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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Oh.....sigh......so beautiful! Thank you for sharing....

Perhaps we Americans can learn from our relaxed French friends.

Thought-provoking...thank you for your wise words and photos.

It's been wonderful being in Paris with you! Merci, merci! Magnifique!

Beautiful prose.

Thank you so much for all theses posts. Merci beaucoup!

Ahhhhh - I can say no more :-)

looks like lovely weather.
snowshowers here in new york. spring my ass.

Lovely post. :)

Hi Mary Ann, at last a "toilets" sign for the reflective park-goers! Looks like you had a lovely day too...

tres tres jolie - je voudrais prendre ma camera et me ballader dans un parc....peut etre demain...dans le soleil....
wonderful!!!! I´d love to take my camera and make walk through the parcs...sunshine ...ahhhh...
Best wishes

The best view I've had all day. We are in the middle of a blizzard here in Canada. This is such a refreshing glimpse into a gentler clime. Your photos are wonderful and inspiring. Wishing you continued good travels and days spent in Paris.

Thank you for feeding my soul such dear and true and sweet nibblets today with your yet again amazing post. My adoration for you knows no bounds :)

Sigh!!!!!! still absorbing, still day dreaming and ever so thankful that you so openly share all of this here. I am grateful in the most tiniest of ways but with a heart as big as the all outdoors. :)

mmmmmmmm . . . thank you, SISTER!
thoreau AND sitting in parisian parks.

Oh, have you read the Dalai Lama's answer to a question here in Margaret Gould Stewart's blog?


My apologies if you've been there, seen that already. I just find myself returning to that page time and again because those words say so much to me.

This made me smile!

Moss Cottage, how wonderful, the lessons of life were told today,so beautiful. Ill rest now in the sun thinking of todays lessons.
Thank you for taking me,

beautiful post.

la beauté de cette vie

How wonderful to take us along on a walk through the park!
Such great moments and lovely pictures!

Wish I was there enjoying a few peaceful moments! So lovely!

As for the last sentence, you can you be in any doubt that you are living your life to the full?

I wish I could be as brave as you, taking these intimate and beautiful pictures.

Do you think the young man in black was hoping someone like you would immortalise him on a blog? He looks like a dancer. Ah, these Parisians with their wonderful sense of themselves!

It's so wondeerful to see all the people outside just enjoying the day.

OH! Merci beaucoup!! Ma Amie - we're back at my absolute favorite place. I knew we had to return. What a perfect day and what perfect moments. Such a beautiful piece you have created here. Now, let's enjoy a coffee, while I tell you about how I spent my youth swimming & skating at Walden Pond - it was NEVER like this! I think you just made Thoreau very happy, and maybe a bit jealous, too!

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