulous and thanks so much for taking all of us with you!!!! Paris Love!!!!

Hi Mary ann, me again. I have a favor to ask of you. Would be so kind to post or email me some of the nice places you go to , namely cafe's or interesting shops. Would love to have some ideas for my trip in 9 days time. Thanks so much! bouncingbonbon{at}gmail{dot}com.

oooohhh lovely apartment! What a gorgeous view from it! I cannot WAIT to be there....9 days and counting down.... enjoy EVERY second Mary ann!!!!

the photos taken off your balcony are breath-taking. note to self: must get back to paris!!! thanks for sharing your adventures with us stuck at home. :-)

I hope you're enjoying the current grey sky here in Paris. It may rain tomorrow (according to the Meteo.. hehehe), so it will be better if you're prepared for a small umbrella. Oh I love the Remains of the Day online class:-) I only need to figure out my sewing machine. hahahaha


Yeah, I am in your pocket in Paris, have fun and thanks for the adventure.

Oh, Mary Ann! This is THRILLING!!! I love Paris, and your pictures bring all back. Wonderful, wonderful! ENJOY!!!!!!

ooooh, how exciting! paris has never been a dream destination for me, but oh how i would love to be able to travel for real. i will settle for a virtual trip on this, but do you have to sleep so much? i'm ready to go, LOL.

great photos, oh my what a view to see right outside your window. love all the buildings. can't wait for more of Moss Guided Tours. have a great day for all of us still back here in the snow.


This is like a dream! Your apartment is beautiful and the views...incredible! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Merci, merci beaucoup, for taking us along in your pocket. I didn't much enjoy the flight, but now....PARIS! I haven't been in Paris for, um, well.......gadzooks!!! 44 years!!!!! HOW can it have been 44 years???!? How can I be that OLD?????

Well, eat lots of bread for me. Take lovely walks. Breathe deeply and tell me if Paris still smells like...Paris. Look through old book stores for me. Take lots of photos.

Have the time of your life!

Oh, Roland in grey with the striped scarf in front of the black and silver chest of drawers/side table has me in a late night swoon.

C'est magnifique, l'appartement!
Trying hard to get a space in your pocket for your adventure today - my, is it crowded in here ('scuse me, I think I have someone's elbow in my eye...)
Travelling with you is almost as wonderful as travelling in reality...

Enjoy yourself you are in one of my most favorite cities and I do wish I was there with you.

That is the most beautiful street picture I have ever seen! It took my breath away!
(I guess I'm having Paris envy, and I didn't even know I wanted to go to Paris! lol)
Have a lovely time!

So kind of you to schedule your trip to coincide exactly with my Spring Break. S'il vous plaît manger un éclair pour moi.

I am always inspired...and HAPPY for your travels. Sleep well and we shall join you this weekend!!

Oh my! I am going to Paris with you. Thank you for taking us. Oh la la!

oh thank you everyone. i love reading these. so fun! your well wishes are so touching. its 3:05 am and i am wide awake. i woke early thinking it was much later. ha ha going back to bed soon. must be prepared for our outing tomorrow!!!!
hello from paris.

Oh I feel so fortunate to be in Paris with you Miss Mary Ann Moss! I love Paris and will cherish every moment of our personal journey. Sleep well my dear...

How DO you do it? Finding the most amazing accomodations,always, and taking such wonderful photos. The view from your balcony is breathtaking. Roland is dashing...I want eyeglasses just like his! Can't wait to go on strolls with you!

OMG I am so excited.....can't wait for more. Have a lovely petit dejuner

What a treat - another virtual trip a la ms. moss!!! Love to travel with you baby... the only thing better would to actually be there :-)) Can't wait to see what adventures you have - sleep well and dream in french.

kiss kiss

Hooray! Have a wonderful time (how could you not?!). So exciting to see the City of Lights through your eyes.

ditto on that last post.
Exquisite photos, your eye and your capturing get better and better.

I have never desired to go to Paris. Until now. I love being there vicariously with you! Love that chandelier in your room and the buildings...those buildings are magnificent. Goodness now I am talking French! Can't wait to see what we do when you wake up. And can't wait even more to see that wonderful journal all filled with the memories and ephemera of your trip. So cool already!

oh i'm there with you. this is transporting. the sky, the lights at night - soooo evocative.

so excited for you...so JEL-US for me...and that roland! what a coolio guy. how fun. gosh. i love paris...have a blast!

Oh, now I'm so lonesome for Paris! I love your apt. and what a view!
I'm so glad you are letting us tag along! I can almost taste that
bread and butter!!! I hope you try the little glass bottles filled
with yummy yogurt! Next time I will bring back one or two of the
empties....they will look wonderful filled with lavender flowers.

roland is quite dapper isn't he...and that crystal chandelier! gorgeous view and secrets await...hope you slept well in the fluffy bed. so kind of you to let us enjoy the trip with you!

Your apartment looks simply amazing, that "side table/buffet/chest of drawers" is awesome, love the line of the roof tops. Your journal fits right into that environment. And thanks for taking us along. Looking forward to your lovely posts!

this is so awesome - I really appreciate your posts. I've been on the fence for "remains of the day" class (excuses...too busy, I don't have the right stuff, I can't sew...blah blah blah) and now that you are travelling I am wishing I would have registered and got the info before you left!!!!! I'll wait till you are home, and lucky ALL of us, we get to virtually participate!


I'm jealous.

I SO want to be there. What street is this?

oh, my gosh, everything is soooo beautiful!!!! believe me when i say i am living your vacation with you! good night, sleep sweet!

Oh My goodneess, the aview is wonderful. Thank you for "taking" us along for the trip. I love reading your post and seeing all the beautiful pictures. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing more of the beautiful images from Paris.

Your apartment looks great. Can't wait to see where "we" will go next!!

I went to your blog to get the supply suggestions you made and my breath was taken away to see you already made a post in Paris. How beautiful is that view from your apartment! Sleep well.

this is like a dream...
I just love the photos of Paris streets! lucky lucky you. :)

I'm so thrilled for you and for us going along!! I will make note of your recommendations for my June trip to Paris. I LOOOVe your blog!

Oh! Your post just brought such a smile to my face! Seriously! LOVE coming along with you on your adventures. You're wonderful about posting your days of travel. Feel as if I'm a little bit there with you! Merci!

Hope you'll enjoy Paris ! I can't imagine how you wouldn't ! So bad I live so far from Paris (I live in Toulouse, south of France). if not, I would have been pleased to met you for a coffee and share my favorites places !
Congrats for the journal...simply gergeous !

Can't wait for the tour!!!

oh, we're in PARIS!!!!!!!!

I discovered your blog about 4 months ago, and it is one of my favorites. I'm so glad you are connected already in Paris. I've been following your posts with great interest as I leave tonight for the City of Lights. Unfortunately, I'll only have the weekend for fun, and then business meetings before I had back to the States. Can't wait to see more of the journal.

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