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Monday, March 14, 2011


While you're touring the outer suburbs, be sure to visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery - loads of famous tombs from Chopin to Oscar Wilde to Edith Piaf, and don't miss out Nureyev's tomb, it's the glitziest one there!

Tres charmant! I love your photo version of spring and dining in those out of the way Paris neighborhoods. Those pastries! Yum!

So, why was I surprised to see forsythia in Paris? It's just as beautiful there as it is here, too. I love that you're wandering the back streets!

You've got to stop talking about that butter!!!! WOW>> I want to taste it too!! hehe Lovely trip!!

Oh my, how you make me long to visit Paris again. Enjoying your posts and photos so much, thank you for taking us with you!! Also enjoying Corky's tales of cat wrangling at Moss Cottage.

What a blissful day! The pastry looks delicious, and the blooms are beautiful! Very fun to see another side of Paris!

Mary Ann, You make my days! I want to be walking around with you with my journal and camera! But, alas...here I sit at my desk at work just dreaming and pretending....What art supplies did you decide to take with you on this trip? LOVE your journal!! Susan

I really like your style of travel.... immerse yourself in the culture!!! I'm planning to do that on my trip to Italy later this year!

kelley - oh but i LOVE the eiffel tower and always say it is so UNDERrated. i will indeed go. i will ride to the top.
that video is beautiful. thanks for sharing. so touching. all of paris is magnificent. yesterday i went to the very spot you mention in your comment. youll see next post!

everyone - your comments warm the cockles of my heart xoxo

Bonjour! Thanks for your fantastic posts. It's been so lovely to check in and see what you're up to. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. You sound like a true flaneur! Have you read Edmund White's The Flâneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris? I think you'd like it.

loving these photos and the one of the stairs - I would easily frame that and hang in my living room - LOVE IT!!!

Oh oh oh oh oh. How I wish I was there, too.
Discretely following behind as to not disturb
your reverie. Thanks for packing us in your pocket.

I'm just catching up! Out of breath! I'm loving it all!!!!

I hope you've forgiven me for staring at those lamps and those barricades and those buildings....and that teal colored window and for constantly slowing us down. I just can't get over the art in every corner of our walk, and I am just so happy I have your extra pair of freeze framed goggles on. Well, it helps to see things through rose colored wine glasses too. In case I forget to tell you, I'm having a great time! Almost as good a time as the cat nanny.

I'm jealous.

Oh you are staying right near where I planned to live when xh and I would have moved to Paris. Pfft...he and 2nd wife went off to the burbs. I'm glad you are going to the arondissments less traveled. That is where the adventurer goes. C'est toi!

Moss Cottage, Thank you so for not taking me for the slide down something another. The walk around the streets were wonderful love all the windows ect. My break of pastery might of been messy but it was sure good!!!!
Where to now?

ack. i made a faux pas in assuming you would be visiting the eiffel tower. maybe not for a stroll up, but for a casual "hey, how have you been?"...

a nice walk is the area around parc montsouris and the cite universite and square montsouris and rue georges braque (the architecture and feeling is wonderful)

also the area around the Fondation Corbusier on square du doctor blanche.

I am sure you have heard of both areas, but i visited them the first time i ever visited paris and the areas have stuck with me for 20 years.

waiting patiently to see where you end up next. have fun.

Looks so beautiful! I was wondering what the weather is like? Is it quite cold? Do you need to wear a jacket all the time over your other layers? I cannot wait for my trip and seeing your beautiful photographs every day makes me so much more excited! 7 days to go for me!!!

Thank you for taking me to Paris, I am glad you didn't frown when I ate my twice as big, twice as messy chocolatey bakery treat. The red wine was wonderful, thank you for ordering it. I love walking through empty streets and smelling the flowers and hearing the birds sing. You are good for my soul Mary Ann!

oh mary ann, i want to travel with you, for real. i have never done any international travel but would love to, and seeing things from your eyes will have to do. i love the out of the way places, the small local sights, and to poke and dig around and take my time also. i think we must be "bosom buddies" as anne with an "e" would say. i'm so glad you are sharing with us "real time".

as for that pastry, ummm, i'll take something with chocolate and coconut please.

It's so nice that you keep on blogging while you're on a holiday, so we don't have to miss you.
And you're in the same timezone now, only a train trip away. Any plans for visiting Holland? ;-)

I am waiting for the picture of you at Angelina's with your chocolat africain and a Mont Blanc. Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see your journal.

I love that you are taking the road less traveled in Paris!!

Your posts are such a treat.
I am a parisian and I love to see how people from abroad see my city, with eyes wide open, ready to to be surprised.
Here in Paris, most of us don't even notice the Eiffel Tower anymore, we're so used to it. We love our city anyway :o)
Thank you.

oh, what a tiny world! mim is my friend (locally), and here she shows up on your blog!
your wanderings are inspiring - love that overcast sky. keep on having adventures!

What a wonderful trip! Lovely pictures. See the sights!!!

Now we know who we must bump off....

Mwwwaaaahaaaaa Mwaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa........

I wouldn't eat that if I were you Ms. Temporary Kat Watcher Lady for Mary Ann...

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