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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Ohhhhhh, I can't WAIT to see this Paris Journal when it's ready for debut!!!!! I can just imagine all the cool, rich, Paris-themed goodness you will add. *sigh* Will you adopt me please?

i love that picture of mamma moss cuz i can see a sparkle in her eye...love it.

Your blog is my little mini-vacation each time I get a free moment to take a break at work...I just love the photos & words & inspiration you dish out...thanks for sharing with all of us!

It looks so amazing. I can't thank you enough for emailing me! your email was very helpful. When are you going to Paris? I can't wait to see and read about your trip and compare notes!!

Damn woman! ... another fabulous travel journal in the making. Not sure if I am more envious of the trip or the book. Thanks for the book recommendations on Paris.

your mom is beautiful.
when do you leave -
do i still have time to
send you some french stuff for the
email me - cant find your address.

Speaking of M Moss, I have to tell you - not long ago, I was trying to remember the name of that place where you had books made from your photos. I looked back through your blog using the keyword travel, and no luck. Thought maybe it was family... then got absorbed going back, back in time enjoying the artwork, etc. Then suddenly, I came upon a picture of your mom holding up thong underwear. I thought I'd spew coffee out my nose! I was laughing so hard it hurt. (your archives, Jan 19, 2008). Your mom is way cool. (And I think I eventually found the book company, Blurb.)

I can't decide what I like more - the gorgeous inspiring photos of your travels and subsequent artwork, or the beautiful and funny prose you write to match. It's a real delight. Deb.
P.S. I am really tickled by the little bottles of sand and gravel. Do you have to declare that through customs on the return flight home? Just wonderin'.

So much visual delight - journal pages, sealed bottles, succulents...
Thank you for the eye candy!

Thank you for sharing!
It is always a pleasure to visit your site! :]

Love the photo of Maria Angelina! And love how you of six years ago sent a postcard to you of 2011. Life spirals around in the most wonderful ways...

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