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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


loved looking at all your beautifull pictures ! I live in the south of france, it's fun seing my country through your eyes
but there is nowhere like paris
your class in june seems exciting!

Love those feet, Mary Ann!

Your photographs get better and better. I do envy you.

Oh oh oh. The beautiful languor of sitting in the sun in the park. Bliss.

Thanks Mary Ann -- I will go looking for more Keens now. My hiking boots are Keens too -- already love them so it is good to know there are others to try!

it is all so lovely...thank you so much for exploring the outer regions and what heaven to see so few folk....it makes it seem even more like another planet.....
as always thanks for sharing
missy from the bayou

I wonder what we are doing today since it is St. Patrick's Day here in California. I do hope you completed list #33. Keep those wonderful shoes clicking...

Thank you for taking us along with you on your trip. I have wanted to go to France since my school offered it in the 11th grade; I still have not made it there but I will know where to go when the day finally arrives!

Aaaah, Mary Ann, thanks for the crocus pix...it brings back such
wonderful memories! Your other pictures are capturing a great
tag-a-long for me....it is fabulous!
And I love seeing some things in Paris that I had not seen before!

thank you for the peek into paris! i'll make it there some day... (le sigh).

loved the villa window pic. I must visit the ARR you visited.


the shoes are KEENS. v.v. comfortable!

beautiful! I will be sure to go to that park! only 4 days to go!!! Thanks for sharing your memories and moments. How much longer are you there for?

I am loving it all. There is so much I could say but for now I'll say thank you and oolala!

AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh. Thank you for that.

Thanks for the Luxembourg pics, it still looks the same:) How come French people who hang out in parks look so chic, bet you don't see any sweatpants. Are you having any trouble with the language? One of the funniest times I remember from my visit is my friend ordering something she thought was Parmesan Toast, and it was a plate of Beef Carpaccio covered in melted butter. It looked absolutely revolting to her and she couldn't eat it so I called the waiter over and told him in my broken french that he had got her order wrong, that she couldn't eat meat because of her religion and he should take it back as he clearly had misunderstood her lame french. He was clearly insulted by our rejection of the raw beef and looked like he wanted to smash his tray over my head, but he took it back. We didn't dare order anything else and got out quick, looking behind us for the food police. We got away to eat another day. Keep having fun, and try to get to Versailles if you can, beautiful gardens there.

I am laughing over the bathroom comment. Been there and done that!

What a dream holiday you are enjoying. Thanks so much for sharing, it allows a little mini vacation for your readers. Also, I LOVE the street art you've shared. Hope you have a lovely evening outing.

I love the views of your stockinged boots against the Parisian backdrops!

I love seeing Paris though your eyes. It brings back such wonderful memories of my honeymoon when we visited, especially today's post about Luxemborg Gardens as we stayed right cross the street. I sure hope to return one day soon.

And I am loving being one of your lucky traveling companions that get to share in all these delights looking over your shoulder, wishing I could somehow blink and be right there but no matter, the view from here is blissfully perfect, many thanks and then some for sharing your journey. I love all these random bits of the world as seen through your eyes, complimented ever so aptly with your thoughts and words... :)

Oh I love reading of your quiet adventures in Paris! I miss visiting that wondrous city.

On a different note, what shoes are you wearing in those photos? They look tres comfy and I need to find some comfy shoes for my travels this summer. They look wide enough for my crazy feet so I must ask...


uh oh, another interloper! lol I am enjoying this vicarious visit to Paris!

[BTW, I was just awarded a Stylish Blogger Award (http://rcwdesign.blogspot.com/) and asked to pass it on.
You are one of the blogs I chose.
This is totally voluntary. Just thought I should give you a heads up.]

stranger ... do tell us all about it!

oh my gosh. that is so awesome that you had already been to the one out of the way place that i knew of...too funny. great minds think alike.

i hope you continue to have fabulous days...and i have to say that i am itching to see your journal all filled up with parisian goodness and memories.


This just thrills me to pieces. Looking over your shoulders as you eat, view rivers, lanes, parks, graffiti mice etc, etc....has been heavenly.
Thank you.
Hope someday to cross Paris off my bucket list. Until then, I will revisit your pages.
Peaceful journeys,

I can't wipe the smile off my face induced by these divine Paris posts! I wish I was there with you! Ah well, I'll just have to live vicariously......

oh wow!!! as much as i've always yearned to go, never as much as this moment, seen through your eyes here. thank you thank you thank you for sharing!! i needed that little mini paris vacation in the middle of my day more than i realized!!

The forsythia, the graffiti, the mouse! The kissers, the benches and windows and cobbled streets. Mon Amie, stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Fabulous! I love the narrow streets of buildings and the people are sitting in the sun. Lovely!!

Am so enjoying hiding in the shadows {or behind a computer screen} and following your footsteps through Paris. Love the way you interpret the world and are able to express it so creatively. Thanks for lots of great smiles, inspiring photos, and the planted seeds for my own return to this beloved place!

You are making me sooooo miss Paris! The only time I was there I was 17, had just met my future husband, was totally in love with the city and my man and life. You are bringing back all these wonderful memories and making me feel 17 again. (We've been married almost 41 years now....) Merci beaucoup!

Beautiful prose. Je suis jalouse.

Love everything, but especially that graffiti mouse giving Le Monsieur what for! :)

Moss Cottage,Greetings from the otherside of the world, One of the joy's to waking up in the mornings is to come here to see what wev'e done today and the shoe picture on the bench made my day, a modern day Dorthy click them twice and your in Paris:) the best!!!
The walking sounds wonderful wish I was there but so gratefull you have draged my butt around!!

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